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Nurses learn the profession in nursing school that usually connected to the hospital as nursing is provided by different levels of professional practitioners. In Germany, it is a three-year course that includes 2100 theoretical knowledge and 2500 hour of practical training. And one more advantage is that there is a different way of specialization after nursing, and it is known as Fachweiterbildung. There is a two-year specialization in Ward management, ICU and anesthesia, Palliative care, Psychiatric, quality management, OR, Oncology. And there is a golden chance to enhance their knowledge and make you an incredible career.

Requirements for study nursing in Germany

Germany is one of the most desirable destinations among international students. It is the world-leading country for high-quality education. Here students can get practical and high-quality training.

study Nursing in Germany. So before planning first, you learn German A1 level language, then rest the process you need to do while reaching in Germany.

German A1 level in the native country.

If Applying for Ausbildung/Vocational training in Nursing should have a German B1 level in Native country.


FSP exam.

Apply with us in most efficient way

There is no doubt that you will get the best quality education, but before planning to study nursing in Germany, you must aware of the process. As you are planning to do nursing, so basically, you have to help the patient, and you need to take care of them. So you need to learn the German language for studying Nursing in Germany.

Know About pre-requisite to study Nursing in Germany

These are the three steps that you need to do to study nursing in Germany.

German A1 Level or B1 if going for vocational training:-

So once you ready to do study Nursing in Germany, you need to learn A1 level German language. After completing the A1 level, you can apply for the next level towards the study in Germany.

Studienkolleg (M-kurse)

It is a foundation Course for 1 year. In which Preparation for the German Language from A1 to C1 and M -kurse.

FSP Exam

After completing the foundation course, you have to give the FSP (Feststellungsprufung) test. It is a test to assess the suitability of the different applications for academic study. And after passing the FSP test, You are eligible to study free nursing in German public universities.

Study Nursing with Job and Handsome salary

 No Tuition fee in German public universities.

Stipend during study 650-1000 euros/month

After the Nursing course, you will get a salary of 3000 euros/month.

Advantages of Studying Nursing in Germany

The opportunity to get a chance to make your career in Germany. For a qualified nurse, there is an excellent job opportunity. In Germany, there is a considerable need for qualified nurses and hospitals. So be ready, don’t delay the enrollment.

  • Improving Clinical knowledge in the field of Nursing.
  • Nurses can work in through-out Europe like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg,etc..
  • The advance of technology- you will get a chance to do practice with advanced equipment.
  • Job opportunity- Here is a high chance of getting job opportunities after completing the nursing study.
  • Getting permanent residency in Germany is easy, after 3 to 5 years of work experience.
  • Free Education, No tuition fees.

Top Nursing institute in Germany:-

  • HS Osnabruck University of Applied Science.
  • IMC FH Krems University of Applied Sciences.
  • FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.
  • HS Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.
  • The Catholic University of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Alice Salomon HS Berlin.
  • HS Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
  • Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg.


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