Easiest Universities To Get Into For International Students UK

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The United Kingdom has a long-established reputation for being welcoming to international students, and it’s true that UK universities have highly competitive admissions rates. Among the most accessible are the lower-ranked universities, whose open-door policies help lift up international students, which in turn attracts an influx of foreign students to the UK.

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10 Most Affordable Universities in UK For International Students 2021

Easiest Schools to get into UK

When it comes to searching for some of the easiest universities to get into for international students in Europe, UK university admission for international students seems to be one of the simplest to comprehend. Due to this fact, it is not much of a difficult thing to compile a list of some of the easiest universities to get into for international students in UK. The fact that the application processes for some universities are more competitive than others is nothing new. Oxford and Cambridge are notoriously hard to get into, and the lower down you go in the uni league tables, the easier it gets – or so you might think.

We’ve crunched the numbers of easiest universities to get into for international students in UK to reveal the percentage of students who receive an offer after applying to each university in the UK, proving once and for all which unis are the toughest nuts to crack.

Easiest Universities To Get Into For International Students UK

Use the list of the easiest to hardest UK universities to get into to see the offer rate for each uni – there are some surprises in there… You will see all the university acceptance rates in UK.

1. University of Bedfordshire

It is the easiest among the UK universities in terms of admission criteria. Therefore, it ranks first among the top 10 UK universities and institutes accessible to International students.

With this in mind, the University of Bedfordshire have many specializations. Such as Agriculture, Arts, Languages, Law, Marketing, Bioscience, Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

In brief, the most important condition for admission to this university:
– UCAS Points: 80-112

What are UCAS Points?

UCAS is a UK university admission service. Many universities in the UK rely on UCAS Points as one of their admission requirements.

Furthermore, You can calculate your UCAS points by transferring your Bachelor’s degree IB points.

Average tuition fees: £ 8,671

2. Wrexham Glyndwr University

Glendor University is ranked second in Wrexham, Wales among the British universities with the highest acceptance rate.

Including specialties such as: Health, Business Management, Engineering, Humanities, Science and Environment.

Main admission requirements:

  • UCAS Points:
    • 112 for undergraduate
    • 120 for the Master’s degree

The average tuition fees are: £ 8,390

How to apply to Wrexham Glyndwr University 

3. London Metropolitan University

The University of London, is the third easily accessible university for International students located in London.

Colleges include Complementary Medicine, Architecture, Economics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Education, Agriculture and Arts.

Average tuition fees are: £ 8,184

Accepted UCAS Points for this university varies according to the specialization you choose. You can find out the terms of each discipline, how to apply and application form Here.

Step by step: How to get into a UK university as an international student -  Study International

4. London South Bank University

Accordingly, The University of London in the South offers many disciplines such as; construction, chemical engineering, arts and drama, computer science and complementary medicine.

Average tuition fees: £ 8,597
UCAS Points are not required. Significantly, one of the most important requirements is to have motivation and passion to learn. In addition to your basic knowledge of English and mathematics.

To learn more about how to apply, please visit this website.

5. Anglia Ruskin University

The University of Angela Ruskin offers many disciplines. Such as, Arts and Design, Engineering, Agriculture, Biological Sciences and others.

In order to be accepted, your IELTS score should not be less than 6.0 for undergraduate and 6.5 for masters.

Average tuition fees: £ 11,500

How to apply and application form from here.

6. Buckinghamshire New University

The new Buckinghamshire University is the sixth easy to access university for International students.

Overall, specialties offered are Media, Arts and Design, Psychology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, and Business Management.

Still, Main admission requirements are:

  • UCAS Points200240
  • Average tuition fees are: £ 8,576.

Apply to Buckinghamshire New University.

7. Staffordshire University

Identically, Staffordshire University comprises various colleges. Such as Computer Science, Complementary Medicine, Engineering, Law, Marketing and others.

study cost:

  • Undergraduate: £ 10,600
  • Master’s degree: £ 12,000

Evidently, Main admission requirements;
IELTS score not less than 6.5. Conversely, there are other conditions for each specialization in addition to the application method.

8. Southampton Solent University

Similarly, the University of Southampton Solent house faculties. For example General Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biological Sciences, Law, Tourism and Hotels, Accounting and Economics.

study cost:

  • Undergraduate: £ 10.500
  • Master’s degree: £ 11,260

Furthermore, Major Admission Requirements, vary from one speciality to another. Find out and browse tips for international students .

Easiest Medical Universities To Get Into For International Students UK -  College Learners

9. University of Roehampton

Likewise, the University of Roehampton offers various disciplines such as Science and Arts, Philosophy, Communication, Biological Sciences, Marketing, and Business Management.

study cost:

  • Undergraduate degree: £ 12,500
  • Master’s Degree: £ 13,000

To be accepted, your IELTS score should not be less than 6.0 for undergraduate and 6.5 for masters.

You can request to join via this link.

10. University of East London

Lastly, the programs offered by the University of East London various are: pharmacology, politics and economics, social sciences and environmental sciences, music, and others.

study cost:

  • Undergraduate: £ 11,100
  • Master’s degree: £ 12.100

Likewise, Main Admission Requirements; Varies by course. You can browse through the official website of the university.

Generally, University scholarships is for students from all over the world.

Based on the percentage of students who apply to each university and receive an offer, these are the top 20 easiest

Easiest universities to get into in the UK:

check out university acceptance rates UK in the order of difficulty

  1. Aberystwyth University (94.4%)
  2. University College Birmingham (93.6%)
  3. University of Roehampton (91.5%)
  4. Newman University, Birmingham (90.8%)
  5. Bishop Grosseteste University (90.6%)
  6. University of Portsmouth (90.4%)
  7. York St John University (88.3%)
  8. Cardiff Metropolitan University (87.9%)
  9. University of Exeter (87.6%)
  10. Royal Holloway, University of London (87.1%)
  11. Abertay University (87.1%)
  12. Bangor University (86.8%)
  13. University of Lincoln (86.5%)
  14. University of Winchester (86.2%)
  15. Northumbria University (86.1%)
  16. University of Sussex (85.8%)
  17. Leeds Trinity University (85.8%)
  18. University of Worcester (85.7%)
  19. Lancaster University (85.7%)
  20. University of Reading (84.6%)

easy universities to get into in london admission requirements for international students

To secure admission to a UK university, start early – very little can be done if you miss deadline days and you may end up having to wait another year if you are dead-set on studying in the UK. It is also important you make sure you meet all the necessary requirements to be successful.

You will need:

  • An up-to-date passport
  • An English language proficiency qualification
  • Proof of how you will be funding your studies
  • A Tuberculosis test (certain countries)
  • And possibly more

To study in the UK, you will need to take the IELTS test or its equivalent to prove you have sufficient English language skills to complete your course.

If you hope to study in London you will need to provide proof you have at least £1,020 (US$1,430) per month for living expenses throughout the course of your studies as well as the means to pay for your tuition. Outside of London this drops to £820 (US$1,150) a month.

UK universities with high acceptance rate for international students

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s best universities, nestled in beautiful historic towns and bustling vibrant cities. So if you have your heart set on heading there to get your degree, it’s no surprise why. But where do you start? First off, you need to know there are several universities in UK, and that university admission for international students in UK vary from school to school. So on our table below; you will find a list of the hardest uk universities to get into in a descending order of . We end our list of universities in the UK with the highest acceptance rates with the Aberystwyth University, or “Aber” for short. This university can be found in the seaside town of Aberystwyth, which is famous for being Wales’s historic cultural capital. And we start our list wit Oxford University.

Top ten most affordable universities for international postgraduates
PoistionUniversity NameAcceptance rate
1University of Oxford21.8%
2University of Cambridge28.5%
3London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)35.2%
4St George’s, University of London39.0%
5University of the Arts London41.9%
6University of St Andrews42.3%
7Imperial College London43.0%
8The University of Edinburgh43.8%
9Leeds Arts University46.7%
10University of Dundee48.8%
11University of Strathclyde48.9%
12Arts University Bournemouth52.1%
13UCL (University College London)52.3%
14City, University of London54.5%
14Glasgow Caledonian University54.5%
16Edinburgh Napier University55.8%
17King’s College London56.1%
18University of Glasgow57.0%
18University of the West of Scotland57.0%
20Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh57.5%
21Ravensbourne University London58.1%
22University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)58.8%
23Anglia Ruskin University60.0%
24University of West London61.6%
25University of Manchester61.9%
26University of Bolton62.5%
27University of Stirling63.2%
28Plymouth College of Art63.3%
29Birmingham City University63.8%
30Falmouth University64.1%
31Queen Mary, University of London64.3%
32University of Greenwich64.7%
33University of Leeds64.9%
34Middlesex University65.5%
35Goldsmiths, University of London66.1%
36University of Surrey66.5%
37London South Bank University67.4%
38University of Southampton68.0%
39Norwich University of the Arts68.9%
40Manchester Metropolitan University69.6%
41University of Bristol69.8%
41Robert Gordon University69.8%
43University of Central Lancashire70.7%
44University of Aberdeen70.8%
45University of Warwick70.9%
46University of Hertfordshire71.2%
47University of East London71.4%
48Wrexham Glyndŵr University71.6%
49University of Essex71.7%
50Harper Adams University71.8%
51Edge Hill University72.2%
52Queens University Belfast72.3%
52University of Sunderland72.3%
54Teesside University72.4%
55Cardiff University72.5%
55Kingston University72.5%
57University of Brighton72.6%
58University of the West of England Bristol72.8%
58Coventry University72.8%
60University of Salford73.0%
61University of Birmingham73.2%
62University of South Wales73.3%
63Loughborough University73.5%
64University of Suffolk73.8%
65University of Nottingham74.2%
66University of Chichester74.8%
67University of Bath74.9%
68Sheffield Hallam University75.1%
69University of Leicester75.6%
70University of Chester75.8%
71Brunel University London76.2%
71University of Huddersfield76.2%
73University of Plymouth76.4%
74Durham University76.6%
75University of Northampton77.2%
76University of Liverpool77.8%
77University of Cumbria78.2%
78Leeds Beckett University78.6%
79Bournemouth University78.7%
79University of Sheffield78.7%
81University of Hull79.0%
81SOAS University of London79.0%
83Liverpool John Moores University79.1%
84Newcastle University79.2%
85University of Westminster, London79.6%
86University of Bedfordshire79.7%
86Oxford Brookes University79.7%
88Buckinghamshire New University80.0%
89Ulster University80.5%
90University of Derby80.7%
91University of Wales Trinity Saint David80.8%
92University of East Anglia80.9%
93Staffordshire University81.1%
93Swansea University81.1%
95University of Gloucestershire81.3%
96Bath Spa University81.5%
97University of York81.6%
98Heriot-Watt University81.8%
99Keele University82.2%
100University of Bradford82.3%
100De Montfort University82.3%
102Aston University82.5%
103London Metropolitan University83.6%
103University of Reading83.6%
105University of Wolverhampton83.7%
106University of Worcester84.2%
107Cardiff Metropolitan University84.4%
108Bangor University84.5%
108Canterbury Christ Church University84.5%
110Abertay University84.9%
111Plymouth Marjon University85.0%
112Liverpool Hope University85.2%
113Northumbria University Newcastle85.5%
113Solent University85.5%
115Lancaster University86.1%
116University of Kent86.5%
116Royal Holloway, University of London86.5%
118University of Winchester87.1%
119University of Lincoln87.2%
120University of Sussex88.0%
121University for the Creative Arts88.2%
122St Mary’s University, Twickenham88.3%
123University of Exeter88.7%
123Newman University, Birmingham88.7%
125Nottingham Trent University88.9%
126Leeds Trinity University89.0%
127York St John University89.4%
128University of Portsmouth89.9%
129Bishop Grosseteste University92.2%
130University of Roehampton93.9%
131University College Birmingham94.3%
132Aberystwyth University96.1%

15 easiest universities in the UK to get into

The Complete University Guide has released its 2018 ranking of UK universities, revealing which ones are the most difficult — and the easiest — to get a spot at.

The annual report ranks the 129 UK institutions based on a number of different metrics, taking into account variables such as entry standards (using the average UCAS score of new students), student satisfaction, research quality, and graduate prospects.

In the UK, “UCAS Points” are a way of measuring the relative value of all post-16 qualifications. They are calculated by converting examination results into the following numerical scores: A*=56, A=48, B=40, C=32, D=24, and E=16.

The report’s ranking of entry standards therefore offers an accurate picture of how difficult it is to get into each university across the country.

For context, the “entry standards” of the UK’s top two universities — Cambridge and Oxford — come in at 592 and 570 UCAS points respectively, while for the UK university that is easiest to get into, the average UCAS score of students entering is 244 points.

Chinese applicants to UK universities hit new high | David Sapsted |  Relocate magazine

Scroll down to see the 15 easiest universities to get into in the UK, along with the average UCAS score of each university’s new students.

15. University of Sunderland (282 UCAS points)

There are 20,000 people taking courses from the university’s three campuses worldwide – two are in Sunderland on the north east coast, and a third is in London.

14. Bishop Grosseteste University (282 UCAS points)

The university ranks highly for student satisfaction (4.2/5). It is located on a single-site campus in the heart of the historic city of Lincoln.

13. Southampton Solent University (280 UCAS points)

The university has invested extensively in facilities and buildings, due for completion in 2020. Home to one of the world’s leading maritime training academies, it is also highly regarded as one of the most creative universities by its students.

12. University of Roehampton (280 UCAS points)

The university prides itself on providing students with high levels of contact time with teachers. Its small size means that students get to know their lecturers and fellow students, giving them a more personal learning experience.

11. Canterbury Christ Church University (279 UCAS points)

Situated in the picturesque city of Canterbury, Kent, the university’s minimum entry requirements are two A levels or their equivalent UCAS points.

10. University of Suffolk (276 UCAS points)

Opened in 2007 and given the University title in 2016, Suffolk is one of the newest universities in the UK.

9. Leeds Trinity University (274 UCAS points)

A small university, it was one of the first to embed professional work placements into every degree. Entry requirements include two full A levels or equivalent qualifications.

8. University of Northampton (273 UCAS points)

The university is set in the heart of England — in Northamptonshire, just an hour outside London and Birmingham — though it is moving to a brand new campus in 2018.

7. Buckinghamshire New University (270 UCAS points)

Located in High Wycombe, approximately half way between London and Oxford, the university was awarded full university status in 2007.

6. London South Bank University (269 UCAS points)

LSBU has a compact city centre campus close to Elephant and Castle, Waterloo, and London Bridge tube stations. There is also a campus in Havering, Essex. It has close to 20,000 students.

5. Birkbeck, University of London (260 UCAS points)

Part of the University of London, Birkbeck is located in Bloomsbury in the academic heart of the capital city. It specialises in evening study. All three-year undergraduate degrees are taught on weekday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 pm.

4. London Metropolitan University (260 UCAS points)

London Met’s buildings are across three areas in the heart of the capital. Many courses can be studied on a full or part-time basis, and students may have the option to begin their course in February.

3. Anglia Ruskin (257 UCAS points)

Anglia Ruskin is located in three vibrant cities – Cambridge, Chelmsford, and Peterborough – with opportunities to study and work in partnership elsewhere, too.

2. Wrexham Glyndwr University (247 UCAS points)

The university also scores highly in the Student Satisfaction stakes (4.19/5). Many of its degrees are available with an integrated foundation year providing an additional access point for students who don’t quite meet the requirements for the more traditional three-year route.

1. University of Bedfordshire (244 UCAS points)

The University of Bedfordshire is officially the easiest university to get into in the UK, according to the report. It was formed by the merger of the University of Luton with De Montfort University’s Bedford campus in August 2006. It currently has five campuses: Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, and Putteridge Bury.

Why do international students choose the UK?


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