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Nova Southeastern University Dental School Tuition

Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Oluwajuwon Alvina

The NSU dental school has a long history of success. Founded in 1948, the NSU College of Dental Medicine has graduated nearly 30,000 doctors and expanded from classrooms to more than 60 practices across Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas.

If you are looking for a university that will give you the best dental education and allow you to become a great dentist, Nova Southeastern University is an ideal choice. The university offers a wide range of courses that will help students achieve their dream careers.

The tuition fee for Nova Southeastern University dental school is $44,500 per year. This is inclusive of all charges including tuition, books and other materials required by the school. The university also charges an additional $1,050 as testing fees which is non-refundable. However, there are certain exemptions from paying this fee such as those who have been accepted as full-time students.

In addition to these fees, students will also be required to pay for other expenses such as accommodation, food and transportation among others. Students should also ensure that they have enough money available for emergencies such as medical bills among other things that may arise during their stay at the university.

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Nova Southeastern University Dental School Requirements

Nova Southeastern University dental program is one of the best in the country.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Nova Southeastern University’s dental program ranks in the top 25 in the United States, and it is also ranked as the best dental school in Florida. Their major competitors are University of Florida in Gainesville and Jacksonville University.

Nova Southeastern has been offering quality education to students since 1968, with a focus on providing a well-rounded experience that prepares them for professional success. The university has campuses all over the state of Florida—including locations in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Boca Raton and more—so it’s easy to find one close by!

The school offers an undergraduate program that prepares students for admission into their graduate programs so they can continue on with their education without having to worry about starting over again later on down the road if they decide not to pursue further studies right away after graduating high school like many other schools do these days instead!

With a GPA of 4, Nova Southeastern University requires you to be at the top of your class. You’ll need nearly straight A’s in all your classes to compete with other applicants. Furthermore, you should be taking hard classes – AP or IB courses – to show that college-level academics is a breeze.

The College of Dental Medicine selects students based on preprofessional academic performance, Dental Admission Test (DAT ) scores, a personal interview, a written application, and letters of evaluation.  Having a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

  1. Prior to matriculation, applicants must have completed a minimum of 90 semester-hours of coursework from a regionally accredited college or university. Not more than 60 semester-hours from community or junior college will be applied to the 90-semester-hour minimum.
  2. Students should have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale. In addition, students should have a science grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a four-point scale.
    • Students must have earned a grade of 2.0 or better in each of the following required courses:
      • Biology with lab – 8 semester hours
      • Chemistry with lab – 8 semester hours
      • Organic chemistry with lab – 8 semester hours
      • Physics with lab – 8 semester hours
      • Biochemistry – 3 semester hours
      • Microbiology – 3 semester hours
    • Other Courses
      • English – 6 semester hours

Suggested Additional Preparation

Courses should be selected to give students as broad and liberal an education as possible. However, applicants are encouraged to take these specific upper division courses in advanced sciences: anatomy, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, histology, genetics, and immunology.

Upon review of a student’s individual record, the committee on admissions may require additional coursework and testing as a condition of acceptance.

The dean may evaluate an applicant’s qualifications and modify requirements in unusual circumstances.

NSU dental college hit with disturbing allegations that 'large portion' of  clinical faculty aren't properly licensed - Florida Bulldog

Nova Southeastern University Dental School Tuition

Tuition And Fees


Tuition for 2021–2022 will be posted here once available.  All tuition and fees are subject to change by the board of trustees without notice.


Annual Fees

  • Health Professions Division General Access Fee—$145
  • NSU Student Services Fee—$1,500
  • Technology Fee—$500
  • CDM American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Fee—$100

Initial Acceptance/Preregistration Fee—$2,000

  • Required to reserve the accepted applicant’s place in the international dental graduate class
  • Deducted from the tuition payment due upon registration
  • Not refundable in the event of withdrawal

First Semester’s Tuition and Fees

  • Total, less the $2,000 previously paid
  • Due on or before registration day

Subsequent Semesters’ Tuition and Fees

  • Due on or before the appropriate registration day
IDG Financial Aid Budget 2021-2022
ClassYearBooks and SuppliesInstrument Management FeeOther Costs
c/o 20242nd$15,300.00$3,500.00$4,040.00
c/o 20233rd$2,700.00$2,000.00$4,000.00
c/o 20224th$2,600.00$0.00$6,500.00
Tuition & Fee Information

nova southeastern university dental school faculty

At Nova Southeast University Dental School, we are a group of dental professionals who work hard to help you achieve your dream of becoming a dentist. Our faculty is made up of experienced professionals who have years of experience working with patients and other dental professionals. We strive to provide you with the best education possible so that when you graduate from our program, you will be ready to hit the ground running.

Our faculty members are committed to helping students succeed in their studies and develop into well-rounded professionals. We want you to be able to take what you learn here and apply it in your future career or practice. This means we offer classes on topics such as how to interact with patients and how to work effectively in a team environment. Our goal is not just for you to pass our classes but also for you to thrive as a dental professional after graduation!

We believe that our approach will help you become successful in your career because it focuses on providing students hands-on experience through simulations and clinical rotations at nearby hospitals. These opportunities give us an opportunity to learn more about what it takes for someone who wants a career in dentistry without having it cost them thousands of dollars each year like some other schools do!

  • Tuition and Fees:$313,814*
  • Class Size: 125
  • Applicants: 3,166
  • GPA: 3.77
  • DAT AA: 20.7
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Year Established: 1997
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

*Note: Cost calculation does not include living expenses, student loan interest, or loan origination fees. 

nova dental school tuition 2022

The NSU College of Dental Medicine graduate program tuition for the current academic year is stipulated in the College of Dental Medicine Brochure and Catalogue.  Please refer to the section entitled MASTER OF SCIENCE.  A total of 42 credit hours are required for the completion of the program.

Tuition cost for students enrolled in the NSU-CDM Certificate Program 

MSCDM students already enrolled in one of the NSU-CDM Certificate Program will be responsible for additional tuition charges in the amount of: Fee per credit hour ($) x20 credit hours (as of this writing the total is $11,600.00).  This tuition fee will cover the costs of the 4 Masters level courses (12 credits), and the research/thesis courses I, II, III, and IV (8 credits).

Students who have not completed their thesis at the conclusion of their certificate program, and who must extend the time necessary to do so, will be responsible for the additional tuition associated with the additional Thesis Extension courses needed.

nova southeastern university tuition

Additional Tuition

If the enrollment in the MSCDM program was not done at the start of the certificate program, the students will be responsible to pay new tuition for each of the certificate core courses being re-taken in order to change the grades from a pass/fail to a numeric grade. 

With careful planning, the entire program (certificate and MS) can be completed in three years. Please note that the Postgraduate Certificate program must be completed within three years. The students enrolled in the Master of Science program who do not complete the program and defend their thesis can extend their time up to an additional 2 extra-years (not to exceed a total of five years) during which time the research and the thesis must be completed.  In order to do so, students must enroll in the Thesis Extension course each of the additional semesters needed as well as assume the additional tuition incurred.  An additional $3,200.00 tuition fee will be charged as a completion fee prior to receiving their certificate Students who do not complete the MSCDM program within 5-years will be dismissed.

The average annual cost of the first year of dental school ranges from $53,000 to $70,000 for students attending private or out-of-state dental schools. Public schools can cost close to $40,000 per year for less-expensive options, while more well-known private schools might cost as much as $72,300 annually.

nova southeastern university dental school ranking

Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) College of Dental Medicine is ranked favorably at a general level (it is ranked third on The Student Doctor Network), but it also worth noting that what makes a school good can really vary from person to person, because everyone needs something different from their education and its environs.

For example, some people might want to go to a school that has a reputation for producing great oral surgeons (that’s what NSU College of Dental Medicine does). Others might prefer the opportunity to study abroad or take part in research projects at one of the country’s top hospitals. Still others might want a school that offers them a diverse student body so they can learn from different perspectives and backgrounds.

Nova Southeastern held gathering despite coronavirus cases | Miami Herald

What you’re looking for will depend on your own goals and desires for your medical career and life. But if you’re considering NSU College of Dental Medicine as an option, you don’t need to look any further than the fact that it was ranked third on The Student Doctor Network—not just because it means they’re doing something right, but also because they’ve got some serious competition!

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