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If you have searched online looking for information on harvard core program review, you may be a little confused by conflicting information that is available online. I don’t suggest searching further, as the information below provides the answers you are looking for.

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Good coverage of intuition. It’s like having a great teacher for each of the classes that really focuses on delivering a good understanding to you of the topics covered

Good questions and well thought out order and timing of questions throughout each module. I can tell a lot of thought went into this when initially putting it together. The same cannot be said for the majority of other online learning offerings

Excellent explanation of answers after answering, right or wrong, allowing you to delve deeper into the topic and calibrate your understanding of the concept

Great interview videos with business owners and managers in each of the courses, delivering some insight into the day to day applications of the topics discussed and giving you something to engage your thought in

The LMS is a custom LMS, meaning it has some great integrations and dedicated features to reinforce the learning process you won’t find in other learning management systems

You are being taught by Harvard faculty, so it’s great to see them deliver some of these concepts while maintaining the discussion within the scope of the course

Deadlines keep you on your toes and help you overcome one of the bigger issues with online learning which is completing what you start, especially if you don’t have critical reasons for doing so


The answers are all online pretty much. Between quizlet and Chegg it’s easy to find the answers to the questions, making it also easy for people all around the world to fool the system into getting honors or high honors, at least on the online portion

The module summaries are NOT comprehensive and leave out a lot of the important information for the module, leaving the student with no real reference to look back to and check information after finishing the course. Aside from their own notes. The business analytics course is especially disappointing as the module summaries do not cover all of the excel functions discussed in the modules.

The LMS is NOT optimized to overcome online cheating. No randomization of questions or answers.

People use chat groups to boost each other’s stars to further hack the honors and high honors system

People post articles just to post them in the shared articles section leaving a bunch of copy-paste stuff in your feed which also impacts the honors system

There ARE bots, or HBX employees (some can be found on LinkedIn as employees), as far as I can tell, who participate and post regularly, likely to demonstrate ideal engagement methods. I may be wrong but some of the individuals seemed too ideal in timing, response, etc and didn’t exist on google/LinkedIn which is something some of my cohorts commented on as well.

The final exam is not worth as much of the overall evaluation as you’d expect so most of the honors system is determined within the platform

Nowhere near as in-depth as I believe it should be. In reality, for what they’re apparently trying to accomplish, the takeaways can be done with about 30% of the content and time that goes into it

The level at which this is taught does NOT go far beyond a great high school course in the same subject taught by an excellent teacher

The accounting portion is missing several fundamental things that would need to be researched outside of the course if you really want to walk away with a good understanding for how accounts are classified and how or why positive and negative credit and debit is the way it is. But then again accounting in general is not the easiest thing to cover. I would have approached the accounting course a little differently probably by having the student build up a structure for managing business transactions and then explaining the convention.

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