is forensic psychology a ba or bs

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What skills do you earn in a BA in forensic psychology program?

Through this program, you can acquire a better understanding of the mental state of offenders as well as psychological topics related to the court system. For instance, forensic psychologists may be called upon to assess the biases of juries. You can build upon your existing background in mental health, law enforcement, the court system or corrections.

What can I do with a BA in forensic psychology?

With a BA in forensic psychology, you can pursue some specific careers in criminal justice or mental health. If you want to work as a psychologist, you’ll need to complete an advanced degree. Becoming a forensic psychologist requires a doctoral-level education. This program can prepare you for further studies in the field or support professional growth in your current career.

What’s the difference between a BS and a BA in forensic psychology?

While a BA in forensic psychology will focus on concepts related to human behavior and the justice system, a BS will provide more of a foundation in math and science. Depending on your career interests, you may be better suited to one option than the other. Both degrees can be useful for applying to graduate programs, but the BA offers more choice in course selection during your undergraduate studies.

Courses for a BA in forensic psychology

Foundational courses in the forensic psychology degree program cover core concepts, including research, psychology, statistics and the law. In addition, you can pursue a wide range of electives based on your interests, including juvenile justice or specific categories of criminal behavior. Some courses you might take include:View full major map

PSY 290: Research Methods (L or SG)

PSY 494: Psychology of Criminal Investigations

CRJ 309: Criminology (SB)

PSY 368: Forensic Psychology

PSY 468: Psychology and Law

PSY 474: Correctional Psychology

PSY 366: Abnormal Psychology (SB)

PSY 230: Introduction to Statistics (CS)

Careers in forensic psychology with a bachelor’s degree

Professional paths you can pursue with a bachelor’s in forensic psychology include administrative and corrections roles or positions as a technician. Other careers in the field may require further education.

Some potential paths, including those that might involve additional study, are:


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