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To get all the important details you need on Online Master of Business Administration with a General Business Concentration, Course Listings – Online MBA in General Business Louisiana State University – Shreveport R Please keep on reading this post from college learners. Always ensure you come back for all the latest information that you need with zero stress.

Louisiana State University Shreveport is a public, coeducational institution of higher education in northwestern Louisiana. It is part of the Louisiana State University System and offers over 160 degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.

The online MBA program at LSU Shreveport is designed to provide students with a rigorous and relevant business education that enables them to make an impact on their organizations and communities. The program is designed for working professionals who want to advance themselves and their careers in business administration.

The MBA program at LSU Shreveport provides students with an opportunity to study within a world-class research university that offers a high degree of personal attention from faculty members who are recognized experts in their fields. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking skills, effective communication techniques, leadership development and team building skills, as well as an international perspective on business practices. The coursework is designed to give students an understanding of how businesses operate today while also giving them an understanding of how they can play a role in shaping tomorrow’s organizations.

Online Master of Business Administrationwith a General Business Concentration

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Whatever your career goals, the online MBA with a General Business Concentration from LSU Shreveport can guide you to them. Current business professionals and those seeking a more fulfilling career in a new profession will benefit from the valuable management insights provided in this degree program offered by LSUS College of Business. Throughout the courses, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of organizational strategy, leadership and management, and how to apply those tools in various business settings.

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Ranked #1 in the Nation

LSUS online MBA was ranked #1 among the top 50 MBAs in the nation by Intelligent.com, 2021.

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Finish in as Few as 10 Months

Designed to be flexible and convenient for working professionals, features accelerated course work and multiple start dates per year.

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$12,474 Total Program Tuition

The LSUS MBA program offers premium education at an affordable cost.

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GMAT/GRE Waiver Available

A GMAT/GRE waiver is available for qualified applicants.

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“The jobs and workplace of tomorrow are going to be so dramatically different. One of the advantages here at LSUS is that we have woven, through the fabric of our university, the idea of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking, the ability to pivot and adapt, and the ability to quickly recognize and evaluate opportunities.”
– Michael Meeks, Associate Professor

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Cost – Online MBA General Business

The MBA online program offers the same affordable, pay-by-the-course tuition to all U.S. residents. All fees are included in the total tuition.

Total credit hours per program: 30 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $416

Total cost with fees: $12,473.90*

*Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Exact fees may vary by program. Please consult an Enrollment Concierge for the final program cost.

Course Listings

Course Listings – Online MBA in General Business

The online MBA in General Business consists of 30 credit hours, including seven core courses (21 credit hours) and three electives (nine credit hours).

Core Courses

All students pursuing a Master of Business Administration in General Business Specialization must complete the core courses. These courses will prepare students with a solid foundation in managerial accounting and finance while also helping them develop the skills to lead and strategize in organizations.

Core Courses (21 hours)Credit Hours
MBA 700: Managerial Use of Accounting Data3
MBA 701: Economic Analysis for Management3
MBA 702: Financial Management3
MBA 703: Management Information Systems3
MBA 704: Organizational Behavior3
MBA 705: Organizational Strategy and Policies3
MBA 706: Marketing Strategy3
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Elective Courses

Electives enable students to further develop their degree path to fit their goals. All students pursuing a Master of Business Administration in General Business must complete three elective courses.

Elective Courses (9 hours)Credit Hours
MBA 710: Fraud Detection through Data Analytics3
MBA 711: International Accounting3
MBA 712: Taxation for Individuals and Businesses3
MBA 713: Intermediate Financial Accounting3
MBA 714: Cost Accounting3
MBA 725: Contemporary Investments3
MBA 726: Contemporary Issues in Finance3
MBA 727: Financial Markets and Institutions3
MBA 728: Financial Analytics3
MBA 740: Quantitative Methods in Business3
MBA 741: Data-Driven Decision Making 3
MBA 742: Project Management3
MBA 743: Process Improvement3
MBA 744: Visualization of Data for Business3
MBA 745: Lean Transformation3
MBA 746: Operations Management3
MBA 755: Strategic Management of Human Capital3
MBA 756: Labor and Employment Law3
MBA 757: Leadership Communication3
MBA 758: Casino and Resort Management3
MBA 759: International Business3
MBA 760: International Experience3
MBA 761: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity 3
MBA 762: Small Business and Family Enterprise3
MBA 775: Hospitality and Casino Marketing3
MBA 776: International Marketing3
MBA 777: Advanced Marketing Analytics3
MBA 778: Hospitality Analytics3
MBA 790: Topics Course3

Optional Foundation Courses

Enrollment in Foundation courses is determined by the student and should be based on the student’s undergraduate degree, job experience, and related skills set. Students may choose to take any of the four optional one-credit foundation courses as each course is offered independently. The four optional foundation courses do not count towards fulfilling MBA requirements. The foundation courses are 

• MBA 500 Fundamentals of Accounting 

• MBA 501 Fundamentals of Economics

• MBA 502 Fundamentals of Finance

• MBA 503 Fundamentals of Statistics

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements – Online MBA General Business

Students interested in the MBA – General Business online program must first follow the admission requirements below to be accepted into LSUS Graduate School.

  • Submit the graduate application and $20 application fee
  • Graduate degree from a regionally accredited university, OR
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university, with minimum 3.0 overall GPA or minimum 3.0 GPA in last 60 semester hours of courses, OR
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university, with a minimum 2.5 overall GPA or minimum 2.75 GPA in last 60 semester hours of courses, AND at least three years of professional work experience as verified by a professional resume,** OR
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university, with minimum 2.5 overall GPA or minimum 2.75 GPA in last 60 semester hours of courses, AND
    • a minimum GMAT score of 450 AND
    • a minimum score of 1,000 points based on 200 points times the GPA plus the GMAT score (for example, an overall 2.5 GPA and a 500 GMAT would result in a total of 1,000, which is acceptable)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and any other required official documents

Official transcripts, official test scores, and other materials that come from third-party sources should be mailed to:

Admissions and Records Office
One University Place
Shreveport, LA 71115

Transcripts may also be submitted via secure means—e.g., eSCRIP-SAFE—to [email protected].

To be considered for admission to any of our graduate programs, students must first meet the LSUS Graduate School admission requirements.

Graduate School Admission:
Unconditional Admission: For unconditional admission to graduate study, students must be in satisfactory standing at the last institution attended and meet all admission requirements of a degree program and one of the following:

  • Earned a graduate degree from a regionally accredited university, OR
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, with minimum 2.5 overall GPA or minimum 2.75 GPA in the last 60 semester hours of courses.
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) is required on any graduate work attempted with no grades of D or F.

International Admission:

International applicants must meet regular admission requirements for their selected program. In addition, you may be required to submit additional information. Learn more about international admission requirements.

*Professional experience is determined on a case-by-case basis using a resume and any requested supporting documents. The LSUS Admissions Committee evaluates an individual’s accomplishments, roles, and responsibilities to determine the total number of years of professional experience.Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities – Online MBA General Business

  • Marketing Manager
  • Medical and Health Services Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Financial Manager
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investment Banker
  • Information Technology Manager
  • HR Manager


Accreditation – Online MBA General Business

The College of Business at Louisiana State University Shreveport is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). Less than 5 percent of all business schools worldwide meet AACSB International’s demanding standards.What Will I Learn?

The courses in our MBA in General Business program cover a range of topics, from management to marketing, to prepare students for diverse careers in the field.

In this degree program, you will:

  • Build leadership abilities across business disciplines—including finance, operations, marketing, and communications
  • Gain the fundamental business knowledge to rise to management and executive leadership positions
  • Learn principles and strategies for organizational and change management
  • Develop effective communication and employee motivation techniques
  • Understand financial analysis techniques for sound managerial decision-making
  • Study the application of quantitative methods and management science
  • Learn profitable marketing management concepts and strategies

Why Choose the LSU Shreveport Online MBA with a General Business Specialization?

An MBA program is an investment with the potential for a high return. When the program is online, costs tend to be lower, and that increases your chances of a profitable return on investment. The MBA — General Business degree from LSUS is 100% online, and we offer standard tuition to all students, in-state and out-of-state.

Our program is also accredited by AACSB International. You can rest assured that the education you receive is high-quality, provided by a respected and established university.Related Programs

Related Programs

Degree Programs

  • Online MBA: Accounting
  • Online MBA: Data Analytics
  • Online MBA: Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
  • Online MBA: Finance
  • Online MBA: Hospitality and Casino Management
  • Online MBA: Human Resources
  • Online MBA: International Business
  • Online MBA: Marketing
  • Online MBA: Project Management

Louisiana State University – Shreveport Reviews

  •  24 Reviews
  •  Shreveport (LA)
  • Annual Tuition: $20,481

 75% of 24 students said this degree improved their career prospects 

67% of 24 students said they would recommend this school to others



  • Reviewed: 10/20/2021
  • Degree: Business

“Do yourself a favor, and spend the extra money and go to a school like SNHU. Overall MUCH better experience. From the student services, advising, professors, etc., there is no question. LSUS uses a third party testing company, ProctorU, in it’s testing environment. This is a serious BREACH of personal data from your own computer. They do not allow you to fully test this system before classes start, only to get the GREEN CHECKMARK that your systems are good to go to handle the online environment. By the time you get to the testing environment with ProctorU, your option to drop courses for a refund is past. The professors are AWFUL. I had one professor who had 3 degrees, served in the army, and he could not find a way to return my emails or help me with the issues I was having with my firewall not allowing the testing content due to security reasons. (Customer support at ProctorU advised me to remove my firewall! Do your research on ProctorU incidents – it’s a real issue across several colleges – some of which have chosen to ban it due to data breaches as well as the level of disrespect and stress it adds to students’ experiences). Furthermore, LSUS does not have a contingency plan in place for students who do not want to use ProctorU. I did get my money back after DILIGENT days and weeks of calls and emails and ultimately directly contacting the Dean. I am not exaggerating when I say I spent hours on the phone with support and trying to contact student services. A complete nightmare. Know what you are signing up for when you are dealing with admissions before you even attend. Don’t save $5K dollars on degree to stress yourself out and be treated like a teenager in detention. Respect yourself more than that and attend a school that treats you like a CUSTOMER who is paying for your education! TRUST me on this. This school is a scam. You deserve BETTER.”LSUS MBA Student

  • Reviewed: 10/17/2021
  • Degree: MBA

“I enrolled in LSUS because it was the best value AACSB accredited MBA I could find, without a surcharge for being out of state. Intelligent.com also rated it as having the best data analytics focus for 2022. The LSUS MBA has been a very rigorous academic undertaking but unfortunately the MBA schedule is totally inflexible. Although the courses can be done in any order, each course is lockstep with one proctored exam every week. Each course week begins on Monday. You can take the weekly exam starting on Thursday night through and latest Sunday night each week. You canNOT take the exam ahead of time or fall behind. Even if you explain your day job work schedule is very hectic on a particular week and want to work ahead you will get NO hind nor quarter. I took one course at a time. If you try to take 2 courses at a time, ensure you have a lot of flexibility at your day job, and that you don’t have to work more than 4-5 hours M-F at your day job. In between each course you get one week off to try and make amends to your family. IMHO the LSUS AACSB MBA courses are very good value for the money, but better suited for independent learners who have completed at least 2 years of university successfully. Class sizes are about 150 people. Some classes have Zoom tutorials which I have not attended. All exams can be done at home. Each exam starts with ProctorU examining your ID, and then taking over your computer and checking that you have no outside connections. The entire exam is video and sound recorded and later reviewed. Get a wide field camera for your computer so that during the exam video recording your entire face is visible onscreen. If part of your face inadvertently drifts off their video screen, you are accused of cheating, even though all you are doing is doing is a math calculation on scratch paper to the side of the laptop. Unfortunately, because the students are not treated the best at LSUS, the program will not attain top rankings. In summary, the LSUS MBA is a rigorous academic program and compared to other MBAs a very good value for the $; I can definitely see why the LSUS MBA is AACSB accredited. However, if you cannot put up with taking tests every week, this is NOT the MBA for you. If you are looking for an MBA with spoonfeeding lectures, and where the instructor will adjust the course timing for your day job schedule though, this is NOT the MBA for you.”Rachel hoot

  • Reviewed: 9/8/2021
  • Degree: MBA

“Don’t do it!!, there are better schools. I have nothing positive to say about this school at all. if you want to be stressed, given busy work and graded too harshly then yes attend. The classes fill up fast, there is always technical issues and the class schedule is just horrid. there’s not really much guidance from the professors and I found that really frustrating and the dean and graduate studies make little effort to help when things go south. last semester most people could not get into their classes which resulted in graduation delays for a lot of people due to their registration cite crashing, honestly this school is one of the cheapest for a reason. go somewhere else!!”Kim K

  • Reviewed: 5/31/2021
  • Degree: MBA in Accounting

“I see several reviews that are bashing the rigor of the LSUS MBA curriculum, which is concerning when considering the fact that this is a graduate level business program. It should be rigorous. It should be difficult. It should be something that not everyone can comfortably do, because if they could, it would no longer hold prestige to possess an MBA. I think that a lot of people look at online programs and expect them to be easy just because they don’t have to sit in a lecture hall to achieve it. On the contrary, I absolutely believe that online programs provide the learner with the benefit value equal to the effort that they put into it. I would definitely call this program rigorous, but I am also glad that it is. I would strongly prefer to go through a program that challenges me every step of the way and finish with a fraction of the cohort that I started with, rather than walk across the finish line with every one of them because the program was easy. Another complaint that I see a lot in these reviews is that the workload is overwhelming. Again, I’m surprised and concerned to see that given the nature of the program. While I wouldn’t call the workload “easy” to manage, it is certainly doable. Personally, I have a full-time and a part-time job, I run other businesses on the side, I am simultaneously pursuing a separate graduate program at another university, and am the primary caretaker of my household. This is not intended to be contentious, but simply to illustrate that it is absolutely possible to maintain the LSUS MBA workload while still maintaining other responsibilities. Overall, I would absolutely recommend LSUS and specifically the Accelerated MBA program to individuals seeking to further their career. The caveat I would place on it is that if you already feel like you are overwhelmed with your current schedule and/or if you are not willing to carve out appropriate time to devote to a graduate-level program, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. There are easier MBA programs out there, just as there are certainly harder ones. And there are both more and less prestigious ones. There are cheaper (maybe?) and more expensive (definitely) ones as well. LSUS happens to hit a lot of great points – they are a great school with sufficient academic respect, they have a rigorous program that lends prestige over many other university options, and a learner would be hard-pressed to find a less expensive alternative. I have enjoyed my courses at LSUS and given the chance, I would choose this program all over again.”Kris

  • Reviewed: 12/5/2020
  • Degree: Biology

“When I first began LSUS, I had a woman from the accounting department tell me that I should feel lucky for having both tribal scholarship and GI Bill paying for my education, which for several reason offended me. I gave up five years of my life for one of those scholarship and worked very hard to maintain the other. Luck had nothing to do with the sacrifices I made too one day be able to pursue a higher education. On top of that, the school posted that summer 2016 and spring 2016 were paid in full when in actuality the checks were sent but never cashed. 2020 comes around and the LSUS is saying I owe over 4-thousand-dollar in tuition. Since it has been longer than 2 semester the scholarships I had will not pay for those semesters. Now during a pandemic where I am finically struggling and trying to get back in to school, LSUS is holding my transcript until I pay the tuition that should have already been paid. Now I am sitting here with over a 4-thousand-dollar tuition dept due to LSUS mishandling of finances.”Christina

  • Reviewed: 11/23/2020
  • Degree: Business

“The work load is overwhelming and reading the entire text isn’t helpful when it comes to the quiz. Teachers and coaches need to communicate better. Especially when a person is on financial-aid and you have to keep a B. Not that easy, work & school!!!”Bentjim

  • Reviewed: 9/16/2020
  • Degree: Business Administration

“I enrolled in this university to improve my chances of advancing in my career but so far it is actually having a negative impact on it. I am enrolled in the Online MBA program and I just wish I did not. The workload in some classes is absolutely unbearable and it has had a very negative impact on my job and physical and mental health as well. Simply put, some classes require that you spend more than 40+ hours a week working on them. For example, some classes require that you present a 2,000+ words paper with very specific requirements every single week for 7 weeks straight, on top of reading a couple of chapters (almost 200 pages) and preparing for weekly exams that focus on minor details of the text. Basically, you have to have a photographic memory to absorb the content of the text to be able to get a good grade. My family has seen me study and work to the point of exhaustion for this MBA and many have expressed concerns about it. In terms of instruction, you are paying to get materials and access to online lessons that you must teach yourself. The amount of teacher-student interaction is nonexistent or minimal. For those who are considering the online MBA, please, see other options.”Kimberly Middleton

  • Reviewed: 12/26/2019
  • Degree: History

“LSU-Shreveport is a small school, but a good one. Classes are usually small, which allows for better interaction with the professors. Degree programs are a little limited. They do not offer degrees such as archaeology, for example. That is due to the administration of the entire LSU system, however, not LSU-Shreveport specifically. LSUS is a good school for degrees such as history, business, and education. The teachers I had were good. They were knowledgeable and good about working and interacting with students. The school also offers a lot of student activities. Overall, I was pleased with the school.”Josh

  • Reviewed: 11/5/2019
  • Degree: MBA

“I took the online MBA program and found it significantly lacking. The professors refuse to give individual feedback on the questions / concepts missed on quizzes, providing only aggregated answers from the class, which are useless for individual knowledge. Some professors communicate primarily in all capital letters, which is strictly prohibited by program standards. The curriculum is from 2014, and does not include examples which are relevant to actual situations. One professor refused to perform any instruction; the class was almost entirely YouTube videos from another professor and textbook readings; the two information streams were not complementary in knowledge or terminology. Correspondence with the MBA Director, Dr. Knotts, proved unsatisfying; she made it perfectly clear that she is not interested in student progression. The lack of professionalism and poor professional communication caused me to leave the school in search of an institution which demonstrates an actual interest in teaching and learning rather than simply being a monetary collection company.”Won’t even associate my name with the school

  • Reviewed: 9/23/2019
  • Degree: Biology

“I can’t think of how the program could be worse. There were maybe two professors in the science department who were decent. Between having a professor say he was handing out McDonald’s applications because we weren’t going anywhere to a newly appointed dean of the department who found this behavior acceptable. No one cares and most openly tell you how much they hate their jobs. It’s an extremely hard program with a terrible education. I’d recommend anywhere else over this disaster of a place I spent four years going through.”LSUS graduate

  • Reviewed: 6/29/2019
  • Degree: MBA in Finance

“I would certainly recommend LSUS. I retained an immense amount of knowledge through the MBA program and enjoyed interacting with very intelligent professors and classmates. While it can be rigorous taking multiple classes at a time, I like the ability to work every day and complete the program in one year at an affordable price. I wouldn’t want to take two years to learn material that I can learn in one year. You also get a 1-week break in between classes, which allows you to rejuvenate before beginning your next course.”David

  • Reviewed: 7/28/2018
  • Degree: Biology

“When I transferred to LSUS, I didn’t realize how much teachers didn’t care about students and rather collect a paycheck. Teachers were unorganized and all over the place. Also, they allow so many students per teacher and the students are LITERALLY elbow to elbow. The teachers make you feel inferior. LSUS has plenty adjunct /tenure professors and I feel they have no stability in the teaching structure whatsoever. I would recommend a different university in the area if possible.”Angela

  • Reviewed: 6/9/2018
  • Degree: Education

“I wanted to attend college to better myself, as I was the first one to attend school in my family. My mother got her GED after dropping out of school and my dad dropped out of school when he was in the 2nd grade. So, going to college was important to me. I wanted to be a teacher. The only thing I would tell others about it get some counseling with the Financial Aid and look for scholarships. I didn’t and am still paying on my college for my Bachelor’s degree and am now adding to my debt trying to get my Master’s degree. I am now seeking scholarships. Don’t fall into debt.”Nicole Falgout

  • Reviewed: 1/22/2018
  • Degree: Early Childhood Education

“The College of Education at Louisiana State University-Shreveport did an excellent job at preparing me to be an educator. I entered the school system with lots of knowledge, tools, and confidence. They ensured that I had a variety of hands-on experience combined with professors that truly committed themselves to our education and preparation. I am a better educator because I attended LSUS.”Lacey

  • Reviewed: 12/22/2017
  • Degree: Biology

“I wouldn’t recommend this school. It’s more concerned about rigor than actually teaching students so they actually learn the content they are paying for. It is mostly concerned about status and taking money from candidates and actually have a very low graduation rates.”Ashton Nance

  • Reviewed: 3/30/2017
  • Degree: Psychology

“LSUS is a wonderful institution for many reasons. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, go out of their way to help their students, and truly care about their students’ feelings and education. The classes are intimate, which is something I enjoyed. I prefer this much more than a school with classes that have 300 students and the teacher doesn’t even know your name. The campus has a lot of diversity as well, with multicultural students and a vast number of clubs for any student. The staff are also very helpful and it is great to be surrounded by so many passionate people at a university.”Chelsea Carroll

  • Reviewed: 3/6/2017
  • Degree: Pre-Medicine

“Louisiana State University-Shreveport is an outstanding university! Strong academics! Teachers are excellent! Big enough to offer many courses, clubs, and extracurricular activities but small enough for faculty to know you by name. High quality, diverse, goal oriented student body. In my opinion, this is the best college in the Shreveport/Bossier area to attend. Especially if you wish to stay at home and not go off to college or don’t have the financials able to do so. It was all around wonderful experience.”LaSaundra

  • Reviewed: 2/9/2017
  • Degree: English

“LSUS is a reputable university that offers a quality education. In addition to a vast selection of degree options, there’s a great deal of organizations for students to get involved in such as: debate team, the Student Government Association (SGA), fraternities and sororities, and so on. The university also has an excellent career services team to help current and former students (alumni) in their career endeavors. If you are seeking a school that offers rich and challenging courses with an atmosphere conducive to learning, then look no further than LSUS.”Claudia Ellers

  • Reviewed: 5/2/2016
  • Degree: Curriculum & Instruction

“LSUS is a great place to learn and obtain further education. It has been very helpful and easy to use. I am currently enrolled in a Master’s degree that is one hundred percent online. Every time I call, people are very helpful and friendly. I don’t have to wait too long to get someone on the phone, they are fast and precise. I love the treatment from the teachers as well.”Kendra bonnett

  • Reviewed: 3/31/2015
  • Degree: Neuropsychology

“I attended LSUHSC-Shreveport which was very challenging but the quality of instruction was impressive. I learned quite a lot from my instructors.”

Louisiana State University Shreveport Online Mba is a great program for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and career options. You will be able to take courses in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and more. This program has been around for 70 years and has been helping students grow professionally since then. The curriculum is designed by some of the best professors in the world and they have helped thousands of students achieve their career goals.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to get your MBA without having to leave your home or work full-time, then Louisiana State University Shreveport Online Mba may be a good choice for you. This program offers many benefits including: flexible scheduling; no mandatory travel; no campus fees; access to libraries; academic support services; career services support; academic advising; technology support; financial aid counseling; professional development opportunities; internship opportunities; networking opportunities with alumni/industry professionals; job placement assistance upon graduation (or during); high quality instruction from experienced faculty members who are committed to student success.