Fairleigh Dickinson University Graduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

  • Administrative Science and Public Administration
  • Animation
  • Arts
  • Biology
  • Business and Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Writing
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Cybersecurity and Homeland Security
  • Education
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Film
  • Global Affairs
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Social Sciences
  • Sport Management

fairleigh dickinson university graduate tuition

All fees, tuition and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University’s Board of Trustees.

FDU has conducted a comprehensive review of its masters-level degree offerings and has released new per-credit tuition for many of those programs that became effective in Fall 2020. For your planning, where new per-credit tuition costs have been announced they are shown on this page. Fees and charges are for the academic year 2021-2022 or for the specific service described, unless otherwise stated.

Per credit, per semester

School or CollegeSubjectDegreeTuition per Credit
Becton CollegeAnimationMA950
Becton CollegeAnimationMFA950
Becton CollegeBiologyMS850
Becton CollegeChemistryMS850
Becton CollegeCommunication (Florham)MA950
Becton CollegeCosmetic ScienceMS950
Becton CollegeCreative WritingMFA600
 Residency Fee $2,000  
Becton CollegeCreative Writing and Literature for EducatorsMA600
 Residency Fee $1,000  
Becton CollegeCriminal JusticeMA850
Becton CollegeFilmMFA950
 Residency Fee $2,500  
Becton CollegePolitical ScienceMA850
School of EducationDyslexia Specialist Certificate 850
School of EducationEducation for Certified Teachers (NJ Certificate)MA600
School of EducationEducation for Certified Teachers (FDU Certificate)MA600
School of EducationEducation for Certified Teachers (Off-site)MA600
School of EducationEducation for Certified TeachersMA600
School of EducationEducational Leadership (Gloucester)MA600
School of EducationLearning DisabilitiesMA600
School of EducationTeachingMAT850
School of EducationTeaching (Off-site)MAT850
School of EducationTeaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL)MA850
GHSCSEComputer EngineeringMS850
GHSCSEComputer Science (Florham)MS850
GHSCSEComputer Science (Metro)MS850
GHSCSECybersecurity and Information AssuranceMS850
GHSCSEElectrical EngineeringMS850
GHSCSEManagement Information SystemsMS850
ISHSATMHospitality Management StudiesMHMS959
ISHSATMHospitality Management Studies (Off-site)MHMS600
ISHSATMSport ManagementMSM600
School of Nursing and Allied HealthMedical TechnologyMS1100
School of Nursing and Allied HealthNursingMSN1100
School of Pharmacy and Health SciencesHealth ScienceMHS850
School of PsychologyClinical Mental Health CounselingMA1100
 e-Learning Fee (per semester) $70  
School of PsychologyClinical PsychopharmacologyMS545
 Practicum (non-credit course) $527  
School of PsychologyForensic PsychologyMA600
School of PsychologyGeneral Theoretical PsychologyMA950
School of PsychologyIndustrial Organizational PsychologyMA950
School of PsychologySchool Psychology + CertificationMA1100
School of PsychologyAdvanced PsyDPsyD1100
School of Public and Global AffairsAdministrative ScienceMAS959
School of Public and Global AffairsAdministrative Science (Online and Off-site)MAS600
School of Public and Global AffairsCyber and Homeland Security AdministrationMS600
School of Public and Global AffairsGlobal AffairsMA600
School of Public and Global AffairsPublic AdministrationMPA600
School of Public and Global AffairsPublic Administration (off-site)MPA600
School of Public and Global AffairsStudent Services AdministrationMA600
Silberman College of BusinessAccountingMS990
Silberman College of BusinessMBA or MBA with specializationMBA990
Silberman College of BusinessMBA for Executives: General Management SpecializationMBA1460
Silberman College of BusinessMBA (Saturday)MBA990
Silberman College of BusinessSupply Chain ManagementMS990
Silberman College of BusinessTaxationMS990


Exclusions apply.  The above tuition rates do not apply to certain online programs or programs offered under specific rate agreements.  Other exclusions may apply.  Please confirm your program’s tuition with the Office of Enrollment Services.  

 Flat-Rate Programs 
     Annual (inclusive of Technology Fee): 
       MBA Executive – Fall Cohort32,850
       MBA Executive – Spring Cohort32,850
       MBA in Healthcare Management – Fall Cohort32,850
       MBA in Healthcare Management – Spring Cohort32,850
       Lakewood or Montvale (PCS) MBA, MS Accounting, per credit990
       Lakewood or Montvale (PCS):  UG business certificate completion, per course 465
       Nursing Post-Masters23,170
 EPS –credit course fee (a course required of those international students upon result of a placement exam).896
 Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology  
             Full-Time Ph.D. Students:  (per Academic Year)                   Technology Fee (annual)41,698970
                   Dissertation (per semester) 5,006
                   Internship Charge  (per semester)273
                   Dissertation Maintenance (per semester)536
 Psy.D. in School Psychology: 5yr program  
              Full-Time Psy.D. Students:  (per academic year for first 3 years,   per credit in years 4 and 5)41,698
                   Technology Fee (annual)970
                   Dissertation (per credit)1,405
                   Internship Maintenance Charge (Summer)273
                   Dissertation Maintenance (per semester)536
 Psy.D. in School Psychology: 3yr program 
              Full-Time Psy.D. Students: (per credit)                  Technology Fee (annual)           1,405              970
                  Dissertation (per credit) 1,405
                   Internship Maintenance Charge  (Summer)273
                   Dissertation Maintenance (per semester)536
 Doctor of Nursing Practice Program 1,405
 Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Fee232
 Doctor of Pharmacy Program39,550
 Accelerated 7-Year B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Biology/Pharm.D.  (Applied to students in their final year of UG in Accelerated 7-Yr B.S. Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology/Pharm D programs)10,000
 Doctor of Pharmacy Program – Dual Degree beginning Fall 2021, MS/MHS/MA Track 44,050
 Doctor of Pharmacy Program – Dual Degree beginning Fall 2021, MBA/MPA Track 46,550
 Doctor of Pharmacy Program – Dual Degree, MPH Track46,550
 E-learning Fee, per year, year 1 (includes iPad)   1,570
 E-learning Fee, per year, year 2-4  800
 Remedial Courses (per credit)1,405
 Student Services Fee, per year360
MS in Physician Assistant Studies$21,600 per semester
(Total program: $108,000)
 MA in Corporate & Organizational Communication – dual degree – Bergamo16,307
 Online Division (per credit) 
    Bilingual Certificate825
Ed.D in Higher Education925
 ESL Certificate825
 Master of Administrative Science600
 Master of Arts in Mathematical Foundations785
 Master of Arts in Student Services Administration600
 Master of Business Administration925
 Master of Public Health975
 Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security600
 Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance825
 Master of Science in Digital Marketing925
 Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner825
 Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing Education825
Master of Social Work825
 Post-Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy825
 FEES (per Academic Year): 
 Technology Fee: 
       Full-Time Students970
       Part-Time Students450
       Winter & Summer Sessions (per Credit Hour)12
       Per Credit Hour for Off-site Locations – All Terms 12
 University Wellness Education Fee Per Credit Hour4
 Matriculation Maintenance Fee: 
           Masters Program (per Semester)146
           Proficiency Examination278
 Auditing Fee (per Course): 
         Regular Fee equal to tuition for one credit hour for each course.         Add $10.00 registration fee/technology fee per and any required course fees. 
         Senior Citizens (Metropolitan Campus)- Audit only option280
         Florham Institute of Lifelong Learning (FILL) (Florham Campus)280
         Alumni Plan Add $10.00 registration fee/technology fee per and any required course fees.600
  Per Semester: 
         Div. of Life Experience (EPOP) (Per Semester for one or more courses)280
 Replacement of Student ID Card (2nd and subsequent replacements)25
 Application Fee: 
         Masters Degree50
         Doctoral Degree50
 Health & Major Med. Insurance: Domestic: Full Year3,808
Entering Spring2,359
International:  Full Year3,808
Entering SpringMandatory for Graduate Full-Time Students only. Can be waived for domestic students. Also, can be waived in certain circumstances for International Students with documentation of alternative coverage.2,359   
 Transcript Fee (per Copy)5
 Graduation Fee (Masters Degree)255
 Graduation Fee (Doctoral Degree)520
OPT Service Fee500

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