civil engineering schools in arkansas

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Finding the right information on civil engineering schools in arkansas can be confusing to someone who has no prior experience, or is unfamiliar with the subject at hand. 

Read on to discover the latest information about arkansas academy of civil engineers, bachelor of science in civil engineering major in structural engineering, ualr construction management, and construction management degrees in arkansas. On the other hand, you will discover the latest on related topics related to online engineering degree on CollegeLearners.

Civil Engineering Schools in Arkansas:2Undergraduate Programs:2Graduate Programs:2Schools With On-Campus Housing:2Average Classroom Size:19 StudentsLargest School:University of Arkansas(26,404 Students)

  • local constructors
  • design firms
  • government agencies
  • manufacturers
  • technical companies

If you study civil engineering in Arkansas, typically, you’ll be going for a bachelor’s degree, and you’ll study subjects as diverse as architectural skills, civil engineering ethics, and math and sciences that you may not have studied in a while. A degree in civil engineering in Arkansas takes about 4 years to complete, and schools are ranked nationally in civil engineering and architectural studies, both related to what you’ll be doing as a civil engineer in Arkansas.

After you finish your 4-year degree, you’ll want to pursue a license in the state of Arkansas. The board of licensure can help you, and you must take a qualifying exam in civil engineering before you are able to become a civil engineer in Arkansas. You’ll be able to take courses to study for this exam if you so choose; many companies in Arkansas offer preparation courses for this test. Continuing to renew your license is necessary, too, and every other year you must apply for a license renewal.

The US Department of Labor projects that, over the next several years, need for civil engineers will increase by about 24%, so you’ll hopefully be able to find a good job as a civil engineer in Arkansas. The mean wage in 2012 for civil engineers in Arkansas was reported at $72,570 by the BLS.

According to The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a number of civil engineers also pursue careers in the following related fields:

  • Commercial design and construction
  • Heavy highway design and construction
  • Facilities management
  • Industrial design and construction


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