Fully Funded DRPH Programs

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In a fully funded PhD program, students have the opportunity to pursue their doctoral degree without the burden of tuition costs and with the added support of a stipend to cover living expenses. The funding requirements for these programs can vary, with some offering no-strings-attached fellowships to support students throughout their academic journey. One such program is the DrPH Program, which is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) and allows students to complete their degree over a period of 4 to 9 years.

For admission to the DrPH Program, applicants must meet certain basic requirements. These typically include holding a master’s degree in a related field, such as public health or a relevant social science, from an accredited institution. Additionally, applicants may need to demonstrate a strong academic record, relevant work experience in the field of public health, and letters of recommendation attesting to their potential for success in a doctoral program.

The admission process for the university offering the DrPH Program may involve submitting an online application with all required supporting documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose outlining the applicant’s research interests and career goals. Once applications are reviewed, selected candidates may be invited for an interview or asked to submit additional materials. Final decisions on admission are typically based on a holistic review of the applicant’s academic background, work experience, letters of recommendation, and fit with the program’s curriculum and research priorities.

Is A DRPH Worth It?


As an experienced public health practitioner and student in SPH’s DrPH program, you’ll get the advanced training and credentials you need to move into a leadership position, whatever your specialty area within public health. In this practice-oriented, interdepartmental program, you’ll learn to develop, implement, and evaluate national and global public health programs and policies. With a DrPH, the highest professional degree in the field, you can take your career to the next level and beyond.

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree program is an interdepartmental offering intended for experienced public health professionals who seek advanced training for leadership positions in public health. The DrPH is the highest professional degree in public health. This practice-oriented degree program will train public health professionals to develop, implement, and evaluate public health programs and policies nationally and internationally. A fulltime DrPH student with a master’s degree prior to admission will be allowed a maximum of 5 years from matriculation to graduation to complete the degree program; all part-time students will be allowed a maximum of 7 years.

Program Competencies

Data and Analysis:

  • Explain qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods and policy analysis research and evaluation methods to address health issues at multiple (individual, group, organization, community and population) levels.
  • Design a qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, policy analysis or evaluation project to address a public health issue.
  • Explain the use and limitations of surveillance systems and national surveys in assessing, monitoring and evaluating policies and programs and to address a population’s health.

Leadership, Management, and Governance:

  • Propose strategies for health improvement and elimination of health inequities by organizing stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners, community leaders and other partners.
  • Communicate public health science to diverse stakeholders, including individuals at all levels of health literacy, for purposes of influencing behavior and policies.
  • Integrate knowledge, approaches, methods, values and potential contributions from multiple professions and systems in addressing public health problems.
  • Create a strategic plan.
  • Facilitate shared decision making through negotiation and consensus-building methods.
  • Create organizational change strategies.
  • Propose strategies to promote inclusion and equity within public health programs, policies and systems.
  • Assess one’s own strengths and weaknesses in leadership capacities, including cultural proficiency.
  • Propose human, fiscal and other resources to achieve a strategic goal.
  • Cultivate new resources and revenue streams to achieve a strategic goal.

Policy and Programs:

  • Design a system-level intervention to address a public health issue.
  • Integrate knowledge of cultural values and practices in the design of public health policies and programs.
  • Integrate scientific information, legal and regulatory approaches, ethical frameworks and varied stakeholder interests in policy development and analysis.
  • Propose interprofessional team approaches to improving public health.

Education and Workforce Development:

  • Assess an audience’s knowledge and learning needs.
  • Deliver training or educational experiences that promote learning in academic, organizational or community settings.
  • Use best practice modalities in pedagogical practices.

Program of Study

Program Requirements

The School’s DrPH program requires students to complete at least 48 credits (those having prerequisites to meet will be asked to complete additional coursework).  See the DrPH Student Guidebook for more information about course offerings and requirements.

Students also complete:

  • written and oral qualifying examinations
  • a public health practice dissertation
  • oral presentations of both the dissertation proposal and the final dissertation


Each candidate will prepare a dissertation demonstrating the ability to analyze and solve complex, practice-based problems in public health. The dissertation should reflect the variety of perspectives needed to meet major public health challenges and should include explicit, population-based policy and practice implications. The format will be determined largely by the nature of the public health problem addressed. Appropriate dissertation formats may include:

  • case studies and policy analyses
  • development of new practice interventions
  • design and implementation of public health programs
  • program or policy evaluations
  • historical program or policy analyses
  • substantial legislative proposals



The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program offers tuition scholarships to incoming doctoral students. All newly matriculated DrPH students are eligible to receive these scholarships, regardless of citizenship status, and no additional financial aid application is required. DrPH students have also received funding through various doctoral training grants run by faculty, including the HRSA/MCHB-funded MCH Applied Research Fellowship Program. Many part-time DrPH students have financed their doctoral education through the tuition remission program offered to full-time employees of Boston University.

The Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) at the Boston University Medical Campus is responsible for the coordination of need-based financial aid and federal loans for BU School of Public Health. Students may be eligible for the following types of aid based on their degree program, demonstrated need, and availability of funds:

  • need-based financial assistance (scholarships for first year students)
  • work-study (ask SFS about availability)
  • educational loans (Federal Direct, Perkins, information regarding PLUS loans)

Drph Scholarships

Below are the Top 15 PhD Scholarships for Public Health Students:

1) PhD, MSc and MPH Public Health Scholarship, University of Westminster

Deadline: 31st May and 1st November annually.

This is a great opportunity for candidates who are eager to apply for a scholarship in Public heath; this scholarship covers full tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses & flights. Study abroad scholarships for public health degree/graduate grants.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must be an international student and hold an offer for the full-time PhD, MSc / MPH in Public Health.

English Language Requirement

All applicants for whom English is a second language is required to present a recent TOEFL or IELTS score or to pass a proficiency examination organized by EMUApplication Process

Do not submit an application for a scholarship along with your admissions application to study at the University. Applicants are expected to apply only if he/she is holding an offer (conditional or unconditional) of a place on a course at the University of Westminster.

For students who have already begun a course of study at the university, their application will not be considered.

Note: the scholarship procedure is separate from your admissions application.

Applicants are expected to send in a separate application to the Scholarships Office accompanied with copies of:
Transcript from your most recent/current academic study
Reference letter for your scholarship application
Offer letter
Statement of support (This is a section [B] of the application form)


Deadline:  19th February

Currently, scholarships are available at WHCE LYNN Adamson Memorial for the 2020/2021 Session.

It was founded in the year 1980. The organization fulfills a necessary role, encouraging and empowering women in a field where women often outweigh in the workforce but are still underrepresented in power.

Only women graduate students at a university in the San Francisco / Howl Area region are eligible for this program. And this scholarship is based on merit, factors like leadership and integrity qualities will also be considered.

Scholarship Worth
Winners receive one (1) year of free membership in the WHCE. By stewarding and supporting the next generation of women leaders in the healthcare system, the organization helps to ensure that women will have a voice in every area that matters.

Scholarship Worth: $5000Scholarship Link

3) Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS) Scholarship

Deadline: November

ICAMS is here to offer scholarship to encourage students who eager to acquire their PhD in Public Health, this scholarship award is led by Prof Rhian Touyz and co-directed by Prof Godfrey Smith and Prof Mandy MacLean.

Research within the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS), which is a BHF Centre of Research Excellence, centers on:

  1. a) Vascular Research b) Cardiac Research c) Metabolic Disease & Diabetes Research

ICAMS is also developing research within three additional areas viz:

  1. i) Renal Research ii) Stroke Research iii) Omics Research

Each of the above listed contains strategically linked groups of leading, internationally respected academics who offer the highest quality supervision to students.

ICAMS offers the highest quality training in cardiovascular research, at the basic-science, translational and clinical levels.

There will be an intensive first year of training in research techniques and theory plus three (3) research placements culminating in the award of an MRes.

This is followed by a three (3) year Ph.D. research project. The scholarships are available to outstanding students from broad ranging disciplines.

Stipend rates start at £19,919 per annum.Scholarship Link

4) Royal College of Nursing Strategic Research Alliance Ph.D. Scholarships

Deadline:  Updates on application deadline will be communicated as soon as it is available. Please stay tuned.

Royal College of Nursing Strategic Research Alliance is currently welcoming Ph.D. applicants in the field of Public Health who also address any of the following areas:

  • Projects that will help inform the nursing and Public Health workforce for the future
  • Projects that evidence the value of nursing to patients, services or society
  • Evaluation of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner or other Advanced Practice roles, for example, career pathways or impact on patient outcomes.

Ph.D. applications that address any of the areas within the research themes of the School of NursingHealth & Midwifery and relate to nursing practice.

Candidates applying for the program must have a first or upper second class honors degree or significant research experience.

Scholarship Worth

Two funding models are available for this program; full-time and part-time.

Model one (1) is full time and includes the standard UK/EU tuition fees and an annual, tax-free maintenance stipend at the standard UK research rate (£14,553 in 2021/20).
Model two (2) is a part-time clinical academic studentship for clinical nurses.

This includes the standard UK/EU part-time tuition fees and funding for two days of clinical backfill for 4.5 years.

Application Process
All interested candidates should contact either of the following: Professor Angela Tod, (0114 222 2057) [email protected]
Dr. Tony Ryan, 0114 222 2062, [email protected]

Proposed commencement date:

To apply, kindly follow the scholarship link below:Scholarship Link

5) Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

Deadline: Varies, April to October (Annually)

Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships is inviting applicants looking scholarship to the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) ceased and was replaced by the Research Training Program (RTP) from 1 January 2021.

This provides block grants, on a calendar year basis, to higher education providers (HEPs) to support both domestic and overseas students undertaking Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees, known as higher degrees by research (HDRs). The study will be in Australia.

Host Institution(s) for the program are participating universities in Australia. This scholarship is for both Domestic and international students.

Level/Field of study
Masters and Ph.D., Doctorate Degree and other degrees offered by the participating Universities in Australia.

To be eligible for an RTP Stipend, RTP Fees Offset or RTP Allowance, a student must be a domestic or an international student enrolled in an accredited HDR course of study at an Australian HEP.

The basic eligibility criteria for an RTP are listed in Section of the Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Research) 2021

Application Instructions
Applications for this Scholarship need to be made directly to participating universities.

Each university has its own application and selection process, please contact your chosen university directly to discuss how to apply for the RTP scheme.

It is quite important to read the Frequently Asked Questions and visit the website of the University where you intend to apply and the official website (link found below) for comprehensive information on how to apply for this scholarship.

How Long Is a Drph Program

The Harvard Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) will prepare you for high-level leadership to make a difference in the fields of public health and health care. This first-of-its-kind, multidisciplinary degree provides advanced education in public health along with mastery of skills in management, leadership, communications, and innovation thinking. This is accomplished within a highly collaborative, small-group learning environment. The DrPH Program is a three-year program (with an option to extend to a fourth year) and during this time, students will learn how to address complex problems of public health policy and use advanced analytical and managerial tools to lead organizational and societal change. You will learn the scholarship of translation, assembling scientific evidence and using it to achieve real results in the field. Also, you will gain hands-on experience working to achieve a specific public health objective under the guidance of Harvard’s world-renowned faculty.

best dRPH programs

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Doctor of Public Health

One of the best doctor of public health programs in the United States comes from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. This program combines analytical skills, leadership, communication, program management, and many other facets of public health to prepare students to be innovators in their chosen public health field.

Various departments throughout the school offer this doctorate program, from the environmental health department to the department of international health, and it is best for students to contact the department which most closely relates to their field of interest.  The school also offers full-time and part-time program selections allowing working professionals to advance their career at a pace that works best for their schedule.

Full-time doctor of public health program students can expect to pay around $45,792 for the full 4 term program, and part time students will pay per credit at a rate of around $954.

Berkeley School of Public Health

Doctor of Public Health

This professional degree program offered by Berkeley School of Public Health allows students to prepare themselves to be true leaders in their chosen public health field. Study is done on an interdisciplinary and school-wide level that encompasses all facets of public health in a way that allows graduates to pursue and succeed in their professional goals no matter their chosen public health field. Students who complete the program will be prepared to take on leadership positions while working in their public health career on either a local or international level in the public, private, or academic sector.

The school charges tuition and fees of around $11,516 for in-state resident students or $17,639 for out of state students per semester for the doctor of public health program.


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Harvard School of Public Health

Doctor of Public Health

Harvard School of Public health offers a doctor of public health degree program for students and professionals who show potential as leaders in their field. This exceptional school provides graduates with all they will need to continue with a successful career in public health no matter which facet they may choose to work in. Students obtaining a doctor of public health degree through Harvard School of Public Health will gain an innovative knowledge of how to best improve the health and lives of people around the globe, and this is done through a combination of simulations, hands on study, discussions, interactive learning practices, and field experience.

Graduate students with no prior public health degree may be able to obtain a doctor of public health through this program and its groundbreaking techniques.

Full-time students pursuing a doctor of public health degree at Harvard School of Public Health can expect to pay around $38,800 per year in tuition.

Boston University School of Public Health

Doctor of Public Health

The School of Public Health at Boston University prepares students to be leaders in the public health field with their doctor of public health program, as this program is built to be interdisciplinary and hands on practice oriented. The school offers both full-time and part-time study options perfect for already working public health professionals looking to advance their education and career.

For part-time students, the 48 credit course will cost around $1,374 per credit in tuition, while the full-time program will cost around $21,985 per semester.

University of Texas School of Public Health

Doctor of Public Health

The doctor of public health program offered by University of Texas School of Public health is geared towards preparing professionals who wish to practice, teach, or research public health issues plaguing the nation and the world today. In order to obtain a doctor of public health degree from the school, students are required to complete 48 credit hours of required public health study as well as a minor in 1 of the 5 specific public health disciplines.

In-state resident students can expect to pay around $5,500 per year for tuition during the course of this program, while out of state students will pay around $17,600.

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