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Fashion Photography


  • The Fashion Photography Online Course is taught by experienced fashion professionals.
  • Course is made up of study and research assignments that are graded by our tutors
  • Local tutor support available at INIFD Centres across Asia
  • Pre recorded videos and live streaming lectures
  • Learn online, on any device and browser over a three months period
  • Every successful student will get a certificate of completion from London School of Trends who are Accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

The Course

The London School of Trends a leading accredited London Fashion College and a part of the INIFD Global brings you an exclusive online course on Fashion Photography. If you have ever thought you are just having a knack for putting outfits together, or being able to pick out the right clothes for just anybody then this online course, taught by an experienced fashion photography tutor may be the right place to start. Our Online Courses are built to the same standard as our classroom courses but give our students a chance to study from anywhere and at their own pace over a 3 month period. We give you real world advice on what to expect and how to maximise your opportunities.

Following London School of Trends teaching philosophy, Our Online Course is highly interactive with assignments and video lectures so good, that you will hardly miss the classroom experience of our traditional courses. Our responsive online courses hub gives you the freedom of studying on your tablet, PC or smartphone. This course includes 11 modules of study and research including how to get the right style for the right person, building different looks and much more. We also cover what to expect in terms of being on the job. Modules come with assignments that students must finish and submit. Submitted assignments will be assessed by the tutor who will give feedback, enabling the students to track their own progress. Upon course completion, learners are awarded with a certificate of completion from London School of Trends.

Course Modules

  •  A brief guide on fashion photography by Christopher
  • Module 1: What is Fashion Photography?
  • Module 2: Camera Formats
  • Module 3: Lenses & Exposure Control
  • Module 4: Planning a Fashion Photography Shoot.
  • Module 5: Studio Fashion Photography
  • Module 6: Location Fashion Photography
  • Module 7: Make up & Hair for Fashion Photography
  • Module 8: Styling For Fashion Photography
  • Module 9: Workflow and image selection for Fashion Photography
  • Module 10: The Fashion Photographers Portfolio

Teaching and learning methods:

  • Subtitled Video Lectures & Live Streaming
  • Quiz & Interesting Assignments on each module
  • Final assessment – Industry Based
  • Blended learning, support and learning assistance from local tutors

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