Cal State San Marcos Nursing Acceptance Rate

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The admission rates for pre-nursing programs at various universities can often be competitive and rigorous. For example, California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) had an admit rate of 34.8% for nursing, with local applicants given priority. On the other hand, California State University Fullerton (CSUF) does not disclose its nursing admit rate but only admits 40 students into the direct BSN program. Meanwhile, California State University Long Beach (CSULB) had an admit rate of 15.5% for pre-nursing, setting high standards for potential nursing students.

To be considered for admission into pre-nursing programs at these universities, there are stringent requirements that must be met. For instance, at CSULB, students must maintain a 4.00 average GPA and complete all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better at the time of application. Similarly, at CSUSM, applicants with a GPA of 3.00 or above (3.61 for nonresidents) are not required to submit SAT scores but are strongly encouraged to do so. These admission requirements reflect the universities’ commitment to selecting highly qualified and dedicated individuals for their nursing programs.

The admission process at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) and other CSU campuses typically involves submitting an application, providing academic transcripts, and, in some cases, submitting SAT or ACT scores. With a selective admit rate for nursing programs, prospective students must ensure they meet the specified GPA requirements and have completed all necessary prerequisite courses to increase their chances of acceptance. Additionally, local applicants may receive priority consideration at certain campuses, further emphasizing the competitive nature of pre-nursing admissions at CSU institutions.

Acceptance Rates for Pre-Nursing Programs at CSU San Marcos, Fullerton, and Long Beach
CSU San Marcos34.8% admit rate for nursing, priority given to local applicants
CSU FullertonAdmits only 40 students into the direct BSN program
CSU Long Beach15.5% admit rate for pre-nursing, 4.00 GPA & all prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better
SAT Score Requirements at CSU San Marcos
GPA Requirement3.00 GPA (3.61 for nonresidents) exempts students from submitting SAT scores
Test ScoresApplicants urged to take SAT or ACT, submission recommended

CSUSM's School of Nursing Ranked High in the Western Region

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the university handed out 345 bachelor’s degrees in nursing. The school was ranked #138 in popularity out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree.

The acceptance rate for California State University – San Marcos was 61%. The average GPA for accepted students was 3.2. Students with a GPA below 3.0 had a much lower chance of getting accepted than those with higher GPAs did.

Students who completed an associate’s degree at another college or university had a higher acceptance rate than those who did not complete an associate’s degree first.

Cal State San Marcos Nursing Acceptance Rate

We begin with Cal State San Marcos Nursing Acceptance Rate, then cal state san. marcos nursing program transfer requirements, cal state san marcos nursing transfer, cal state san marcos nursing application deadline and csu san marcos nursing transfer acceptance rate.

The Nursing department at Cal State San Marcos has a long-standing tradition of accepting approximately 40-45 Traditional students in each of these admit terms.

This year, we are looking forward to welcoming another talented group of students into our program.

Our program’s mission is to provide students with a rigorous education that will prepare them for the BSN degree and a lifelong career in nursing.

We offer traditional, hybrid, evening and weekend classes for our Traditional students. Our faculty members are passionate about teaching and have extensive clinical experience that they use to develop engaging learning experiences for our students.

If you are ready to begin your career as a nurse then apply today!

The “average” and “range” statistics below refer only to the admitted cohort.

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing | California State University%2C San  Marcos
Supplemental Admission Criteria
(Points System)
Total Points Possible6868686868
Lowest Point Cut-off for Admission*59.553.552.552.554.5
Pre-Nursing Core GPAAverage: 3.9Average: 3.88Average: 3.86Average: 3.89Average:  3.89
Overall GPAAverage: 3.89Average: 3.84Average:  3.86Average: 3.82Average:  3.83
TEAS Composite ScoreAverage: 86
Range: 93.3-79.3
Average: 84
Range: 94.7-75.3
Average: 84
Range:  97.3-72
Average: 85
Range: 96.7-72.7
Average: 83.6
Range: 94.7-74

cal state san. marcos nursing program transfer requirements

Now we consider cal state san. marcos nursing program transfer requirements, cal state san marcos nursing transfer, cal state san marcos nursing application deadline and csu san marcos nursing transfer acceptance rate.

Transfer Students

The Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (TBSN) is an IMPACTED program. An undergraduate major is designated as impacted when the number of applications received from fully qualified applicants during the initial filing period exceeds the number of available spaces. Such majors are authorized to use supplementary admission criteria to screen applications. Transfer Applicants are evaluated using Supplemental Admission (Impaction) Criteria and admission offers are based on rank order of number of points earned.

Transfer Requirements

These requirements apply to students who have attended one or more colleges after having graduated from high school and who are admitted to CSUSM and the TBSN.

Transfer students applying to the TBSN program must:

  • Be eligible for admission to CSUSM as a Transfer Student in a Fall admission cycle
  • Complete the required Supplemental Admission (Impaction) Criteria (some criteria are optional).
  • Follow the “How to apply to the TBSN” steps
  • Be eligible for admission to CSUSM as a Transfer Student in a Fall admission cycle
  • Complete the required Supplemental Admission (Impaction) Criteria (some criteria are optional).
  • Follow the “How to apply to the TBSN” steps

cal state san marcos nursing transfer

More details coming up on cal state san marcos nursing transfer, cal state san marcos nursing application deadline and csu san marcos nursing transfer acceptance rate.

Transfer Student

A transfer applicant is a prospective student who has taken college courses after the summer following their high school graduation.

Transfer Admission Criteria

Cal State San Marcos accepts transfer applications only from upper-division transfer or readmission applicants who will have completed 60 or more transferable semester (or 90 or more quarter) units by the end of the spring semester (for fall admission) or summer (for spring admission).  For spring admission, this means that courses taken in the fall semester may not be used to meet admission requirements. We do not accept transfer applications from lower-division students with fewer than 60 transferable semester units. Transfer students meeting the following criteria will receive priority for available spaces:

  • Earned a cumulative transfer GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • In good standing at the last institution of attendance
  • Completed an Associate’s Degree for Transfer in a major deemed similar or,
  • Completed the CSU General Education Transfer Pattern:
    • Area A: English Language, Communication, and Critical Thinking
    • Area B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning
    • Area C: Arts and Humanities
    • Area D: Social Sciences
    • Area E: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development
  • Completed all Preparation for Major courses
  • Completed all fall admission requirements listed above by the end of the preceding spring term. Courses completed in summer will not be considered for fall admission

Local Admission Area Applicants

A transfer applicant is considered to be in our local admissions area if they complete 12 units at Palomar, MiraCosta or Mt. San Jacinto.  The 12 units can be completed all at once in your final semester, or completed ‘part-time’ over your final two semesters, earning 6 units each semester.  Units earned at other institutions during the same semesters will disqualify your local eligibility.

Prospective students from outside of CSUSM’s local admission area are welcome to apply for admission during the priority application period. However, because we receive more applicants than we have available spots, they will only be considered if enrollment space is available after local service area applicants have been accommodated.

Apply for Admission

Spring Admission

August 1 – August 31

Fall Admission

October 1 – December 15: Submit an application along with the $70 application fee to Cal State San Marcos on Cal State Apply .  You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been submitted.

Please note: Nursing Program application period closes on Nov 30

cal state san marcos nursing application deadline

All Deadlines Below Will Be Strictly Enforced — Mark your Calendars!

Please read through entirely before submitting online application

October 1 –    November 30All applicants must complete and submit the online application to the School of Nursing for admission to the LVN to BSN Program
October 1 –    November 30Upper-division transfer students must fill out an application to California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) for admission to the University for Fall term @ CALSTATE.EDU/APPLY Admission to the LVN to BSN program is contingent upon admission to CSUSM. It is advised that you track your admission to the University.

2nd Bachelor Degree Students please see our online application instructions.
 Items 1-3 below must be submitted as a complete packet by February 3, 2020. Packet can be mailed or dropped off. See *
February 3, 20201.  Printed copy of on-line School of Nursing Program application (print copy of application befor hitting ‘Submit’ button).

2.  A complete set of official transcripts (sealed) from all colleges and universities attended outside CSUSM through Fall 2019. Please note: AP, IB, CLEP or Military transcripts must be submitted to CSUSM Office of Admissions for evaluation and processing.

If you completed any of your Science courses prior to 2010, and such courses will be applied towards meeting the requirements in the Pre-Nursing Core, you will need to submit Course Outlines from the Academic Year in which you completed such courses. All institutions maintain course outlines for courses previously offered.

3.  Unofficial transcript(s) or Web printout for any Spring 2020 coursework in progress outside CSUSM.


May 1, 2020
1.  Submit proof of IV certification.

2.  Submit a photocopy of your valid California LVN License.

3.  Deadline to submit a University Intent to Enroll with fee for transfer students. Please note: admission notification for the Fall program falls after the University Admission intent to enroll deadlines.
May 2020Must attend a 1 day mandatory, nursing skills review and assessment, at the School of Nursing. Specific date and fee to be announced soon.  A $100 Skills Assessment fee must be paid prior to taking the exam.
June 1, 20201.  Date by which LVN-BSN transfer applicants must be conditionally admitted to the University to be considered for admission to the LVN-BSN Program.

June 5, 2020Submission of Web printout from institutions attended in Spring 2020 showing unofficial grades for coursework, with exception of CSUSM coursework.
June 19, 2020Deadline for receipt of Official transcripts (sealed) to the School of Nursing for Spring 2020 completed coursework, with the exception of CSUSM coursework.
Week of July 1, 2020Notification to students of admission to LVN to BSN Program.

Please Note: All application materials submitted to our School of Nursing become our property.  We will not send these materials elsewhere.

California State University San Marcos RN to BSN Program – Nursing  Education Department

csu san marcos nursing transfer acceptance rate

Are you a nursing student at another school, and thinking about transferring to California State University San Marcos, Extended Learning? We’ve got some good news for you!

CSUSM Extended Learning accepts 50.42% of transfer applicants, making it a competitive school. The acceptance rate is the percentage of students who were admitted out of the pool of those who applied. It’s a way to compare schools with different types of students and acceptance criteria. Some schools are more selective than others; if you apply to a school like CSUSM Extended Learning that accepts half or more of its transfer students, you’ll have a higher chance than average of getting into the school.

You can use this information to help make informed decisions about where to apply!

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