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Undergraduate Division

Admission Requirements

Jacobs School of Music Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the university, applicants must successfully complete an audition or interview in their major proposed area of study. Auditions and interviews are scheduled during designated weekends during the spring semester and are heard by a committee of department faculty members appointed by the chairperson of the department. This committee evaluates the student’s performance level or other qualifications and makes a recommendation to the Jacobs School of Music Admissions and Recruitment Committee. The Admissions and Recruitment Committee determines whether the student can be admitted to a specific program by considering the student’s past academic record, interviews (if applicable), and the audition/interview committee’s recommendation. An audition/interview appointment request is made through the Jacobs School of Music Supplemental Application and the audition/interview must have been completed within 9 months of the admissions decision by the Jacobs School of Music Admissions and Recruitment Committee. In those areas that require pre-screening, applicants will be notified of whether or not they will be invited for an on-campus audition and/or interview.

While most Indiana University freshmen begin their studies in the University Division, students who qualify are admitted directly to the Jacobs School of Music.


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