hinds community college nursing program requirements

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Did you wonder what the hinds community college needed from you? Did you feel overwhelmed while communicating with the hinds community college? Did you worry about everything? You are not alone.

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Submitting the information to any other Hinds Community College location will delay the processing of your file.

  • Application to Hinds Community College
  • Application for Selection to the Transition to RN Option
  • Validation of high school graduation by official high school transcript, high school equivalency transcript (GED®, HiSET®, TASC™, or Mississippi Competency-Based High School Equivalency), or college transcript. (For currently enrolled high school students, an updated transcript, validating high school graduation, will be required prior to beginning the program.)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended, except Hinds Community College
  • ACT composite score of 18 (f taken before October 1989 – 15)
  • ACT sub-score of 18 in Math (15 if taken before October 1989) or a “C” in College Algebra.
  • ACT sub-score of 18 in Reading (applicants who took the ACT prior to October 1989 must retake the ACT to obtain the Reading Sub-score).
  • GPA of 2.50 or higher using the best grade achieved for prerequisites for the nursing program of study completed by the admissions deadline date. All other course work will NOT be used to calculate the GPA.
  • Validation of current unencumbered professional license or certification.
  • Applicants who have been enrolled in another Transition to RN program (or its equivalent, i.e., accelerated, bridge, advanced placement, etc.) within the last four (4) years must be eligible to return to that program and must provide a letter of good standing from the nursing program attended in order to be considered for admission in the Transition to RN option of the Associate Degree Nursing Program.
  • Applicants with two (2) withdrawals or failures from Hinds’ ADN Transition to RN option or any previous Transition to RN option (or its equivalent) are not eligible for admission within four (4) years from the date of the last nursing course (Transition to RN option, or equivalent) taken. If it has been more than four (4) years from the last nursing course (Transition to RN option, or equivalent) taken, applicants:
    1. Must meet all current admission requirements;
    2. Do not have to provide a letter of good standing

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