How Much Does a PhD In Clinical Psychology Cost

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Read the following article to find out how much does a phd in clinical psychology cost compared to other articles.

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Like purchasing a car or home, you have a choice when it comes to how much to spend on your graduate school education.

There are many affordable options for returning to school, and a wide array of clinical psychology programs that will allow you to complete your graduate education at a price and pace that is comfortable for you.

The following tuition costs to obtain a psychology degree summarize the findings of the 2016 edition of the Graduate Study in Psychology, performed by the American Psychological Association.

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How Much Does Clinical Psychology School Cost?

A career as a clinical psychologist enables you to help individuals who are suffering from mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Through counseling and other therapeutic techniques, you play a vital role in the recovery of someone who is dealing with these crippling and debilitating issues. The road towards becoming a clinical psychologist is a long one and you are certainly concerned about how much it is going to cost you.

This is a very valid concern especially since a bachelor’s degree is just the start of the journey. You will have to go to postgraduate school and get your doctoral degree in clinical psychology so that you can be qualified to get your license and practice the profession.

Despite this reality, you can still lower your overall cost if you attend a public school and qualify for in-state tuition discounts. Getting scholarships and grants would also be another way of going to college and then to postgraduate clinical psychology school without incurring too much student debt.

10 Most Affordable Clinical Psychology

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10. Missouri State University-Springfield

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology – Springfield, Missouri

The Master of Science in clinical psychology program at Missouri State University-Springfield utilizes a cohort model to help students progress effectively through the degree. Classes are taught by licensed faculty members with years of experience, giving students an important glimpse into the field of advanced psychology. Throughout the duration of the program, students will have a chance to work on research projects. Students who keep a full schedule can expect to finish the course within two years.

Cost per credit tuition: $289

9. University of North Texas

Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology – Denton, Texas

The doctoral program in clinical psychology at the University of North Texas uses the scientist-practitioner model, and gives individualized attention to each and every student to create a very personal and highly effective learning experience. Faculty mentorship plays a major role in achieving the program’s goals – students are expected to begin working with a faculty member on a research project immediately upon beginning the rigorous program. Students can take advantage of the diverse specializations among faculty members to glean real knowledge from experienced professionals with backgrounds in areas like clinical neuropsychology and forensic psychology. In the fifth and final year of the program, students will work full-time in a doctoral internship.

Cost per credit tuition: $278

8. Emporia State University

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology – Emporia, Kansas

The Master of Science in clinical psychology program at Emporia State University can be completed within two years for students who take classes during the summer. Most of the classes are held on campus and feature small class sizes. The program relies on the scientist-practitioner model, giving students a strong foundation that can lead to advanced educational opportunities or a career as a clinical psychologist. Students are also allowed to take on independent research projects to prepare themselves for their future careers.

Cost per credit tuition: $266

7. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology – Dallas, Texas

The doctoral program in clinical psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center prepares students for future employment as a researcher, scholar or clinician in psychology. The school has set several essential goals for each student to meet, including gaining an understanding of the basics of psychology and learning how to evaluate scientific research. Successful completion of the program also requires passing several key exams, an internship and an approved dissertation. Most students will finish the program in under five years.

Cost per credit tuition: $255

6. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Ph.D. Program in Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology Concentration – Charlotte, North

The Ph.D. program in health psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers a clinical psychology concentration for students interested in a career in research or practice. Students will learn essential skills and use their understanding of common research methodologies to expand the frontiers of psychological research. Students will also learn the basics needed to practice in the field and learn about ethical practices in psychology. The program requires students to work under the supervision of a licensed psychology facility for about a year to gain clinical experience.

Cost per credit tuition: $246

5. East Carolina University

Ph.D in Health Psychology, Clinical Health concentration – Greenville, North Carolina

The Ph.D. in clinical health psychology program at East Carolina University teaches students to consider all the factors that can affect mental health, including the individual’s genetics, environmental conditions and social groups. By the end of the program, students will have developed the experience needed to correctly diagnose conditions and can look for employment in a number of settings, including hospitals and community organizations. Students will also learn about the latest in treatment options, including stress reduction, biofeedback and relaxation methods.

Cost per credit tuition: $245

4. Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology

PhD in Clinical Psychology – Virginia Beach, Virginia; Norfolk, Virginia

Students at the Virginia Consortium Program can pursue a degree in psychology at one of three campuses: Old Dominion University, Eastern Virginia Medical School and Norfolk State University. The program follows the scientist-practitioner model and assumes that incoming students will possess a solid background in the science of psychology. Incoming cohorts are capped at six students per year, allowing students to benefit from an unusually high faculty-to-student ratio. Students are expected to complete a major research project in the second year of the program and an intensive on-site internship for the final year of the five-year program.

Cost per credit tuition: $244

3. Prairie View A&M University

Ph.D. in Clinical Adolescent Psychology – Prairie View, Texas

Prairie View A&M University’s doctoral psychology degree specializes in adolescents, carefully examining how the human brain develops and the effects of environmental and genetic factors on mental health. Through this program, students will learn the skills needed in careers as practitioners, researchers or teachers. Students are encouraged to complete a practica or other optional coursework to help prepare themselves for their future employment. Classes are kept small, requiring potential students to work hard to earn a slot in the program.

Cost per credit tuition: $241

2. Appalachian State University

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology – Boone, North Carolina

Appalachian State University offers a Master of Arts in clinical psychology degree to prepare students for doctoral studies or to equip them with essential skills for work as a clinical practitioner. The degree consists of four semesters of study covering a variety of topics, including the diagnosis of psychological conditions and psychological research. Students must complete a thesis or do additional coursework in lieu of a thesis. Students can also expect to participate in a supervised internship opportunity. After completing all of the coursework, students can apply for licensure in North Carolina.

Cost per credit tuition: $208

1. CUNY City College of New York

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology – New York City, New York

As part of the City University system, students at this program will take courses at several different campuses throughout New York City. The program follows the scholar-practitioner model, training educated practitioners who can benefit from the latest research in psychology without focusing on conducting original research themselves. This branch of City University’s psychology school operates the Psychology Center, a practicing psychological treatment facility; students can gain hands-on experience in the Psychology Center from the very beginning of their studies.

Cost per credit tuition: $201

Studying psychology can be rewarding, but unlocking the workings of the human mind is a task that will require dedication and time. As the importance of mental health has become more apparent, the need for well-trained clinical psychologists has grown. By completing an affordable graduate degree in clinical psychology, students can place themselves in a capture these psychology jobs while supporting the mental health needs of their communities.

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