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Are you taking the right courses for your educational goals? Ever wonder what class of college is the right fit for you? This GPA To CGPA Calculator will help students get a quick sense of their level of achievement in high school, college, or even graduate school. Simply enter the grades from each course taken into this online calculator to estimate your current GPA. This can also be used to estimate the amount of time it will take you to get through an entire degree program at a particular level.

For those considering applying to college or graduate school, it is important to be aware of the basic admission requirements. Typically, schools will require a certain minimum GPA, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Each institution may have specific criteria, so it is essential to research and understand what is needed for admission.

When applying to a university, the admission process can vary depending on the institution. After meeting the basic requirements, students will typically need to fill out an application, submit their transcripts and test scores, provide letters of recommendation, and possibly participate in an interview. It is important to carefully follow the application instructions and deadlines to ensure a smooth and successful admission process.

The GPA to CGPA Calculator is a useful tool that can provide students with a quick and easy way to assess their academic achievements. By simply inputting their grades from each course, students can get an estimate of their current GPA and better understand their level of accomplishment.

Gpa to cgpa converter online

GPA To CGPA Calculator

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How to Calculate CGPA from SGPA?

According to the definitions we have established of SGPA and CGPA, CGPA can be termed as the collective SGPAs calculated at the end of an academic year. In order to calculate your CGPA, you need to first find the average score of all subjects in each of the semesters, i.e. SGPA. Then, add all the SGPAs of all the semesters and divide the total by the number of semesters or sessions to find your CGPA for the academic year.

CGPA= (SGPAs of All semesters in an academic year)/Number of semesters

For example:
If a student scored 8 and 7 SGPA in their two semesters, their CGPA would be:

CGPA of 1 college academic term = (SGPA of semester 1+ SGPA of semester 2)/ 2
= (8+7)/2
= 15/2= 7.5 CGPA

SGPA to Percentage Calculator
Now that you are through with the formula of converting SGPA to CGPA, let us understand how we can find out the percentage through similar formulas.

SGPA to Percentage Calculator

[(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage]

For example:
SGPA of a student for 4 semesters= 7.0, 6.9, 7.1, 6.8
= 7.0 + 6.9 + 7.1 + 6.8 = 27.8
= 27.8/ 4 = 6.9
= (6.9 x 10) – 7.5 = 69- 7.5 = 61.5 %

SGPA to CGPA Calculator KTU
The SGPA to CGPA Calculator for the esteemed KTU (APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University) is as follows-

SGPA = Σ(Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Ci = Credit assigned for a course
GPi = Grade point for that course

The SGPA to CGPA Calculator for the popular Savitribai Phule Pune University is as follows-

SGPA = (C1G1 + C2G2 + C3G4 + C4G4 + C5G5)/ (C1 + C2 +C3 + C4 + C5)

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 = Course Credits
G12, G2, G3, G4, G5 = Grade Points of the Course

SGPA to CGPA Calculator VTU
The famous Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) uses the following formula to calculate the SGPA count for its potential students-

SGPA = Σ(Ci×Gi)/ΣCi

Ci = Credit assigned for a course
Gi = Grade point for that course

SGPA to CGPA to Percentage
Now that you are familiar with how to calculate SGPA, let us understand how can convert it into CGPA. There are many instances when institutes release scores in the form of CGPA but when applying for universities abroad there is a need for those scores in percentage. This is why we have presented the method to calculate your percentage from your CGPA. The formula is quite easy, we first convert SGPA to CGPA and take the total CGPA and multiply it by 9.5 to come to a percentage. For better understanding have a look at the table below:

CGPA CGPA9.5 Percentage 8 89.5 76%
8.5 8.59.5 80.75% 9 99.5 85.5%
CGPA to Percentage Free Calculator

Convert your CGPA to Percentage

Therefore, do not confuse your SGPA or CGPA to being equivalent to your overall percentage. Though in some schools and colleges, the CGPA or percentages are given a corresponding grade letter. For example,

CGPA Grade
9.5-10 A+
9-9.5 A
8.5-9 B+
So on and so forth.

What is SGPA?
SGPA is the abbreviated form of Sessional Grade Point Average/Semester End Grade Point Average. Before delving into the discussion of SGPA and CGPA, let’s first understand what these two mean. To begin with, the marks we score in our schools or colleges can be calculated in different ways. One of these ways includes SGPA. It is the grade point average that is calculated at the end of an academic session like a year at school or a semester at college. First, adding the grade points of all the subjects in an academic year or session are collected together and then their average is calculated which is referred to as the SGPA for that particular year or session.

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What is CGPA?

Another prominent method of calculation of the marks we score in our colleges or schools is through CGPA. Simply put, CGPA is the abbreviated form of Cumulative Grade Point Average and depicts the total marks we score in a complete academic term or a certain time period like the 1st year or 3rd year of college. The total marks that we score in all the sessions of a college term or both half yearly examination in school, is taken together to calculate the CGPA scored in that academic term.

The central difference between sessional grade point average and cumulative grade point average is that we calculate CGPA at the end of the academic year with many SGPAs of different semesters or sessions. Students must understand that having an idea about what is CGPA will help them in getting a hold of how to go calculate SGPA.

Convert CGPA to Percentage: CBSE CGPA Calculator - Leverage Edu

What is GPA?
GPA, in simple terms, is Grade Point Average, i.e. the average of all the grades given to a student throughout the semester or can also be calculated in terms of studying different courses that the student has opted for. Most importantly, GPA shows the achievement level of a student as well as their scholastic abilities thus helping teachers assess their performance over a stipulated time period.

Indian grading system uses a 10-point GPA scale and to obtain your GPA from percentage you need to divide % of marks by 9.5.

GPA= Percentage/9.5

For the GPA 4.0 scale used in the US, you need to simply divide your percentage by 100 and then multiply it to 4.

GPA= (Percentage/100)*4

GPA to Percentage How to Convert Percentage to GPA Out of 10
Now that you know what SGPA, CGPA and GPA, let’s try to find out the key differences between these concepts.

CGPA as the cumulative GPA is a result of the division the sum of all the SGPAs in an academic year with the number of semesters. So, in simple terms, CGPA is calculated for the entire course while GPA is per the semester and SGPA is for a particular session be it a year or so.
Many universities and colleges have different grade systems as some use GPA while others have CGPA as the major grading system to assess the scholastic abilities of a student.
While CGPA and GPA aim to highlight a student’s academic performance over a stipulated time period, many institutions prefer GPA more than CGPA to give admissions to the students.
CGPA is reflective of your performance for an entire course thus it can only be a higher one if you have a better GPA and SGPA. Another prominent difference is CGPA and SGPA always differ from the scale of 0.0-10.0/
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How to Calculate SGPA?

Once you have understood what SGPA essentially is, the next step is to learn how it can be calculated. Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) essentially reflects a student’s performance over a stipulated time period, generally a semester. To find out your SGPA, you need to take all your credit points obtained in a semester and then divided the sum by the total credit points of the semester.

Here are the pointers explaining how you can calculate SGPA-

First multiply the credit point of each subject to the grade point you have earned in the subject.
Then, add all the total grade points you have got.
Now, divide this sum by the total sum of credit points of the semester. You will get your SGPA.
To understand it with an example, let’s say you have three subjects in a semester, and you have scored the following grade points,

Subject 1: 8; Subject 2: 6 and Subject 3: 7

Now, suppose the credit points for these subjects are:

Subject 1: 3; Subject 2: 4; Subject 3: 4

First, multiply your grade points with their respective credits:
Subject 1: 83= 24 Subject 2: 64= 24
Subject 3: 7*4= 28

Now, add these grade points you have got: 24+24+28= 76 as well as add all the credit points, i.e. 3+4+4= 11

To get your SGPA, simply divide the total sum of grade points with sum of credit points,
= 74/11
=6.72 SGPA

how to calculate cgpa in university

Your CGPA is calculated by dividing the sum of the grade points earned by the total credit value of courses you have attempted.

Percentage EquivalencyGrade points for 1.0 creditsGrade Points for 0.5 creditsGrade Points for 0.25 credits
90-100%A+ = 12.0A+ = 6.0A+ = 3.0
85-89%A = 11.0A = 5.5A = 2.75
80-84%A- = 10.0A- = 5.0A- = 2.5
77-79%B+ = 9.0B+ = 4.5B+ = 2.25
73-76%B = 8.0B = 4.0B = 2.0
70-72%B- = 7.0B- = 3.5B- = 1.75
67-69%C+ = 6.0C+ = 3.0C+ = 1.5
63-66%C = 5.0C = 2.5C = 1.25
60-62%C- = 4.0C- = 2.0C- = 1.0
57-59%D+ = 3.0D+ = 1.5D+ = 0.75
53-56%D = 2.0D = 1.0D = 0.5
50-52%D- = 1.0D- = 0.5D- = 0.25
0-49%F = 0.0F = 0.0F = 0.0

semester cgpa calculator

Semester GPA is calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours assigned to a course by the value of the grade earned in that semester. 

How to calculate semester GPA?

Letter grades are each assigned a point value: 

Grade Point Equivalent

To calculate your grade point average, first multiply the number of credits each class is worth by the point value for the letter grade that you earned in that class. Next, total the grade points of all of your classes for that semester and divide it by the number of credit hours that you attempted. This is your semester GPA.

Semester GPA

gpa to cgpa calculator for engineering

You must have come across the term CGPA quite a few times in your life and must have wondered what it means. Most engineering colleges nowadays follow this credit system as it is a globally recognized evaluation system as it helps an individual to understand where they stand in comparison to their peers. Most colleges now engage in the credit system and demand that students produce their cumulative averages during the admission process. If you are someone who wants to enroll in one of the engineering branches but are curious about what CGPA is then here is a guide on how to calculate CGPA in engineering!

In general, to calculate the SGPA, candidates have to multiply the credits by 10. On the other hand, CGPA is evaluated with the help of credit points. Let us understand how to calculate CGPA in engineering with the help of an example.


The following scorecard represents the grades and credits earned by a student in a semester. Let us understand the process of calculating CGPA in a particular semester.

Engineering Score Card

For each subject, the candidates are awarded credit and a grade. We multiply the credits with he allocated scored points of the grades and divide the result by the total number of credits to get the Semester Grade Point Average or SGPA. In this case, SGPA is 

Now coming to the question of how to calculate CGPA in engineering then it is nothing but the average of all the SGPAs. One can add the SGPA earned in each semester and divide them by the total number of semesters. CGPA can either be calculated out of 10 or 4, depending upon the university. Suppose a person gets the following SGPAs in 8 Semesters: 


In the above case, the CGPA for Engineering would be: 

Note: CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average can be obtained out of 10 or by 4 depending upon the system followed by the educational institute. Out of 10 can be changed to out of 4 by simply dividing the total by 10 and further multiplying it by 4. To know more read our blog on convert percentage to GPA out of 10

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