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Masters in Network Engineering in Ireland for international students

Prospects for international students who wish to study for an MSc in Network Engineering in Ireland are on the rise since Ireland is in need of more professionals with skill sets which are generated primarily through the process of obtaining this qualification.

Indeed the scope of Network Engineering in Ireland is on the rise primarily due to various firms increasingly expanding their operations online or investing in inter-firm networks for communication and efficiency purposes. These reasons specifically contribute to the increasing demand for both graduates with an MSc in Network Engineering in Ireland and also international students who’re willing to pursue the course there.

This rising demand for properly qualified graduates is further supported by statistics from the Central Statistics Office. Not only has the use of cloud computing and similar online networks by Irish firms increased from 36% in 2016 to a pleasing 45% in 2018, but it has also consistently been greater than the European Union-28 average which was at 26% in 2018.

With such trends, it’s likely that Internet Communication Technology Usage, and, categorically, network usage, in Ireland is likely to continue to display such trends of startling growth. If this is likely to continue, not only will it benefit the efficiency of firms in the Irish economy while making their services or products more accessible and hence increasing their market penetration rate, it’d also drastically affect the demand for qualified Network Engineering graduates in a positive direction. Not to mention, the fact that you’re surrounded by leading firms of the industry does not hurt either.

They provide opportunities for internship and potential placement in the future with attractive starting packages which are further explored below. The skills and experience you’re likely to develop alongside and as a part of your coursework will be purely unparalleled compared to any other part of the world. In such an industrious and professional environment, your learning will not be centred in the classroom but rather move further beyond, to corporate boardrooms and floors where real-time decisions are taken regarding network operations. Now that as an experience will shape you into a compelling leader and promising future employees in the field.

School of Computer Science and Statistics - Trinity College Dublin

Courses for Masters in Network Engineering in Ireland

The curriculum for MSc in Network Engineering in Ireland is likely to be comprehensive, as aforementioned, and include elements of the theory of network formation, optimisation and maintenance while also highlighting the practical issues involved in the process as well. This may occur through site visits, firm internships and other part-time work that you may opt for or the university may sign you up for depending on where you’re attending.

This should suggest to you that the Network Engineering curriculum in Ireland is likely to vary depending on where you’re attending and consequently there will be slight differences in the Network Engineering course content that you’ll be studying if you choose to attend one university over another. Consequently, it’s best if you research your course thorough before application in order to ensure that your expectations of what you’ll be learning match up with what the university will be teaching you.

Generally, however, you’re likely to involve classes on statistical methods of inquiry, deep learning algorithms, digital media systems, wireless networks, other communication software, reconfigurable hardware, relevant computational engineering, and finally a dissertation where you neatly combine these aspects of your learning experience into a tightly knit thesis and personal research.

One of the top courses for Masters in Network Engineering in Ireland is given below:

  • MSc in Computer Science – Future Networked Systems

Below is the list of courses for Masters in Network Engineering in Ireland:

Trinity College DublinMSc in Computer Science – Future Networked Systems
Dublin City University MEng in Electronics and Computer Engineering – Advanced Data Networks
Master of Information Technology (with specialisations) (12 ...

Griffith College (Dublin, Limerick and Cork Campus)

English Language Requirements:

  • IELTS – Overall score 5.5, no sub-score less than 5.5.
  • TOEFL – Overall score of 46
  • PTE – Overall score of 42

Trinity College Dublin

University Website

M.Sc in Computer Science (Networks and Distributed Systems)

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