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If you visualize yourself studying at a Chinese university in the near future, what do you really know about Chinese universities? That’s why reading the article below is crucial since it provides you with some of the most important facts, like china ministry of education. Just keep reading to find out more.

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China’s Ministry of Education will standardize training activities for after-school training institutions, investigate and punish illegal training activities, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of parents and students, said Lyu Yugang, director general of the Department of Basic Education, which belongs to Ministry of Education, at a State Council Information Office (SCIO) press conference on Wednesday. 

In recent years, various places have actively carried out the governance of off-campus training institutions, which has achieved positive results, but there are still some problems, according to Lyu. Some training programs overcharge. It’s hard to ask for a refund after having signed up for off-campus training and some institutions run away with parents’ money

and some institutions run away with parents’ money. 

Lyu Yugang, director general of the Department of Basic Education, answers questions at a State Council Information Office’s press conference. /CFP

As for compulsory education schools, it’s necessary to improve the quality of classroom teaching and enrich after-school services, Lyu added. Schools need to reduce the burden of after-school training and homework from students.

He said parents should prioritize their children’s physical and mental health and help students have all-round development


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