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Studying in Hamburg, Germany can be financially challenging for international students who have to deal with the tuition fees and the cost of living in a foreign land. But this has changed in 2014 when many German states abolished tuition fees in public universities.

With this, students studying in the European country will just have to provide for the cost of living in the state where they are studying. This has been a big relief for students coming from other countries since they only have to provide for their books and personal expenses. Among the states to abolish tuition fees in state-owned universities is Hamburg.

The following are some tuition-free universities located in Hamburg, Germany.

Tuition-Free Universities in Hamburg

1. University of Hamburg

Location: 20146 Hamburg, Germany

The University of Hamburg or Universität Hamburg is a public university offering a variety of courses for local and international students. Established in 1919, it is the third-biggest university in Germany. The university also has the largest academic library in the city of Hamburg.

One Wolf Prize Winner and six Nobel Prize Winners are associated with the university, which is among the world’s top 200 universities. The University of Hamburg offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields of discipline. The eight faculties of the university have several departments under them.

The undergraduate program at this free university in Hamburg offers degrees in Art History, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, History, Industrial Engineering, Nanoscience, and Software System Development, among others.

On the other hand, the postgraduate program includes degrees in Applied Mathematics, Art History, Computer Science, Geophysics, Journalism and Communication, Molecular Life Sciences, and Sociology.

2. Hamburg University of Technology

Location: Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1, 21073 Hamburg, Germany

The Hamburg University of Technology or Technische Universität Hamburg is a public university offering technical courses in Hamburg. While plans for opening a technical university started in the 1920s, the university officially opened in 1978.

The university focuses mainly on engineering courses but has links to other educational institutions offering other courses. It is also connected with many companies and businesses that are beneficial for its students.

The Hamburg University of Technology offers bachelor’s degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronics, among others.

The postgraduate program of the university includes degrees in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Systems, Aircraft Systems Engineering, Medical Engineering, and Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

3. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Location: Berliner Tor 5, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is the third biggest University of Applied Sciences in Germany.  It is also the second biggest university in Hamburg. Established in 1970, this public university offers courses in different areas of discipline, including the Arts & Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Health, and Science & Technology.

It also has partnerships with other universities around the world, including the University of Huelva in Spain, the Institute of Technology Tallaght in Dublin in Ireland, and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China. Moreover, this free university in Hamburg also counts the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech as one of its partners.

The undergraduate program of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences offers degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, Information Engineering, Applied Computer Science, Production Technology & Management, Nutrition & Home Economics, Industrial Engineering, Communication Design, Public Management, and Social Work.

The postgraduate program of the university includes degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Health Sciences, Public Health, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, International Business, and Renewable Energy Systems: Environmental and Process Engineering.

4. The University of Fine Arts of Hamburg

Location: Lerchenfeld 2, 22081 Hamburg, Germany

The University of Fine Arts of Hamburg or Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg is a public university focused on different artistic disciplines. Established in 1767, the university was originally called the Hamburger Gewerbeschule. It was later renamed as Landeskunstschule Hamburg. It became an accredited university in 1970.  

The university offers bachelor and master degree programs for students looking to express their artistic preferences. The University Of Fine Arts Of Hamburg has several notable alumni, including car designer Uwe Bahnsen, Italian lithographer Bruno Bruni, Austrian artist Bernhard Cella, and German visual artist Rebecca Horn, among others.

The University Of Fine Arts Of Hamburg offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts for its students.

5. Academy of Music and Theatre Hamburg

Location: Hebebrandstraße 1, 22297 Hamburg, Germany

The Academy of Music and Theatre Hamburg or Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg is a public college of music in Germany. It is among the biggest music colleges in the European country. Established in 1950, the academy focuses mainly on the arts and humanities.

This non-profit institution offers courses in different types of music, including Jazz, Pop, Church Music, and Instrumentals. The theater academy also offers opera and drama courses. This free university in Hamburg also features a third academy offering educational and scientific degrees, including musicology, therapy, and music education.

The alumni of the university include several notable personalities, including Ingrid Bachér, Lisa Batiashvili, Oliver Bendt, Unsuk Chin, Angela Denoke, and Peter Jordan.

The undergraduate program of the Academy of Music and Theatre Hamburg offers degrees in Church Music, Conducting, Choral Conducting, Direction/Drama, Elementary Music Education, Teaching Musical Instruments, and Voice, among others.

The postgraduate program of the university offers degrees in Choral Conducting, Dramaturgy, Instrumental Music, Jazz, Multimedia Composition, Music Theory, Opera, and Voice.

6. HafenCity University Hamburg

Location: Überseeallee 16, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

The HafenCity University Hamburg is a public university focused on providing courses in civil engineering, urban planning, and architecture. Established in 2003, the university is also called the University Of The Built Environment And Metropolitan Development.

Its name refers to where it is located, HafenCity. HafenCity is the site of an urban regeneration project in Hamburg where offices, shops, and hotels replaced old port warehouses in the city. The HafenCity University Hamburg offers five bachelor’s degree programs as well as six master’s degree programs.

The five bachelor’s degree programs offered by the HafenCity University Hamburg are Arts and Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Urban Planning, and Metropolitan Culture.

On the other hand, the master’s program of the university offers degrees in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning, Urban Planning, and Urban Design.

While public universities in Hamburg may offer tuition-free admissions, students will still have to take into account the cost of living in the city. There may also be other fees associated with some of the degrees available in these universities, so students should also take these into consideration.

Reasons to study in Germany, Hamburg

No 20 in the world education ranking 

  1. 18. New Zealand
  2. 19. Austria
  3. 20. Germany
  4. 21. Japan
  5. 22. Russia

No 14 in the world ease of doing business ranking 

  1. 13. Finland
  2. 14. Germany
  3. 15. Norway
  4. 16. South Korea

No 11 in the world economy ranking 

  1. 9. Bahrain
  2. 10. Ireland
  3. 11. Germany
  4. 12. Finland
  5. 13. United States

No 16 in the world safety ranking 

  1. 14. United Kingdom
  2. 15. Luxembourg
  3. 16. Germany
  4. 17. Canada
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 Germany, Hamburg – Higher education system

The higher education system of Germany is represented by 402 universities. There are 16 universities located in Hamburg, which offer 191 study programs. In addition 105 Bachelor programs at 15 universities, 81 Master programs at 16 universities and 5 PhD programs at 4 universities.

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 Hamburg – What to study?

The most popular programs in Hamburg

Management111Show universities
Business92Show universities
Logistics53Show universities
Economics54Show universities
Health55Show universities
Education56Show universities
IT57Show universities
Computer Science48Show universities
Engineering49Show universities
Law & Jurisprudence410Show universities
Media411Show universities
Psychology412Show universities
Sociology413Show universities
Arts414Show universities
Design415Show universities
Administration416Show universities
Marketing317Show universities
Fashion218Show universities
Biological219Show universities
Technology220Show universities
Sports221Show universities
Political Science222Show universities
History223Show universities
Humanities224Show universities
Medicine225Show universities
Nursing226Show universities
Pharmacy227Show universities
Chemistry228Show universities
Physical Education229Show universities
Philology130Show universities
Earth Sciences131Show universities
Architecture132Show universities
Environmental Studies133Show universities
Cosmetology134Show universities
Accounting135Show universities
Taxation136Show universities
Occupational Health137Show universities
Physics138Show universities
Applied Sciences & Professions139Show universities
Mathematics140Show universities
Food and Nutrition141Show universities
Tourism142Show universities
International Relations143Show universities
Restaurant Management144Show universities
Building and Construction145Show universities
Philosophy146Show universities
Archeology147Show universities
Communication148Show universities
Culturology149Show universities
Journalism150Show universities

 The largest cities in Germany

Higher education statistics for the largest cities in Germany

CityUniversitiesAverage feesAction
Berlin37₦3,299,476Show universities
Hamburg16₦1,864,822Show universities
Stuttgart15₦986,083Show universities
Munich12₦1,462,103Show universities
Frankfurt am Main11₦1,351,612Show universities
Dresden10₦1,144,931Show universities
Leipzig10₦1,686,398Show universities
Koeln9₦1,330,278Show universities
Bochum8₦804,379Show universities
Freiburg8₦852,404Show universities

 Germany – Average monthly personal finance statistics









Universities offering the most popular degree programs in Hamburg

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