macewan bachelor of arts breadth requirements

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Macewan Bachelor Of Arts Breadth Requirements

MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) is designed to provide a liberal arts education that allows students to explore a variety of academic disciplines and acquire a broad knowledge base that will prepare them for employment or future post-secondary studies. The degree is intended to provide students with breadth, depth, and diversity in the areas of humanities, sciences, social sciences, analytical studies, and fine arts as well as courses focused on language and literature. BA students study subjects in major and/or minor disciplines, and they are required to be familiar with the academic and faculty regulations and procedures as published herein.

The BA program requires students to complete 120 credits of non-duplicative coursework. The degree emphasizes both breadth and depth and has been designed for exceptional flexibility and customization. Students can complete a major and a minor, a double major, or a major and two minors.

Breadth Requirements

Breadth ElementDescriptionCredits
HumanitiesCLAS, HIST, HUMN, or PHIL6
Social SciencesANTH, ECON, POLS, PSYC, or SOCI6
Analytical StudiesLING 101, MATH, PHIL 125, or STAT3

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Macewan Bachelor Of Arts Breadth Requirements Arts Disciplines

Creative Writing⦿
Gender Studies⦿
Political Science⦿⦿⦿

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education

In the Bachelor of Education program, you’ll combine university study with practical experience. You’ll explore how to teach and how people learn, and study topics from two teaching areas. You’ll then apply your knowledge in real classrooms.

Throughout the program you’ll be immersed in hands-on workshops, school visits and supervised placements, and gain a strong understanding of day-to-day life in a secondary school.

By combining your education training with a Bachelor of Arts, you’ll gain both teaching skills and specialist subject knowledge. With one of the most comprehensive course offerings in Australia, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the subjects you love by choosing from study areas across the humanities, social sciences and languages, helping you build the portfolio of capabilities you need to become an expert teacher.

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Education degree opens up a world of opportunity. Find out more about these programs and the wide variety of courses you can take. Get the details on admission requirements. Learn how to design a program of study that fits your interests. Combine it with volunteer or work experiences that will give you the extra edge when you graduate. What will you do when you’re done? We’ll cover that too.

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