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In terms of matriculant statistics, medical schools in New York are quite diverse. However, as the profiles above illustrate, there are additional distinguishing aspects across institutions outside academic measures, such as the patient population served or unique program offers. When deciding which institutions to apply to, we strongly advise you to be highly selective.

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CUNY School of Medicine's fundraiser for CCNY: The City College of New

Adding another school to your list is as easy as a couple of clicks, and we often find that many students fall into the trap of impulsively adding schools, thinking that “it can’t hurt” to try. However, your time and money are finite resources. That’s why we encourage you think two steps ahead before taking that first step. Pore through the data to be sure that the additional time and cost you incur by applying to these schools is well matched by your admissions odds. In other words, make sure your school list is filled with high-yield prospects.

Let’s follow a student whom we’ll call Esther. Esther is not a New York resident, but still wants to consider the state when producing her school list. Esther has an outstanding academic record, a 3.93 GPA and a 519 MCAT, but immediately happens upon three New York schools that showcase a first-year class that is over 85 percent in-state students. Esther doesn’t falter, however; she knows that there are still a dozen other schools in New York to research!

She then happens upon the University of Rochester Medical Center, the Weill Medical College of Cornell, and New York University, all with first-year classes composed of less than 30 percent in-state students. She now has identified three excellent target schools where she has excellent odds, demonstrating how beneficial strong research can be when building an optimal school list. So, skip schools that don’t fit your metrics and mission; more importantly, don’t let your lack of research be the reason why you left excellent medical schools off your list.

A quick disclaimer: we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t apply to a few reach schools or a few safety schools. Not all schools have to be perfect “targets”; in fact, it’s extremely important to have these schools on your list. You won’t be able to build a school list perfectly matched to your residency status, your GPA and MCAT score, and your mission and values, so take some liberties with a select number of schools. Employ sensible criteria, though, as we’ve discussed the pitfalls of the “let’s just apply and see what happens” philosophy when it comes to programs where your odds are slim.

PA Program | The City College of New York

Remember that “just applying” requires writing high-quality secondary essays. Because the application cycle is already extensive and involved, plan to focus mostly on high-yield schools that you have solid chances of getting into. In other words, the less time you dedicate to ‘impossible reach’ schools, the more time you’ll have to dedicate to crafting strong applications for schools within your target range. In such a competitive application process, the extra effort is the difference between an acceptance and a rejection.

Is CUNY School of Medicine Good? Acceptance Rate | Requirements

Is it hard to get into CUNY School of Medicine? Acceptance Rate of CUNY medical school: 4%; Average GPA: 3.39; ACT and SAT will not be considered…

CUNY School of Medicine was founded in 1973, formerly the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. The CUNY medical school provides quality healthcare to underserved communities and produces highly skilled medical practitioners.

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CUNY School of Medicine ranking

According to the 2022 CWUR rankings, CCNY is among the top 1.8% of universities in the world.

City College of New York ranks #350 among the 19,788 degree-granting institutions of higher education analyzed by CWUR, #108 in the United States.

Ranking (Primary Care)


Ranking (Search)


Ranking (University)


Is CUNY School of Medicine accredited?

City University of New York School of Medicine is accredited by Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). LCME has upheld the City University of New York School of Medicine’s provisional accreditation of the medical education program.

Application Deadline

As for the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the City University of New York School of Medicine, the deadline for the City University of New YorkSchool of Medicine online application for Fall 2022 is December 30, 2021.

2021-2022 application cycle for the CUNY PA Program, the application deadline is January 15.

Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements

CUNY Medical School is a popular and great medical school in New York. Admission to The City University of New York School of Medicine is highly competitive.

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