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Master’s programme AI and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science are the driving forces behind the fast-paced advances in digitalisation and automatisation that will change our everyday life. This two-year Master’s programme focuses on the theoretical foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and their applications to real life problems. Specialised lectures guide you the way to specific research areas, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and analysis of biological/medical data. Central to this programme are machine learning methods and their applications, with strong focus on deep learning.

Choosing from a range of elective courses you can tailor the programme to your personal interests. As a graduate of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme, you will have a solid understanding of the mathematical and statistical foundations of AI related research. You will also have a good overview over state of the art algorithms and an in-depth understanding of how to apply these algorithms to specific research problems. In addition, you will get the skills to carry out research in academic or R&D environments and to identify how techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science can provide solutions to data-based IT problems in industry.

There are no studying fees, except a semester contribution of ~300 Euro.

The last deadline for application was July 31, 2021. The next application period will be April 15 2022 till June 15 2022 – no applications are possible till then.

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Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

M.Sc. (Master of Science)Subjects: Computer Science, Data ScienceM.Sc.Degree

English only Language

Winter semester:  20 Aug 

Application Deadlines2 Years (starting: Winter semester)

Free Tuition

Mode of admission: local admission restriction 

Application: directly at University 

Study mode: On campus


Qualification Requirements

Previous Degree

Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in either mathematics, computer science, physics, electrical engineering, or a related area, whose curricula include the modules Analysis I + II, Linear Algebra I, and Stochastics I that together comprise 30 ECTS and were taught at a level that corresponds to the level for computer scientists at HHU. The exam board determines whether you fulfill the entrance requirements. GPA Rate 2.50GPA

The final grade of your bachelor’s degree must not be below 2.5 with respect to the German grading system. You can convert grades to the German system by using the ‘Bavarian Formula’.

Language Requirements

The following certificates are recognised as proof of your language proficience.

EnglishTOEFL pBT [min 500]

TOEFL CBT min 200

TOEFL iBT min 80


Does the university recognize “other equivalent language certificates”?  NO INFORMATION PROVIDED BY UNIVERSITY

Additional information:Student applicants who have not obtained their academic qualification at an ‘English-​language institution’, or not hold a Bachelor Degree/Masters Degree that was completely taught in English, or who are not English native speakers must prove sufficient fluency in English. English language proficiency can also be proven by a German Abitur certificate, showing that English has been constantly taken as a subject and passed with the grade of “sufficient” up to the end of the qualification level 1 (grade 11 at G8-​Abitur, otherwise grade 12). The university accepts ‘English-​language institutions’ from the following countries: Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America. Language Certificates must be submitted during the enrolment.

Application & Admission

Application Deadlines

For Candidates with previous degree from Winter Semester
(starting in October)Summer Semester
(starting in April)languageGermany–languageAnother EU Country–languageRest of the world–

Applications are open from:March 01 (German)March 01 (EU)March 01 (Non EU)

Application Procedure & Selection

Mode of admission:local admission restriction

 Admission test/interview: None

Application: directly at University 

Application Fee: none

Application Documents

The university will need from you the following documents:

  1. Bachelor certificate (or certificate of a comparable university degree) with a final grade. Alternatively, if you have not yet completed your bachelor’s degree, submit a provisional certificate with an intermediate grade based on your completed courses. The university will need the full certificate until the 30th of September, otherwise, they won’t be able to enroll you.
  2. Transcript of records with your courses and grades.
  3. Unless your mathematics courses have been taken at an institute for mathematics and have clear descriptive names like “Linear Algebra”, “Analysis”, “Stochastics” (as opposed to names like “Mathematics for Engineers 1/2/3”), enclose the syllabus of your mathematics courses.
  4. If you do not yet have your bachelor’s degree, the university needs confirmation from your supervisor that you are scheduled to submit your bachelor thesis, with the expected date of completion of your degree. If your bachelor’s degree does not involve writing a thesis, a confirmation of this fact from your university is needed.
  5. Proof of your proficiency in English (see language requirements). If your bachelor course was taught entirely in English, then you do not need an extra certificate of English skills.
  6. Copy of your passport or ID card.
  7. If you are eligible for preferential treatment, e.g. because of some disability, a confirmation of that is needed.


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