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Directly Provided Activities

The overall goal of the Office of Continuing Medical Education is to provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with programs aimed at improving their skills and knowledge to assist them in the delivery of outstanding medical care.  The Office of CME works to assist presenting departments in developing and executing quality educational programs that meet the needs of today’s practicing physicians and healthcare professionals. 

Activities planned by departments of New York Medical College and its affiliates (including Westchester Medical Center and Metropolitan Hospital) and members of the Touro College and University System are considered to be Directly Provided by New York Medical College.

Live Activities (Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums)

CME Providership (PRA credits awarded)

Includes the oversight capabilities of the CME Office to ensure that all ACCME, AMA, and NYMC Policies are followed, including:

  • Planning meetings with Activity Director and course committee to ensure activity format, goals, and objectives are designed to meet identified educational needs
  • Correspondence with activity faculty members to ensure required forms are completed and returned to the CME Office
  • Review of all promotional materials for the activity
  • Processing of conference registrations
  • Compilation of Composite Disclosure Declaration
  • Creation of participant Attendance Attestations
  • Preparation and distribution of CME PRA Certificates
  • Analysis of participant evaluations
 Level of Complexity
ComponentLow: 1 pointMedium: 2 pointsHigh: 3 points
Length of Meeting<1day – 1 day2 – 3 days> 3 days
Number of Participants50 or less51-150> 150
Number of Faculty5 or less6 – 15> 15
Number of Educational Grants1-45-10> 10
Complexity (Total Points)CME Providership
1.  Low (0 – 5 Points)$1,500 + $15.00 per credit certificate
2.  Medium (6 – 9 Points)$2,500 + $15.00 per credit certificate
3.  High (10 – 12 Points)$4,000 + $15.00 per credit certificate

Enduring Materials
These are educational instruments that provide the opportunity to earn CME credit through the attainment of self-learning standards. Enduring materials are valid for up to two years.  Departments that produce enduring materials pay a providership fee of $750 per instrument developed. Participants pay a $15 per credit hour fee for the CME Certificate.

Regularly Scheduled Series (Grand Rounds, M&M’s, Tumor Boards)
Fees are charged to the department annually, based on a per conference charge of $100.  A CME certificate reflecting the number of conferences attended is mailed to each physician in August for the prior academic year.

Faculty Development Courses
These are courses developed by NYMC clinical faculty that are designed to enhance or increase knowledge and improve teaching skills for medical and/or resident education.  These courses are generally offered as a benefit to voluntary faculty in recognition of their service as preceptors for resident, intern and/or medical student teaching. The courses must be held in-house and no registration fee may be charged for these courses.  CME credit is provided as a benefit of participation.  The presenting department pays a CME application fee of $1,500 per course.

Research and Lectureship Days
These one-day symposiums serve as a forum for scientific presentations of recent research findings and are aimed at New York Medical College researchers and clinicians.  These meetings are held on campus and often honor one of our faculty members.  The presenting department pays a CME application fee of $750 per symposium.  Participants pay $15 per credit hour fee for the CME Certificate.

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