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Our program courses will prepare you for a career in Esthetics. Remember, success as a student depends on your complete participation in the program. Since the program’s inception, hundreds of students have graduated. Students interested in the program do not need any prior knowledge of the field, only an interest in Esthetics.

In the classroom, students will learn how to perform a facial, the different types of facial massage, different massage techniques, and what type of skin each technique is best used for, electrical modalities, microdermabrasion, chemical exfoliants, waxing and hair removal procedures, makeup applications. Students also learn theories of skin, histology, physiology, chemistry, bacteriology, nutrition, and anatomy. 

The Cerritos College Esthetician Program is a Dermalogica Partnership School. Their experts from the International Dermal Institute teach world renowned classes to our students. Our students receive advanced training on Dermalogica products and treatment protocols, experience hands-on practical application using professional-grade products, learn how to build client connections and revenue from retail sales, and receive access to advanced postgraduate training when transitioning from student to professional. 

Here are some additional helpful documents and links:

By visiting the Counseling Department website at https://www.cerritos.edu/counseling/ students can select from Virtual AppointmentsVirtual Drop-In or Submit a Question as counseling resources. NOTE: Counseling staff is unable to assist with appointment scheduling via the phone, please use the provided resource links.


To view current class schedule and status (open or closed) check Schedule+ as students on the roster and waiting list drop for various reasons and it is your responsibility to check for availability.

Semester: Fall 2021 (closed, classes began 09/07/21)

Course: COS 54: Introduction to Esthetics

Instructor:Rossi Petrova



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Welcome to the Cerritos College Cosmetology

Rocio Valdez

Rocio ValdezApr 3, 2017·4 min read

Welcome to the Cerritos College Cosmetology Department. In here is a great learning environment.

Makeup and other aesthetics are fun to play with and pamper yourself with.

If makeup is something that you have a passion for then why not make it a living?

Why not do what you love to do and in addition get paid for?

Sounds like the perfect combination.

If you are interested in makeup the love of makeup you can make it a career with just a cosmetology state license required.

Cosmetology is the area that includes little bit of everything; hair styling, makeup, manicuring, pedicuring and skin care.

There are many beauty schools one can assist to, some can be very expensive.

This are some projects done by students from Cerritos Cosmetology Dept. Salon services are also provided which add to the hands-on experience students get.

If you live in the city of Norwalk or in the area, Cerritos Community College has a cosmetology and esthetician program.

The cosmetology program will teach you skills to cut, color, perm, straighten and braid hair along with other applications and techniques.

In addition, students learn manicuring, pedicuring and skin care.

The cosmetology program is offered as full-time.

Students will get all the education to prepare them the best way possible to take and pass the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

A term of 1600 clocked hours needs to be completed in order to be eligible for the test which can usually takes about two nine week semesters.

75% of the 1600 is a hands-on experience.

The following is what is included in the cost:

· Student kit (materials)

· Miscellaneous cost

· State Board books

· Milady bundle book set

· California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Pre-Application filling fee (optional)

· California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Filling Fee

· State Board Kit for Cosmetology

Other campus fees are included with the approximate total of $5211.

It is important to be aware that financial aid is provided if you are eligible.

The Esthetician program Cerritos College offers will prepare you by providing you the skills that include cleansing, skin analyzing, extractions, exfoliation, massage and teach you how to use electrical equipment.

This program is only offered Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

A term of 600 clocked hours needs to be completed which takes about two 15-week session.

75% of the 600 hours are hands-on experience.

Besides the campus fees the following are included in the estimate price of $2837

· Student kit (materials)

· Milady Bundle Book set

· State board book

· Miscellaneous cost

· California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Pre-Application filling fee (optional)

· California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Filling Fee

· State Board kit for Estheticians

Both programs require a college registration and once the program is completed students also qualify to obtain an A.A. degree for the completion coursework to complete the Cerritos College Graduation.

Rossi Petrova, faculty in the cosmetology department, enjoys both working on what she loves to do and teaching.

As a cosmetologist Petrova said, “I like doing haircuts, it’s probably my favorite”.

“I like working with everyone and different people and personalities, I just like being in that environment with students and so many people at once, it’s fun” stated Petrova.

Cosmetology students, Latosha Thomas has a passion for hairdressing. She enjoys doing what she loves everyday.

Student, Latosha Thomas, joined the program because cosmetology is something she’s been interested on at a very young age.

Thomas loves hair styling and everything that has to do with it, and is very content at the variety of options she is being provided.

“The education, the vocabulary, the technical terms, what is good salon habits, what is bad salon habits, working on hair professionalism, your educate, your speech. You have to be dedicated” said Thomas.

Itsa Alarcon, student, has a passion for doing manicures and makeup and is glad she has the option of doing both.

“I’ve learned to block the haters, ignore the hate, this is exactly like a working environment so you’re going to have to learn how to cope and collaborate with people”

“Give it all you got, focus on everything, you might like something more than another but you should master everything” says Alarcon to those who might want to pursue a cosmetology career.

If you love working makeup, nails, hair or skin there are many opportunities for you.

From being hired or working independently a license is needed to start a great future.

What better than working on what you have a passion for…

“Do what you love, love what you do”.


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