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Graduate School

Graduate school is a great option if you’re dedicated to your field of interest and career direction. It involves a tremendous commitment and you should be sure—both personally and professionally—that it’s worth the time, energy, and expense.Applying to Grad School at Lesley?

If you have questions about applying to a graduate program at Lesley University, contact one of our graduate admissions counselors.

Considering Graduate School

Deciding whether or not to attend graduate school, in which field, and when to attend, are important questions to consider. Talk over your thoughts and concerns with a career coach and/or academic advisor. Learning about your field through written sources and by talking to professionals can provide helpful information. You can utilize the Career Resource Center Library, LinkedIn, and the Internet to learn more about your field and graduate school options.

Researching Programs

Applying to graduate school is time-consuming and costly. Most graduate schools charge a nonrefundable application fee. (Some graduate programs provide application fee waivers for students who demonstrate financial need. Inquire about this with the admissions office.)

Learn as much as you can about the graduate programs you’re considering before beginning the application process.

  • Review graduate school catalogs online or request your own copy from graduate admissions offices.
  • Talk with Lesley faculty and/or your advisor to gain insights into specific programs and schools.
  • Inquire about graduate information sessions for prospective students. Also, contact and meet with the graduate advisor and/or faculty at the schools that interest you. Ask for several names of current students and alumni of the program. The more people you speak with, the better informed you will be and the more able to make an intelligent decision.
  • Learn about career paths related to the graduate program you are considering.
  • Contact the Higher Education Information Center at the Boston Public Library, either by calling their local number at 617.536.0200 or the Career and Learning Line at 1.800.442.1171, for catalogs and information on programs across the U.S. as well as financial aid resources.

Admission to Master’s Degree Programs

  • College of Art + Design
  • Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Graduate School of Education

Educational Requirements

Master’s degree applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree, from a regionally accredited college or university, with a satisfactory grade point average.

Application Requirements

Visit lesley.edu/admissions-aid/how-to-apply/graduate-programs for application requirements for Master’s degree programs. Applications are processed on a rolling basis for all graduate programs; however, applicants are encouraged to pay close attention to application deadlines that help ensure a positive new student experience. Visit the “How to Apply” guide for deadlines lesley.edu/admissions-aid/how-to-apply/graduate-programs for recommended deadlines

Graduate Tuition & Fees

Tuition, Fees, and Discounts


We offer a few discounts for graduate students. For example, a 10 percent tuition discount for many of our campus-based graduate programs. You may be eligible if you are a Lesley alum, a senior (age 55+), a Cambridge, Massachusetts resident, or a City of Cambridge employee. Or, get a 25 percent discount if you are affiliated with City Year. Learn more about our graduate tuition discounts.

Discounts do not apply to credit rates that have been reduced in response to COVID-19.

Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs: Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates and fees vary by program and are effective as of June 1 each year. The displayed rates are applicable upon admission to a degree-granting program. Rates are subject to change.

  • Certificate Programs and Non-Degree Course Tuition
  • Master’s Degree & License-Only Programs Tuition
  • Graduate FeesReview our Glossary of Fees for an explanation of the various fees and what they cover.
     Graduate Fees2020–20212021–2022
  • Activity Fee For on-campus programs.$30/Fall & Spring$30/Fall & Spring
  • Affiliation Fee For specific education courses.$850 (one-time fee)$850 (one-time fee)
  • Assessment Fees For specific education courses.  Education Programs: Reading$35/course$35/courseEducation Programs: Special Education$100/course$100/course
  • Copyright Fee (Center for Reading Recovery programs)$50/course$50/course
  • Degree Completion Fee$75$75
  • Field Experience Fees (For graduate programs with an internship or practicum.)  Counseling/Psychology$545/semester of internship$545/semester of internshipExpressive Therapies$545/semester of internship$545/semester of internshipEducation$650/practicum$650/practicum
  • MAP E-Portfolio Fee (For education master’s and license-only programs)$150 (one-time fee)$150 (one-time fee)
  • MAP Tevera Fee – Mental Health Field Placement, Licensure/Credentialing & Assessment Management Software Subscription Fee (for Expressive Therapies, Counseling & Psychology, and Social Work master’s degree programs)$195 (one-time fee)$195 (one-time fee)
  • Materials Fees (estimates)  Arts in Health$30/course$30/courseCounseling Psychology CAGS$210 (one-time fee)$210 (one-time fee)Counseling Psychology Master’s and Grad Certificates$30/course$30/courseClinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s$240 (one-time fee)$240 (one-time fee)Education (On & off campus)$10/course$10/courseExpressive Therapies Certificate$30/course$30/courseExpressive Therapies Master’s (On campus & low residency)$350 (one-time fee)$350 (one-time fee)International Higher Education$15/course$15/courseMindfulness Studies$15/course$15/course
  • Practicum Fees$35/internship$35/internship
  • Registration Fees$40/semester 
    $20/8-week term$40/semester 
    $20/8-week term
  • Residency Fees Some low-residency programs charge this fee.  Creative Writing MFA$500/residency$500/residencyMindfulness Studies (Master’s & Certificate)$350/residency$350/residencyVisual Arts MFA  (residency fee)$350/residency$350/residencyVisual Arts MFA  (culminating fee) Charged in your last residency.$350 (one-time fee)$350 (one-time fee)
  • Technology Fee$30/online course$30/online course


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