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North Carolina State Vet School Requirements

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Omoyeni Adeniyi

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Is NC State a Good Vet School


North Carolina Veterinary School is the newest veterinary program in the US and is already ranked #3!

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

The North Carolina State University Veterinary Hospital located in the Veterinary Health Complex treats roughly 20,000 patients each year. These cases provide opportunities for instruction to DVM students and for clinical trials. NCSU Vet School has an on campus working farm that also operates as an on-site teaching animal unit. This provides hands-on instruction and experience with large animals and farm equipment. North Carolina Veterinary School’s curriculum consists of two phases –preclinical and then clinical. The first pre-clinical phase lasts three years and consists of classroom education beginning with basic animal sciences and progresses to more clinical applications.

The North Carolina Veterinary School program focuses on six areas:

1. Companion Animal Medicine
2. Food Supply Medicine
3. Biomedical Research
4. Ecosystem Health
5. Equine Medicine
6. Animal Welfare

Each semester of the first phase of the curriculum includes two “selectives” which are one week each. The final year takes place with hands-on clinical experience and is organized as a “block system”. Blocks are comprised of either 2-week or 1 month segments. These clinical segments may take place on campus or off-campus.

North Carolina Veterinary School


Student Services Office
Phone: (919) 513-6262
Fax: (919) 513-6197
Email[email protected]

NC State Vet School
College of Veterinary Medicine
1060 William Moore Drive
Po Box 8401
Raleigh, NC 27607

Quick Facts

1. Application Deadline
Applications to the North Carolina Veterinary School are due October 2nd.

2. GRE or MCAT
The GRE is required; MCAT is not permissible as a substitute. The test must have been taken within the 5 years immediately preceding application deadline. Results must be electronically reported by October 2.

3. Students
312 students are currently enrolled in the four year DVM program.

4. Four-year Total Tuition Cost
Based on 2014-2015 tuition rates for the DVM degree

In State Tuition:$71,344 ($17,836/year)
Out of State Tuition:$168,956 ($42,239/year)

Total for Books and Supplies: $9,755
Total for Room & Board: $56,328
Total for Personal Expenses and Transportation: $25,156 ($6,289/year)

5. Accreditation
NC State Vet School was given full accreditation status by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The next site visit scheduled is 2014.

NAVLE Minimum Pass Rate to remain in Good Standing: 80%
NAVLE pass rate for NC State Vet School:100% (Class of 2011)
NAVLE – North American Veterinary Licensing Examination

6. School Rank
NCSU Vet School was ranked #3 by US News and World Reports in 2011.

7. School History
NC State Vet School was founded in 1979 and the first graduating class was in 1985. It is the newest vet school in the nation, but already has a great reputation.

8. Transfer Students

9. Facilities
NC State Vet School is located on 180 acres near downtown Raleigh and includes over 20 buildings on the main Biomedical Campus.

The Veterinary Health Complex is over 110,000 square feet and includes the following:

• a Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center (one of the largest in the nation),
• an Equine and Farm Animal Veterinary Center,
• Veterinary Health and Wellness Center, and
• Satellite and Field Veterinary Services

Admissions Information

Admissions Formula

Admissions is a two-phase process at the North Carolina Veterinary School. Phase 1 is Subjective. Phase 2 is Objective.


Phase 1

• Overall GPA – 3.0 NC Resident; 3.4 Non-resident
• Pre-requisite GPA – 3.3 NC Resident; 3.4
• Non-resident
• Last 45 Credits GPA – 3.3 NC Resident; 3.4
• Non-resident
• GRE Test Score
• Supplemental Application

Phase 2

Applicant Review by Committee to include:

• Veterinary Experience
• Animal Experience
• Letters of Recommendation
• Personal Statement
• Educational Experience
• Diversity
• Extracurricular/Community Activities

Letters of Recommendation/Evaluations (a total of 3)

• Veterinarian (at least 2 are required)
• Other of student’s choice

Acceptance Rate

15% (100 accepted out of 662 applicants – Fall 2012). Priority is given to NC residents. Out of the typical 100 of the accepted incoming students: 80 are for residents, 20 are for non-residents.


• VMCAS Application Deadline – Oct 2 at 1:00 pm EST
• GRE Score Deadline – Oct 2
• Supplemental Application Deadline – Oct 5 at 1:00 pm EST
• Acceptances Mailed – no later than April 1

Before you Apply

If you plan on applying to North Carolina Veterinary School, you will need to complete all but two courses by the end of the fall semester of the application cycle. A bachelor’s degree is NOT required; neither is a specific major as long as the required courses are completed. There is no required major when applying to North Carolina Veterinary School. Pre-requisite classes do not have a time limit or expiration; however all pre-requisite courses must be completed with a C- or better.

Pre-requisite Course Requirements
All pre-requisite courses should be completed with a C- or better. All but two of the required courses must be completed by the end of the fall semester of the
application cycle.

Math and Science Prerequisite Courses (in semester hours)

• Biology 1 OR 2 and lab (4)
• Chemistry 1 & 2 and labs (8)
• Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 and labs (8)
• Biochemistry (3)
• Microbiology and lab (4)
• Physics I and II and labs (8)
• Animal Nutrition (3)
• Genetics (3 or 4)
• Calculus or Logic (3)
• Statistics (3)

General Education Requirements

• Humanities and Social Sciences (6)
• English (6) – any combination of these courses – Composition & Writing, Public Speaking, Communications

Required Experience

Veterinary Experience
Veterinary medical experience is required to apply to North Carolina Veterinary School.
minimum of 400 hours prior to application is needed. Experience can be a part of clinical, medical, agribusiness, health science or medical related scientific research experience. It is recommended that the experience include supervised work in three or more areas. The experience will be evaluated on the work performed, diversity, and length of experience.

Animal Experience
This includes any experience with animals that does not fall into the supervised veterinary experience described above. For example, breeding or showing animals, working at a zoo, animal shelter, working with livestock, equestrian activities, etc.
This is evaluated in a similar manner as veterinary experience.

Other Achievements
Also valued as part of your application is overall animal/veterinary knowledge, experience, overall motivation and maturity, a personal statement, and extracurricular activities.

Statistics for the Admitted Class of 2016

Total Applications………………………..662

Number of NC Residents………………….191

Number of Non-Resident……………………..471

Mean cumulative NC Resident GPA……3.68

Mean cumulative Non-Resident GPA….3.84

Mean science NC Resident GPA……….3.66

Mean science Non-Resident GPA……..3.84

Last 45 hr NC Resident GPA……………….3.76

Last 45 hr Non-Resident GPA………….3.89

Mean NC Resident GRE…………………1170

Mean Non-Resident GRE……………….1275

Male:Female Ratio……………..20/76 (0.26)

Degrees Offered


• Veterinary Public Health
• Specialized Veterinary Medicine
• Comparative Biomedical Sciences
• Fisheries & Wildlife
• Immunology
• Physiology


• Comparative Biomedical Sciences
• Fisheries & Wildlife
• Immunology
• Physiology

Dual Degree Programs


DVM Admission

Admission to the DVM Program

  1. P/F grades:  NC State will allow a Pass in P/F or Satisfactory in the S/U grading systems for prerequisites completed in Spring or Summer 2020. For Fall 2020, P/F and S/U will be accepted if it’s the only option at the institution. A letter grade is expected if it is an option.  Letter grades with at least a C- or better will be required in all semesters following Spring and Summer 2020.
    • (a) courses submitted in the P/F or S/U scale will not be factored into the Required Course GPA calculation
    • A “Pass” or “Satisfactory” grade for a prerequisite taken in Spring or Summer 2020 will be accepted in any future admissions cycle.
  2. GRE:  NC State has removed the GRE as a requirement for admission into the DVM program, starting with the 2021 admissions cycle.
  3. LORs: NC State will continue to require three (3) letters of recommendations. Additionally, we still highly recommend that 2 of 3 letters come from DVMs or PhD scientists with whom you have worked.
  4. Experience Hours: NC State will continue to require 200 hours of veterinary experience hours for the 2022 admissions cycle.

Please contact the Student Services Office at [email protected] if you have any questions about these changes.

  • Overview
  • Admission Requirements
  • Application Process
  • Admission Process

Applicants are evaluated on their academic performance, their understanding of the veterinary medical profession, their achievements, and their professional potential.

Pre-veterinary students can pursue any undergraduate major they choose, and the required pre-professional courses can be obtained through the curricula of a number of fields of study. An undergraduate degree, however, is not required for admission. “Pre-vet” is not a major; it is a track that can be chosen within a major. Popular majors for pre-professional students include animal science, poultry science, zoology, biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. Applicants must only complete prerequisite courses to fulfill academic admission requirements.

Eligibility Criteria Used to Evaluate ApplicantsIn order to be considered for admission, prospective applicants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and meeting the eligibility criteria. 

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (919) 513-6262.

NOTE: the criteria for admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine are determined and reviewed periodically by the Dean and the Faculty Committee on Admissions. The Admissions Committee is comprised of faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine with representatives from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the University of North Carolina system. Changes in the admissions process may be made without announcement as a result of continual review by the Faculty Committee on Admissions. 

North Carolina State University is a public research university located in the main city “Raleigh”. The university is ranked at #79 in USA, as per US News 2022, for its affordable tuition fees76% financial aid, and 100+ startups. For incoming students, cost studying in North Carolina State University is around 30-40 lakhs, tuition fees and living costs combined. Another factor that makes NC State University a prominent choice for Indian students is that the weather conditions are mostly like India. Summers last there for 3.5 months and winters last for approximately 3 months. Explore: North Carolina State University Campus!

Apart from India, China, Bangladesh and South Korea are among the leading student nationalities present at North Carolina State University. Overall, international students comprise 15% of the 37,000+ total student population at the university. NC State University’s STEM courses and business programs are the most desired programs by international students. While studying at the university is affordable, admissions at NC State University here are highly competitive. North Carolina State University acceptance rate is 46%. To apply for masters programs, students need a GPA above 3.0/4 (83%-86%) and GMAT score above 530, and a TOEFL-iBT score of 85. Know more aboutcourses offered at NC State University!

Students at North Carolina State University have the opportunity to get on-the-job experience by alternating semesters between working and studying while earning academic credit. North Carolina State University placement opportunities are also impressive. After graduation, 92% of students receive full-time employment at top companies like Cisco, Netapp, EMC, Yahoo, Amazon, RIM, Google, Microsoft, nVidia, Intel, Qualcomm, and IBM. NC State University MBA graduates are amongst the top employable students. As per 2021 employment statistics, the average salary for MBA graduates was 95,200 USD and the most preferred sector was Consumer Products.

North Carolina State University Rankings

  • #312 in QS Global World University Rankings, 2023
  • #79 in National University by US News & World Report 2022
  • #301-350 in World University Rankings by THE 2022
  • #117 in US College Rankings 2022
  • #45 Best College for Veterans by US News & World Report 2022

North Carolina State University: College Comparison

North Carolina State University is often compared with following universities. Check out below mentioned links to know more.

North Carolina State University vs Duke UniversityNorth Carolina State University vs Virginia Tech

North Carolina State University Programs

The 68 departments of the university teach more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The colleges are focused on emerging disciplines such as global perspectives, public policy, film studies, and natural resources.

The top courses at North Carolina State University are tabulated below.

North Carolina State University Top Courses

Course NameAnnual Tuition Fees
Master of Science [M.S], Civil EngineeringINR 24,45,268
Master of Education [M.Ed], Educational PsychologyINR 20,37,175
Master of Science [M.S], Computer ScienceINR 15,15,012
Bachelor of Science [B.S], Computer ScienceINR 30,81,088
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]INR 34,13,657
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]INR 72,97,014
Master of Science [M.S], AnalyticsINR 39,36,149
Bachelor of Science [B.S], Paper Science and EngineeringINR 30,81,088
Master of Public Administration [M.P.A]INR 24,45,268
Master of Accounting [M.Acc]INR 35,15,948

North Carolina State University Campus

The college campus is enriched with a number of experiences every day. The NCS University campus has 700 student organizations to entertain the students in their individual areas of interest.

North Carolina State University campus facilities are mentioned here. 

  • The university has 70 intramural and club sports programs and 23 Division 1 varsity teams.
  • Students run a daily newspaper, robot-building and DJing are a part of student life at NCSU.
  • There are multiple dining halls, fast food chains, coffee bars, speciality cafes, and even food trucks offering delicacies to the students.
  • The campus students are encouraged to take part in arts like music, dance, and fine arts performances every year.

North Carolina State University Accommodation

The university provides a set of on-campus housing options for international students. The rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis to the students and are based on space availability. The rooms are available in 4-bedroom in the Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge apartments.

NCSU On-campus Housing: Here are the expenses of residing on the university campus.

ResidencesRoom TypesCost per Semester (INR)
Residence HallsSingle3.01 lakhs
Double2.70 lakhs
Wolf Village Apartments & Wolf Ridge Apartments1 Bedroom3.57 lakhs
4 Bedroom3.17 lakhs
Western Manor ApartmentsSingle Bedroom3.33 lakhs
Double Bedroom3.81 lakhs

NCSU Off-campus Housing: Besides the on-campus apartments, university students can choose to stay in the off-campus housing around the university. Below are some of the housing facility and their rents:

HousingAmenitiesRents in INR
The Dakota1-3 beds with 1-2 bathrooms and a kitchenette0.91 – 1.59 lakhs
University Towers1 bedroom, 1 bathroom0.57 – 1.21 lakhs
The College Inn2-4 beds, 2-4 bathrooms, pet keeping and parking with separate rents0.57 – 0.68 thousand

Also Check: Student housing in the US.

North Carolina State University Admission

North Carolina State University admission goes on a rolling basis in three seasons. Admission to NCSU is offered in more than 160 master’s programs and more than 60 doctoral programs. North Carolina State University acceptance rate is around 46% which shows a selective admission policy. NCSU admission requirements for international students are mentioned below.

Application PortalCommon Application for UG | ApplyGrad for PG
Application Fees: 100 USD (7,929 INR)
Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • Transcripts of the previous education career are required.
  • GPA score 3.8/4 (93%) (recommended)
  • The students need to self-report the optional standardized test scores in USA, SAT and/ or ACT.
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Immigration documents of the student are necessary.
  • The students should be prepared to produce other personal documents if asked by the university.

Postgraduate Admission Requirements:

North Carolina State University Cost of attendance

The total cost of attendance comprises tuition costs and costs of living. An estimation for North Carolina State University tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate students and cost of living in US are given below. 

Expense TypeAmount in INR for UndergraduateAmount in INR for Graduate
Tuition and Fees24.47 lakhs24.50 lakhs
Books and Supplies0.67 lakhs0.67 lakhs
Housing5.89 lakhs7.07 lakhs
Meals4.21 lakhs4.21 lakhs
Miscellaneous Fees2.57 lakhs2.83 lakhs
Total Expense37.81 lakhs39.28 lakhs

North Carolina State University Scholarships

North Carolina State University scholarships for international students are available in many forms. Scholarships of the institute are sponsored by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) and by the 10 colleges of the university.

  • The university also accepts scholarships from different other organizations and foundations.
  • The North Carolina State University scholarships includes college-based scholarships, employer-affiliated scholarships, rising freshmen distinctive scholarships, current students distinctive scholarships, graduate student funding and miscellaneous funding.

Some of the top scholarships offered by the university are:

ScholarshipRequirementsGrant Details
Park ScholarshipACT/ SAT (optional), Essays203,000 USD, early course registration
Shelton National Leadership ScholarshipFull time freshman student with Leadership experience and potential2,000 USD per year
Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship3.0 GPA (equivalent to 83-86%)5,000 USD per year
Caldwell FellowsFull time student, Financially needful, Ownership and leadership quality5,000 USD per year

The university provides several other scholarships to the needful students. The university also allows external organizations to offer scholarships to students in need. Also Check: Scholarships for Indian students in USA.

North Carolina State University Alumni

The membership in the NC State Alumni Association keeps the students connected to the university for a lifetime. The alumni network has a plethora of resources to offer from quarterly issues of the university magazine to virtual networking.

NCSU Notable Alumni: Some notable alumni of the university include:

  • Russel Wilson, an American National Football Player.
  • Rajendra K. Pachauri, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change from 2002 to 2015.
  • Robert Gibbs, executive vice president of Mcdonald’s from 2015 to 2019 and the 25th White House Press Secretary from 2009 to 2011.
  • James Goodnight, the CEO of SAS Institute, since 1976.
  • Philip Rivers, an American Football Quarterback who played for 17 seasons in the National Football League.

North Carolina State University Placements

North Carolina State University has an array of future plans in the USA designed for the students. The university is ranked #19 by the recruiters according to a Wall Street Journal survey. NC State University website has a platform called ePack, where the employers post the jobs and the students can apply for the same. The institution also organizes virtual career fairs and events in response to the coronavirus outbreak. North Carolina State University graduates have reported an average starting salary of 86,583 USD (68.65 lakhs).

The average starting salaries offered to the graduates from some of the colleges of NC State University are tabulated below.

Colleges of NCSUAverage Starting Salary (INR)
College of Engineering80.41 lakhs
Institute of Advanced Analytics78.55 lakhs
Poole College of Management68.71 lakhs
College of Sciences67.92 lakhs
College of Natural Resources50.71 lakhs
College of Agriculture & Life Science48.34 lakhs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences45.47 lakhs

North Carolina State University MBA Placements

Among North Carolina State University MBA graduates, 97% are employed within 3 months of graduation. They are generally offered around 95,200 USD (75.48 lakhs). Majority of the NCSU MBA graduates are employed in Consumer Products and Financial Service industries. Some of the preferred sectors by the graduates are shown below.

North Carolina State University MBA Placement by Industry

The 9000 faculty and staff of the university are phenomenal world leaders in their corresponding fields. 23 members of the prestigious National Academies also belong to this university faculty. The number of enrollments, wide variety of courses and numerous scholarships offered attracts international students towards studying at the university.