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marshall school of pharmacy scholarships

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marshall school of pharmacy scholarships

Going to the university can be expensive and demanding for students who come from low income homes or communities or have no financial support whatsoever. Scholarships, like marshall school of pharmacy scholarships, can prove quite valuable.

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Marshall University School of Pharmacy offers a variety of student scholarships, recognizing characteristics such as academic performance, commitment to diversity, leadership, and financial need, and we continue to cultivate additional awards. Donors represent pharmacy professionals and corporations, community leaders, and local philanthropists. Our faculty and staff believe so strongly in supporting your education, that we also have several employee funded scholarships.

Incoming and current students fill out one scholarship application. The Office of Student Affairs works with the Student Affairs Committee to determine scholarship eligibility based on the information provided in the application. The 2021-22 application is now open and available at the link below. The deadline for all institutional scholarship applications is March 1 of each year. Current students will receive notification of scholarships at the Awards Ceremonies in April of each year. Newly admitted students will be notified as awarded and will be formally recognized at the White Coat Ceremony.

Questions should be submitted to the MU School of Pharmacy Scholarship email at [email protected].

 MUSOP Scholarship Application 2021-22

Current Listing of MUSOP Scholarships

  • Advantage Toyota Scholarship
  • MUSOP Class of 2017 Scholarship
  • CVS Bilingual Scholarship Award
  • CVS Pharmacy Scholarship Award
  • D. Joanne and F. Gordon Yingling Scholarship
  • Early Decision Scholarship
  • Fairfield Community Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Fruth Pharmacy Scholarship for the Marshall University School of Pharmacy
  • Gateway Scholarship
  • HSTA Scholarship
  • John and Donna Underwood Scholarship
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy Dean’s Scholarship Award
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy Diversity Scholarship Award
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy Don Perdue Award
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy Leadership Scholarship Award
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy Scholarship Award
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy Stephen J Kopp Academic Excellence Award
  • Mary H. and Churchill Hodges Scholarship
  • Mary H. Hodges School of Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Pharmily Scholarship
  • Pioneer in Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Professional Development Scholarship
  • Rural Health Pharmacy Practice Scholarship
  • SOP Class of 2023 Scholarship
  • SOP Class of 2024 Scholarship
  • Trivillian’s Scholarship
  • Walgreens Diversity Scholarship
  • W. B. “Bart” and Doris Andrews Scholarship for the Marshall University School of Pharmacy

NOTE: Not all scholarships may be available each academic year based on renewal criteria.

School of Pharmacy announces student scholarships, employee awards

May 12, 2020

The Marshall University School of Pharmacy announced this month its student scholarship awards for the 2020-2021 academic year. Recipients of the School of Pharmacy’s new employee award program were also announced in May.

Nineteen students received the following scholarships; Four of the students received two scholarships.

  • CVS Bilingual Scholarship: Desmond Besong
  • CVS Pharmacy Scholarship: Melba Vargas
  • Fruth Pharmacy Scholarships for the School of Pharmacy: Keaton Kaplan, Shannon Morrison, Samantha Dinis
  • MU School of Pharmacy Scholarships: Nakita Bryan, Austin Howitz, Keaton Kaplan, Jonathan Nicholson, Sarah Nickel, Carly Preece, Caroline Putnam, Lakyn Wallace
  • MU School of Pharmacy Dean’s Scholarship: Shayna Follett, Sheshadri Hoque, William Mays
  • MU School of Pharmacy Leadership Scholarships: Becky Cook, Noah Dial, Sheshadri Hoque, William Mays, Taylor Riedel, Tanner Sweeney
  • Professional Development Scholarship: Shannon Morrison
School of Pharmacy Award Winners 2020

The School of Pharmacy’s 2020 faculty and staff award winners are:

  • School of Pharmacy Staff Person of the Year: John Taylor, A.A.S., instructional technologist
  • School of Pharmacy Teacher of the Year: Kenneth Canipe, Pharm.D., clinical assistant professor of experiential learning
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research: Timothy Long, Ph.D., associate professor, department of pharmaceutical science and research.

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