Mba Scholarship In South Korea For Indian Students

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​Do you want to study MBA in Korea? If yes, then surely you are one among the many Indians who are looking for scholarship in South Korea. But if you have not heard about Mba Scholarship In South Korea For Indian Students then don’t worry. Here I am going to share some important information about Mba Scholarship In South Korea For Indian Students.

Scholarship in South Korea is one of the most popular scholarships for Indian students. Almost every year, thousands of students apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is offered by the South Korean government in partnership with some of the best Mba universities in Korea.

Mba Scholarship In South Korea For Indian Students

The Korean Government Scholarship Program is jointly designed by the Government of India and the Korean Government for international undergraduate or graduate students who wish to pursue a master’s degree, MBA, doctoral degree, or research program. The main aim is to promote international exchange in education.

Korean Government Scholarship Program:
Below are the detailed description about the Korean government scholarship program:

Qualifications & Eligibility
The eligibility criteria for the following programs are as follows:

Programs OfferedApplicant’s Criteria (2022-2023)
Master ProgramLess than 45 years
Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree
Doctoral ProgramLess than 40 years
Master’s or Equivalent Degree
Research ProgramLess than 45 years
He/she must hold an invitation from one of the National Institute of International Education (NIIED’s) designated Korean university.
Post Doctoral Research ProgramDoctoral Degree or Equivalent Education
Professor Exchange ProgramMaster’s Degree or Equivalent Education
Program for Education, Science, Culture(International Professionals)Master’s Degree or Equivalent Education

How to Apply?
Follow are the steps you need to follow to not to miss out on your application process:

Step 1: Tap on the “Apply Now” button below and read the scholarship details.
Step 2: Fill in the application form with the relevant details carefully.
Step 3: Attach the necessary documents.
Step 4: Submit the application.
Step 5: Download the prescribed application form.
Step 6: Fill up the application form with the necessary details carefully, attach all supporting documents.

Apply the application online through the Sakshat portal of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) or directly send it to –
The Under Secretary (Scholarship),
Ministry of Human Resource Development,
Department of Higher Education,
West Block – 1, 2nd Floor, Wing-6,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110066

Scholarship Benefits
NIIED is a government organization aimed to nurture and foster human resources of Korean in the age of globalization, and as a competent operation agency of the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Education.

NIIED (National Institute for International Education) offers:

Categories Amount
Airfare Actual Cost
Monthly Living AllowanceMasters & PhD – KRW 900,000 (INR 52K)
Research Program – KRW 1,500,000 (INR 86K)
Settlement AllowanceKRW 200,000 (One Time) (INR 11500)
Korean Proficiency Allowance Award KRW 100,000 (INR 5700)
Medical AllowanceKRW 20,000 (Per Month) (INR 1156)
Research AllowanceLiberal Arts & Social Science – KRW 210,000 (INR 12140)
Natural Science & Engineering – KRW 240,000 (INR 13800)
Printing Fee Reimbursement Liberal Arts & Social Science – KRW 500,000 (INR 29K)
Natural Science & Engineering – KRW 800,000 (INR 46K)
Tuition Fee Up to KRW 500,000 per semester (INR 29K)
Degree Completion KRW 100,000 (INR 5800)
Korean Government Scholarship Program: Korean Language Training

Students are required to take up the course of 1 year of Korean Language while they move out to study in the Republic of Korea. Students who acquire scores higher than 5 in TOPIK are given first preference. 

Korean Government Scholarship Program: Application Track
TimeLine ProcedureUndergraduate Graduate
Applications Released September (One year prior)February (One year prior)
RecommendationOctober – November (One year prior)March – April (One year prior)
Results January (Planned year)June (Planned year)
Arrival in KoreaFebruary End (Planned year)August End (Planned year)

The Republic of Korea is one of the advanced countries in the field of technology and education. If you want to explore, below are the best top 10 universities providing Korean Government Scholarship program:

The Undergraduate Korean Government Scholarship
Seoul National University for graduates and undergraduates
Yonsei University for Undergraduate program
Korea University for Graduate and undergraduate program
KAIST for Undergraduate and graduate
Hanyang University
Kung Hee University
Hankuk University for Foreign Studies
Sogang University
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
Inha University.

How to get scholarship to study in south korea

The main purpose of these scholarships is to provide opportunities for students from all over the world to study in South Korea and to strengthen relations between different countries of the world.

Scholarships in South Korea
Available study programs: Bachelor’s programs (4 academicyears), as well as postgraduate studies programs (Masters and PhD).

Required number: 170 students (for the undergraduate stage) and 700 students for postgraduate studies (Master’s and PhD).

What does the scholarship cover?
Flight tickets.
The cost of accommodation in Korea with the amount of 200.00 Korean won. For this purpose, read this topic “How to get student accommodation in South Korea”.
Living expenses with the amount of 800,000 Korean won for undergraduate students. On the other hand, it’s 900,000 Korean won for postgraduate students.
Health insurance worth 20,000 Korean Won per month.
Language courses with an amount of 800,000 Korean won.
University and tuition costs of no more than 5,000,000 Korean won per semester.
Encouragement bonus when you eligibly pass the Korean language course with an amount of 100,000 Korean won.
Research support with an amount of 210,000-240,000 Korean won.
Thesis printing costs with the amount of 500,000-800,000 Korean won.
An amount of 100,000 Korean won at the end of the scholarship.
The most important qualifications required
The student must not have Korean citizenship.
The student must have mental and physical capability that prepares you to study in a foreign country for a long time.
For undergraduate students, the age must be less than 25 years.
For postgraduate students, the age must be less than 40 years.
The last certificate obtained from an educational institution must have a cumulative grade above 80%.
The scholarship will be submitted through the Korean embassy.
Second: Scholarships from Universities in Korea
The most important qualifications required
Cumulative grade above 80%.

A good research record for postgraduate students.
Some language skills are also required.
Basically, it is divided into two types:

1) Scholarships for private universities located in thecapital, Seoul:
It covers 30% of the study costs (as a minimum) for undergraduate students.
On the other hand, it covers the entirety of study cost for postgraduate students.
2) Scholarships for private universities that are notlocated in the capital, Seoul:
It covers 50% of the study costs for undergraduate students.
On the other hand, it covers the full study cost for postgraduate students.
For more information, visit the relevant university’s website or visit the Korean government’s education website.

Find out here our list of the top 10 universities in Korea with their official websites.

Third: Scholarships from other Korean institutions
There are multiple scholarships you can check out:

1) KDI Management and Public Policy Scholarship:
Basically, the scholarship covers the full costs of the study.
Moreover, it provides a monthly disbursement for the student.
Lastly, it includes airline tickets.
2) The Korean Studies Academy Scholarship:
Basically, the scholarship provides financial support for research with the amount of 900,000 Korean won per month.

3) Dae Wong Scholarships, South Korea:
Basically, it includes financial support with amount 2,000,000 Korean won.
For more information: Dae Wong Scholarship

4) Scholarships from Posco Tj Park Foundation:
Basically, it covers the cost of studying for 4 full semesters.
Moreover, it covers a living cost for 22 months.
Get more information on posco tj park.

5) Scholarship from Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies:
Likewise, this is a scholarship that provides financial support for students. Besides, it covers a monthly fee of 2,500,000 Korean won.

It includes flight tickets and, in addition, includes health insurance. At last, it includes incentives for Research.

6) KOICA Scholarship:
Basically, it covers the full study costs. Moreover, it funds the student’s cost of living. The scholarship also includes flight tickets.

Besides, university housing costs are also covered. It also covers part of the health insurance.

Get more information on Koica Scholarship

7) Hansae Yes 24 Scholarship:
Basically, it covers the costs of studying for one semester only.

Seoul national university scholarship for indian students

Undergraduate Scholarships

  1. International Scholarship for Freshmen
    Scholarship Page
    Scholarship Type: Full Tuition
    Degrees Offered : Bachelor’s
    International Scholarship for Freshmen is a full tuition scholarship offered to international students. This is one of the most generous scholarships at the Seoul National University.

To be considered for this undergraduate scholarship at Seoul National University, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

holders of TOPIK level 4 or above, or TOEFL iBT 80 above
You can check the full list of requirements listed in the scholarship link above. You will also find the specific steps to submit your application for there.

It’s important to submit your application before the deadline indicated on the scholarship page, as this will provide the selection committee time to consider your application. Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

100% tuition fees and full boarding fee for those with TOPIK level 6 or TOEFL iBT 100 and passed the document review with Level A
100% tuition fees for those with TOPIK level 5 or TOEFL iBT 90 and passed document review with Level B above
50% tuition fees for those with TOPIK level 4 or TOEFL iBT 80 and passed the document review with Level B above
Graduate Scholarships

  1. Silk-Road Scholarship
    Scholarship Page
    Scholarship Type: Full Funding
    Degrees Offered : Master’s and PhD
    Seoul National University also provides financial support to international students in Master’s and PhD programs through Silk-Road Scholarship. Interested applicants for this fully funded scholarship must meet the following certain eligibility requirements to be considered:

an applicant from the Silk Road region (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, Russia)
an applicant for the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences
Through Silk-Road Scholarship, Master’s and PhD students at the Seoul National University enjoy the following benefits:

100% tuition fee for at most 4 semesters
KRW 600,000 monthly for at most 4 semesters
KRW 1,000,000 worth of economy roundtrip airfare
100% fee for Korean Language Training
Silk-Road Scholarship is a great scholarship to apply to if you are on a tight budget.

All practical information related to preparing and submitting your application is available at the scholarship link above. Make sure to prepare and send your documents in time for the application deadline.

  1. Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS)
    Scholarship Page
    Scholarship Type: Full Funding
    Degrees Offered : Master’s and PhD
    As an international student in a graduate program, living abroad can be quite costly if you don’t prepare for your expenses. This is why fully funded scholarships like Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS) are available at the Seoul National University for qualified students.

Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS) is open to Master’s and PhD international students who meet the following eligibility requirements:

a student enrolling to a college or school which participates in the GSFS Program for the year
Seoul National University awards the following scholarship benefits to successful applicants:

100% tuition fee for 4 semesters at most
at least KRW 500,000 monthly depending on the student’s major
Clearly, Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS) offers some of the best benefits for Master’s and PhD students at Seoul National University.

Make sure to check out the scholarship link for the requirements you need to complete and submit before the deadline.

  1. SNU President Fellowship Program (SPF)
    Scholarship Page
    Scholarship Type: Full Funding
    Degrees Offered : PhD
    SNU President Fellowship Program (SPF) is a fully funded scholarship offered to PhD students at Seoul National University. Students need to meet the following requirements to be eligible:

a teacher without a Ph.D. degree in a prominent university located in a developing country

Successful applicants are granted the following benefits:

100% tuition fee
KRW 1, 500,000 ~ 2,000,000 monthly for 3~4 years
economy class round-trip airfare
Korean language training slot
reimbursement of the National Health Insurance fee
Getting this scholarship will be a big help financially as you pursue your PhD degree at Seoul National University.

All the graduate scholarships available at Seoul National University are the following:

Silk-Road Scholarship
Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS)
SNU President Fellowship Program (SPF)
With these Seoul National University scholarships for international students, you can finally study abroad financially worry-free. If you’re interested, make sure to also check out the Open Courses for International Students.

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