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Are you considering applying for communication sciences and disorder colleges as an international students? If so, this article may help! This article provides you with the most recent information on the best colleges for communication sciences and disorder

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Most Popular Schools for General Communication Sciences and Disorders Major & Degree Program

A program that focuses on the application of biomedical, psychological, and physical principles to the study of the scientific bases, development, and treatment of speech, language, hearing, and cognitive communication problems caused by disease, injury, or disability. Includes instruction in language science, hearing science, speech and voice science, biology of communication, behavioral linguistics, psychology, and applications to the development of diagnostic and rehabilitative strategies and technologies

Bachelor’s Degrees in Speech-Language Pathology Through Schools with CAA-Accredited Grad Programs

Even as an undergrad, you can take the first step toward a career in speech-language pathology by majoring in communicative sciences and disorders or speech-language pathology through a quality program.

UCF Graduate Communication Sciences and Disorders Program Ranks Among Top  25% In The Nation - College of Health Professions and Sciences

Of course, a master’s degree is the minimum educational requirement to become licensed and certified as an SLP, so you’ll need to be prepared to continue your education at the graduate level. But if you’re at the stage where you’re considering your four-year degree options, choosing a major in the area of communicative sciences and disorders is by far the best way to lay the foundation for advanced study and experience.Sponsored School(s)Featured Programs:

Earning an Undergrad Degree at a School that Offers an Accredited Master’s Streamlines the Transition

While most accredited graduate programs admit students without a bachelor’s degree related to SLP, a background in the communicative sciences will give you everything you need to transition easily into a graduate program without having to scramble to complete prereqs. If your undergrad program is housed in the same department that has a CAA-accredited master’s, that transition is completely seamless.

Schools with accredited master’s programs in SLP structure the curriculum to build on the foundational bachelor’s program. Some schools even offer 5-year accelerated programs that include both undergrad and grad courses that result in a master’s a full 12-months faster than taking the programs separately. This saves time and money, and quickly gets you out into the field where you belong, providing your much-needed services to clients.

Speech-Pathology Bachelor’s Programs at Schools with CAA-Accredited Grad Programs Organized by State

Schools throughout the country offer bachelor’s degrees in communicative sciences and disorders through programs that are offered online, partially online, and through traditional campus-based programs. These programs will allow you to gain clinical experience, learn the foundational principles of speech and hearing sciences, and prepare you for the graduate degree required to become nationally-certified and state-licensed.

Other programs are out there, but these are the ones available through schools that also offer the CAA-accredited graduate program you need to enter professional practice. If you’re looking at your undergraduate options and you’re plans involve eventually going on to a master’s, this list may help provide the guidance you need to streamline that process.

Western Carolina University - Communication Sciences and Disorders

School profiles in the ASHA EdFind searchable database are updated annually based on information collected through the CSD Education Survey. Information gathered in the survey is also published in state and national aggregate reports and collated in CSD education trend data reports for undergraduate programs.

RankSchool NameStudents% of TotalTotal On-Campus Cost
1Utah State University3335%$20,504
2California State University-Northridge2082%$22,969
3California State University-Sacramento1973%$26,454
4California State University-Fullerton1802%$27,738
5Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus1651%$36,652
6California State University-Los Angeles1582%$26,139
7Baylor University1383%$62,527
8University of Mississippi1333%$25,436
9California State University-Fresno1322%$21,418
10The University of Texas at Austin1261%$26,506
11The University of Texas at Dallas1242%$29,286
12University of Massachusetts-Amherst1191%$30,913
13State University of New York at New Paltz1125%$25,641
14Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center1086%N/A
15University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire964%$20,349
16University of Georgia931%$26,688
17University of Houston861%$23,225
18Arizona State University-Tempe851%$28,048
19San Francisco State University841%$27,480
20California State University-East Bay781%$25,143
21Wayne State University771%$27,157
22University of Arizona771%$29,217
23University of Oregon771%$27,366
24Northern Illinois University721%$29,117
25Texas State University711%$23,130
26Central Michigan University711%$24,889
27University of Rhode Island702%$30,351
28California State University-San Marcos692%$25,325
29Eastern Illinois University693%$24,305
30Bowling Green State University-Main Campus682%$24,915
31University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point674%$19,069
32University of Colorado Boulder651%$31,044
33Western Carolina University642%$17,705
34Saint Louis University642%$61,018
35Truman State University625%$21,329
36Texas A & M University-Kingsville623%$23,285
37CUNY Queens College612%$28,907
38University of the Pacific615%$66,971
39University of Maryland-College Park611%$27,146
40University of Washington-Seattle Campus611%$27,638
41Stephen F Austin State University592%$22,156
42Elmhurst College596%$51,199
43The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley591%$20,471
44Wichita State University572%$24,042
45University of Wisconsin-Whitewater572%$19,062
46MGH Institute of Health Professions5714%N/A
47Appalachian State University551%$19,194
48California State University-Chico531%$24,624
49California University of Pennsylvania532%$26,644
50University of Cincinnati-Main Campus511%$27,476
51Minot State University497%$18,324
52Minnesota State University-Mankato481%$20,482
53University of Maine482%$25,088
54Texas A & M International University473%$18,549
55William Paterson University of New Jersey472%$29,335
56University of Minnesota-Duluth462%$24,614
57Western Washington University461%$24,077
58Our Lady of the Lake University465%$43,168
59University of South Dakota452%$22,856
60Southern Illinois University-Carbondale431%$29,367
61California Baptist University422%$47,694
62West Texas A & M University422%$21,285
63Harding University413%$30,671
64University of North Dakota411%$22,091
65University of Vermont411%$34,210
66University of Minnesota-Twin Cities400%$27,898
67North Carolina Central University393%$24,419
68Bridgewater State University392%$26,811
69University of Oklahoma-Health Sciences Center395%N/A
70Kansas State University381%$24,923
71Augustana College386%$54,907
72University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee387%$6,787
73Worcester State University373%$26,491
74Western Illinois University371%$25,997
75University of Kansas371%$26,566
76Montclair State University361%$31,704
77Saint Cloud State University361%$20,991
78University of Wisconsin-River Falls363%$17,937
79Ithaca College362%$62,757
80University of Nebraska at Kearney333%$23,040
81Jackson State University322%$24,029
82Texas Woman’s University321%$20,272
83Chapman University321%$73,182
84Southeast Missouri State University311%$21,570
85University of South Alabama311%$21,706
86Biola University302%$56,956
87Western Kentucky University301%$21,840
88SUNY at Fredonia303%$23,902
89San Jose State University290%$29,193
90Metropolitan State University of Denver291%$9,066
91University of Akron Main Campus291%$27,279
92Butler University273%$59,660
93Saint Mary’s College256%$57,300
94SUNY College at Plattsburgh242%$25,059
95Northwestern University240%$74,649
96Lamar University230%$22,641
97Governors State University232%$25,092
98Syracuse University210%$70,636
99The University of Montana191%$20,966
100Radford University181%$24,088

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