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Masters in consumer psychology usa

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The Social and Consumer Psychology area of focus (SCP) is an informal track within the M.A. Psychology Program that does not appear on students’ transcripts.
If you are a prospective applicant interested in the SCP area of focus, you should apply directly to the M.A. Psychology Program and indicate Social & Consumer Psychology as your area of interest.


Social and Consumer Psychology focuses on the psychological factors influencing consumer behavior, including purchase behavior, effect of social influence, information processing of product/marketing messages, motivated goal and decision making, and assessment of marketing and advertising communication effectiveness. How organizations manage brands and situational change through leadership, structure and processes is also addressed.

Core concepts in perception, memory, social psychology, motivation, self-regulation, industrial/organizational and personality psychology are applied to consumer behavior. Statistical and research methodology training is intrinsic to the field of social and consumer behavior. The unique combination of NYU’s resources enables students to study social psychology and consumer behavior from a research perspective. Access to courses and faculty in other departments and schools within NYU allows a student to select and prepare for different career directions. 

The learning objectives are to:

  1. Understand the major influences on consumer behavior as mediated by internal perceptual, cognitive, and social psychological processes. This includes self-concept, goal motivations, and congruence with brand characteristics that drive decision-making.
  2. Learn statistical, research, and computer tools necessary for academic research, consumer market research, product development and consumer satisfaction assessments.
  3. Understand sources of external influence such as culture on globalization/localization of purchase and consumer decision-making.
  4. Learn the industrial/organizational factors that impact the consumer including corporate leadership and strategic organizational change management.
  5. Gain a basic understanding of social media as a form of social influence on consumer behavior and market research.

Careers in Social and Consumer Psychology include marketing, market research, corporate communications, focus group facilitation and analysis, consumer awareness education, advocacy and public policy consulting, and general HR roles within product development and manufacturing companies. Students also prepare for academic research careers and doctoral studies in social psychology, consumer psychology, or business.

consumer psychology masters programs

 Digital Marketing Management MSc

University of Westminster  Marketing

The world of marketing has been transformed by digital technology, making it easier and cheaper to target customers and track buyer behaviour online. 

 Agricultural and Food Economics MSc

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore  Graduate Programs

Università Cattolica’s Cremona campus boasts one of the world’s most renowned teams of Agriculture academics, scientists and researchers; a team at the forefront of food innovation and technology, whose expertise extends to developing tracking systems for any product transported across the European Union. 

 MSc Luxury Management & Innovation

Burgundy School of Business  Masters Programmes

Burgundy School of Business is much more than an international « Grande École ». We believe in a unique student-focused teaching model. 

 International Marketing MSc (online)

University of Sussex  University of Sussex Online

This CIM accredited Online Masters is designed to meet the challenges faced by modern marketers in a global context. You’ll join students from over 40 countries working in multiple industries while studying at ABMA and EQUIS accredited business school. 

 MSc in Digital Education Management

GBSB Global Business School  Masters Programmes

The online Master in Digital Education Management is an innovative program with a specific focus on fostering educational leadership and obtaining the knowledge required to be successful in the educational arena. 

 International Marketing with Consumer Psychology – MSc

Heriot-Watt University  School of Social Sciences

Heriot Watt University’s MSc in International Marketing with Consumer Psychology delivers a strong understanding of psychological approaches and interventions.

 MSc – Consumer Psychology

Anglia Ruskin University ARU  Faculty of Science and Engineering

This is your chance to gain an advanced understanding of consumer psychology. Put yourself at the forefront of the discipline by joining one of the few European MScs offered in this area. 

 Marketing and Consumer Psychology – MSc

University of Sussex  University of Sussex Business School

Learn how successful organizations use psychology to understand consumer behavior, and gain the skills to apply psychology in a business context. 

 MSc Psychology

Leiden University  Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

This program focuses on an in-depth study of theory as well as on the acquisition of professional and research skills, which can be applied in a wide range of psychology specializations. 

 Developmental Psychology – MSc

Lancaster University  Department of Psychology

Concerned with the study of how humans change over time, our Developmental Psychology Masters programme provides you with a rigorous and detailed understanding of the discipline. 

 Digital Marketing MSc/PGDip/PGCert

Middlesex University  Faculty of Professional and Social Sciences

Digital will continue to change the face of marketing for many years to come. Those who succeed will need knowledge of the consumer and how today digital marketing and analytics are at the heart of marketing today. 

 MSc – Psychology of the Arts, Neuroaesthetics and Creativity

Goldsmiths, University of London  Department of Psychology

The MSc Psychology of the Arts, Neuroaesthetics, and Creativity is the first postgraduate program in the world for the scientific study of aesthetics and creativity. 

Masters In Consumer Psychology Usa


The SCP curriculum is flexible, and students will work individually with a faculty advisor to develop a study plan tailored to their specific career goals in SCP.

See Program Requirements link for required Foundation and Core Courses – 15 credits

Recommended Social and Consumer Psychology Courses – 3 credits:

  • Psychology of Social Behavior (3 credits counted within Core B Courses)
  • Consumer Behavior

Other Courses Relevant to Social/Consumer Psychology – 18 credits

A total of 18 credits (6 courses) of electives must be taken in addition to the above 18 credits. Three of these elective courses (9 credits) must be taken within the Psychology Department. 

  • Psychology of Branding
  • Psychology of Social Media
  • Psychology of Market Diversity
  • Psychological Influence of Children’s Media
  • Advanced M.A. or Doctoral Statistics (ANOVA, Regression, etc. by permission of instructor)
  • Group Dynamics
  • Psychology of Decision Making
  • Topics in Organizational Psychology: Resilience and Quality (formerly Quality of Work Life)
  • Culture, Thought, and Emotion
  • Gender Roles
  • Affective Neuroscience
  • Scientific Programming
  • Behavioral Economics and Consumer Neuroscience
  • Psychology of Diversity
  • Introduction to I/O Psychology (summer only)
  • Organizational Culture and Climate (permission required from I/O)
  • Personality and Organizational Behavior (permission required from I/O)
  • Other: Determined in conjunction with advisement
Consumer Behaviour | apnainsuranceguide

Electives in other departments and schools at NYU

As the largest private University in the country, NYU has multiple Schools, Centers, and Departments offering social and consumer behavior-related courses. Cross-registration requires advisor approval.

  • Foundational courses in marketing and branding
  • Statistics courses or marketing data analysis courses not offered in the Psychology Department
  • Computer science and/or database management courses that are applicable to consumer-related research
  • Electives in relevant content areas such as decision-making, neuromarketing, organizational behavior and, cultural and global factors associated with consumer behavior, behavioral economics offered in other departments or schools at NYU.
  • Other courses by permission

NYU schools/divisions to search for relevant courses for cross-registration include:

  • The Stern School of Business
  • Steinhardt School of Education
  • NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies – Courses MUST be within their Masters Program (not Certificate Program)
  • NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering


  • Adrienne Gans, Director of MA Program in Psychology, Social and Consumer Area of Focus Coordinator
  • Robert Ausch
  • Bill Battle
  • Mariana Diaz-Wionczek
  • Paulette Forte
  • Jung Min Lee
  • Deidre L. Kolarick 
  • Boaz Mourad
  • Dan Silberman
  • Jasmina Sose Selimotic

Our Social and Consumer Psychology professors are all Ph.D. psychologists with academic and practical experience in the field and include social psychologists, business marketing, branding, and consumer psychologists; and organizational psychologists with expertise in culture, climate, and decision-making.

masters in marketing and consumer psychology online

An alternative to the traditional M.B.A., The Chicago School’s M.A. in Behavioral Economics online program provides students with a foundation in advanced psychology focused on business applications such as human decision-making, negotiation, marketing, and consumer behavior.

Students enrolled in The Chicago School’s online programs will enjoy a transformative educational experience with the flexibility of a program that does not have to interfere with their other commitments.

Integrating elements of economics, financial literacy, public policy, and consumer psychology, the Behavioral Economics Program includes studies in:

  • Consulting
  • Social psychology
  • Cognitive psychology and consumer psychology
  • Statistics
  • Public policy
  • Economics and finance
  • Game theory

Graduates of the Behavioral Economics program will have a unique understanding of consumer and social behavior, which is a strong asset in business, politics, and nonprofit. Graduates will also have the tools necessary to excel as consultants, researchers, public servants, and marketers.

consumer psychology masters programs

How Do I Enroll in a Consumer Psychology Master’s Degree Program?

These programs aren’t very common; however, you can earn a master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in consumer psychology. Additionally, marketing master’s degree programs often include psychology courses as part of the curriculum. Graduate school enrollment requires you to submit transcripts from your undergraduate studies as well as GRE scores. Some schools require letters of recommendation and other credentials.

Available ProgramsMaster’s degree in psychology with a concentration in consumer psychology
Program CurriculumSocial psychology, group dynamics, market research
Online ProgramsRarely offered
Median Salary (2018)$63,120 (for all market research analysts and marketing specialists)*
Job Outlook (2016-2026)23% growth (for all market research analysts and marketing specialists)*

What Will I Learn?

You take courses that examine what motivates consumers and how to manipulate their purchasing decisions. You might undertake projects like designing sales displays, strengthening brand image and finding customers. You also learn how to conduct and analyze market research that can help you target your market and increase awareness of your customers’ needs and wants. Surveys, focus groups and interviews are some of the methods you can learn about. Courses also teach you how to report your findings and how to interpret your data.

Some programs include courses that discuss gender roles, group dynamics and social psychology. These courses teach you about social conformity, attitudes and the forces that influence buying decisions–such as media, family and community.

Understanding the clean label consumer | 2018-05-15 | Food Business News

Can I Learn Online or Choose a Flexible Schedule?

In some cases, you may be able to complete your degree through the Internet, though these programs are rare. Some schools offer online master’s degrees in applied psychology with a concentration in consumer psychology. In these programs, you complete most of your work on your own schedule while adhering to deadlines. Some programs may require you to occasionally be online at a specific time to interact with instructors and classmates.

Campus-based programs can be flexible, too. Some programs hold classes in the evenings to accommodate working students. Most programs allow you to complete your master’s degree on a part-time basis, allowing you to keep your current weekday job.

masters in marketing and consumer psychology uk

Consumer psychology is the key to understanding how consumers behave. It plays an important role in many aspects of marketing. Insights into consumer psychology enable organizations to design innovative, value-adding products and to create effective communication messages.

On this MSc, you’ll learn to:

  • They evaluate the theories, concepts, tools, and models used in marketing practice and understand consumer decision-making.
  • apply consumer psychology theories to interpret consumer behaviour.
  • They use analytical skills to assess the choices consumers make.
  • make informed judgments on the use of key analytical and decision-making techniques in developing and appraising marketing strategies.

You’ll benefit from the academic expertise and industry experience in the School of Psychology and the University of Sussex Business School.

Your studies culminate in a research project that bridges marketing and psychology. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for a range of careers—whether you want to work in marketing or apply psychological theories to the business world.

Understanding Consumer Behavior With A Digital Tracking System

masters in marketing and consumer psychology canada

MSc – Marketing and Consumer Studies

In order for a business to succeed, decision-makers must be able to understand the behaviour and trends of consumers. Lang’s MSc in Marketing and Consumer Studies program focuses on examining, understanding and influencing consumers and will equip you with the skills and expertise needed to manage large-scale research projects. It will further prepare you to pursue a career in marketing, brand management, product development, market research, and consumer protection policy. The program also provides an excellent training towards the pursuit of a PhD in marketing, consumer behavior, or a related business discipline.

The MSc program draws on a variety of disciplines in marketing theory and research methods. You will complete five core courses, including consumer behaviour and marketing theory, three graduate courses in measurement and analysis, and an elective course exploring theoretical topics in marketing, which will help you develop your thesis.

“After graduation I plan on finding a job in the field of marketing research. UofG not only has equipped me with the tools to be successful in the field, but they have prepared me to be a cut above the rest of the applicants.”

Caleb Sawh, MSc alumnus.

Program timeline

You’ll complete your MSc degree within two years. During the first year, you’ll focus on your coursework and collaborate with faculty and fellow peers on research projects. You’ll then be given guidance from an advisory committee to complete your research and develop a strong thesis.

MSc – Marketing and Consumer Studies | Gordon S. Lang School of Business  and Economics


The Master of Science in Consumer Psychology degree program at Southern New Hampshire University is a comprehensive, hands-on program that will give you the skills needed to succeed in the field. You’ll learn how to apply consumer psychology theories and techniques to real-world situations, and you’ll gain the confidence and skills to be an effective contributor to your organization’s success.

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