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Dental Hygiene offers an associate of applied science degree option. The associate of applied science degree is a two-year program that contains technical and general education courses. Students will participate in planned and supervised experiences directed toward performing dental hygiene diagnosis and assessment with precision, safety and efficiency. They will demonstrate hygiene skills and integrate these skills into the total curriculum. Students will be active in team cooperation and develop personal growth toward life-long learning. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon completing the necessary prerequisite courses.

FHTC | Flint Hills Technical College

Students admitted to the FHTC Dental Programs are subject to contact with blood and/or body fluids. FHTC Dental Programs follow all OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen, Exposure Control Guidelines, and the Universal and Standard precautions throughout the pre-clinical, lab and clinical experiences.

Application Deadline and Requirements

  • Fall 2022 Admissions Criteria
  • Application deadline for Fall 2022 is December 15, 2021.
  • All applicants are required to take the TEAS or ACT entrance exam.
  • All applicants are required to submit a non-refundable $40.00 application fee within 30 days of application submission in order to have their application processed.

Program Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Courses


A&P Anatomy & Physiology/Lab5CHEM Chemistry with Lab5EG103English Composition I3MICRO Microbiology w/Lab4

Total Prerequisite Credits17

Program Courses

HYG110Dental Radiography2HYG111Dental Materials2HYG112Nutrition and Oral Health2HYG113CPR/First Aid/Medical Emergency1HYG120Clinical Dental Hygiene I Pre-Clinic5HYG125Embryology/Histology/Oral Anatomy4HYG204Periodontics3HYG205Hygiene Education and Prevention2HYG212Clinical Hygiene II4HYG213General & Oral Pathology3HYG215Nitrous Oxide Sedation1HYG217Dental Analgesics and Therapeutics2HYG219Dental Public Health2HYG220Clinical Dental Hygiene III6HYG221Pharmacology for Dental Hygiene3HYG230Clinical Dental Hygiene IV6HYG232Special Needs2HYG233HYG Board Review1PDV001First Year Experience0

Total Technical Education Credits51

General Education Courses

Oral Communications


SP100Public Speaking3SP200Interpersonal Communication3

Choose at least 3 credit hours in Oral Communications



MA110College Algebra3

Choose at least 3 credit hours in Mathematics

Behavioral Sciences


PY100Introduction to Psychology3SO100Introduction to Sociology3

Choose at least 6 credit hours in Behavioral Sciences

Academic Criteria
To be considered for admission in the Dental Hygiene Program, applicants must meet the following criteria and
submit all requested credentials and documentation:
 Pre-requisite Requirements (the below four courses must be a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80):
o Anatomy and Physiology – 5 to 8 credit hours *
o Microbiology (must include a lab) – 4 to 5 credit hours *
o Chemistry – 5 credit hours *
o English Composition I – 3 credit hours
Note: ALL pre-requisite courses must be COMPLETED by December 30th
, 2019.

FHTC | Flint Hills Technical College
  • All pre-requisite science courses must be within 5 years of December 2019; there may be required courses
    prior to taking the above pre-requisite science courses.
  • You must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.00 (grade of ‘C’) for EACH pre-requisite science course (above).
    Although not required, it is highly recommended that applicants complete all General Education requirements
    prior to beginning the program. These requirements are offered at FHTC.
     General Education Requirements
    o Psychology – 3 credits
    o Sociology – 3 credits
    o Communication – 3 credits (Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications)
    o College Algebra – 3 credits
    Applicants that have completed FHTC Dental Assisting Program within 3 years of August 2020 may be able to
    transfer the following courses into the Dental Hygiene Program.
    o Dental Materials – 2 credits
    o Radiography – 2 credits
    o Nutrition and Oral Health – 2 credits
    o Nitrous Oxide Sedation – 1 credit
    Note: Applicants may be required to pass an entrance exam of 75% or higher in each of these Dental
    Assisting courses PRIOR to beginning the program. If unable to pass, the applicant may be required to
    retake these courses within the Dental Hygiene Program.
    The following criterion applies to all applicants:
     Applicants must have completed the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) within 5 years of December
    2019; scores will be utilized as part of the selection process. TEAS tests are limited to two attempts in a
    six month period. Applicants must achieve a minimum ‘Adjusted Individual Total Score’ of 58%.
    o To SCHEDULE your TEAS test at FHTC, select the ‘Schedule for the TEAS test at FHTC’
    link at https://www.fhtc.edu/web/majors/details/hyg Fill in and submit your
    o To take your TEAS test at another institution, register for the TEAS at www.atitesting.com
    Applicants must have completed the ACT within 5 years of December 2019; scores will be utilized as part
    of the selection process. Applicants must achieve a minimum composite score of 18.
    o Register for the ACT at www.act.org
  • Acceptance Process Admission to the FHTC Dental Hygiene program is determined through a competitive selection process and submission of an application does not guarantee a position in the program. After the application deadline, completed files will be reviewed and the top applicants with the highest scores from the initial evaluation will be scheduled for personal interviews. Using a rubric based on points, the following criteria will be used in the selection process:  Scores from the personal interview and verbal presentation  TEAS Adjusted Individual Total Score or ACT Composite Score  Prerequisite college courses-minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80  Scores from 2 work related reference questionnaires  Former/Current FHTC Dental Assisting student, DANB, Dental Assisting Certification and/or minimum 6 months Dental Assisting work experience.  Skills Test (given at interview)  Dental Hygiene shadowing – minimum of 40 hours (Dental Hygiene Shadowing/Observation Hours log sheet attached)  Reading/Writing exercise (given at interview) TIME LINE – Prior to August 2020 program start date:  END OF JANUARY/EARLY FEBRUARY – Qualified applicants – interviews will be scheduled and conducted.  UPON COMPLETION OF INTERVIEWS – ALL applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance status. Sixteen (16) students will be accepted into the FHTC Dental Hygiene Program. Upon acceptance, a letter of intent (form provided) and a $100 nonrefundable deposit will be required within the timeframe outlined in the acceptance letter to hold your place in the Dental Hygiene program.  LATE SPRING – Upon acceptance, attend an initial Dental Hygiene orientation where you will complete the enrollment process, meet classmates/faculty, receive important information, etc. (date to be determined). Student Responsibilities After acceptance to the program, students will be required to attend 2 student orientations (Spring and Fall). Students will be notified of the date and time of the orientations. Students are also required to provide documentation of the following items on the first day of class:  Health Insurance—Students are required to have an individual health insurance policy to cover any illness or injury that may occur while enrolled in the program.  Comprehensive Physical Exam — a ‘Physical Exam’ form will be provided. Students are required to have a current physician’s exam within 1 year prior to the program start date to verify that there are no major health issues that may affect full participation in the dental hygiene program and clinical and lab exercises. This physical must be done annually while enrolled in the FHTC Dental Hygiene program.  Comprehensive Eye Exam – Students are required to have a current eye exam within 1 year of August 2020 to verify there are no major vision issues that may affect full participation in the Dental Hygiene program and clinical and lab exercises. A written script of vision correction is required.  Vaccinations- students are required to provide documentation (PROOF) of the following vaccines and dates: Tetanus/Diphtheria <10 yrs., MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) – if born after 1957, you must have 2 MMRs or a documented positive titer, Varicella (Chicken Pox) – you must have 2 immunizations or a documented positive titer and the Hepatitis B Vaccine series.  TB Skin Test—Students are required to have a TB Skin test performed and provide documentation of the test results. This test must be performed annually and submitted to the Director of the program.  FLU immunization – When administered, it is the student’s responsibility to provide a copy of this immunization record to the Director of the program. Must be immunized ANNUALLY when vaccine becomes available

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