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Established in 1870 as Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical college, Ohio State University (OSU) is one of the top land-grant University in USA. With an extensive student population of 50000 undergraduates, 15000 graduate students and over 1000 student organization, clubs and recreational sports programs, student media organizations and publications, Ohio State University has grown into the third largest university campus and also as one of the largest universities in USA.

  • Ohio state is among the top 12 universities in US for research that offers a unique experience to its students.
  • The extensive research facility of this university promotes innovation among students.
  • The OSU has 580,000 living alumni around the globe that are part of Nobel Prize recipients, Pulitzer Prize recipients, Olympic Games Gold Medallists, UFC champions, and Medal of Honor Recipients, ambassadors, as well as Fortune 500 CEOs and members of the Forbes 400 list of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Countless alumni of this prestigious university have become important political figures and some have also appeared on the Times magazine covers. The university particularly excels in sports and alumni from Ohio State University have gone on to win 100 Olympic medals (46 gold, 35 silver, and 23 bronze).

Ohio State has been ranked as the best and among the top by various educational organization and publications that speaks of its reputation in the educational world around the globe.

Ohio State University World Ranking Highlights

Agency/PublicationsOhio State University World Ranking (2020-21)
Times Higher Education#80
US News#45

Ohio State University Times Higher Education Ranking

For THE global ranking 2021, Ohio state University was spotted at #80 where it was at tie with Humboldt University of berlin and University of Groningen.

At National level, times Higher education placed OSU at #100 in 2021 edition whereas in the previous year it was ranked #67.


Ohio State University is on the most recommended top universities/colleges chart by the Times Higher Education, QS and US News respectively. Subjects and programs the university offers have also made the top 100 list of the following publications.

The various programs of Ohio State University appeared on Times Higher Education Ranking are:

SubjectsTHE Ranking by Subjects 2021
Arts and Humanities#93
Physical Science#93
Social Science and Public Health#46
Preclinical, Clinical and Health#82
Engineering and Technology#51

Ohio State University QS Ranking

Ohio State is ranked at #108 among the QS World university ranking 2021, where previously it had been at #101 and #89 for 2020 and 2019 respectively.

Although there has been a drop in ranking for the global position, Ohio state is placed at #58 among best universities in US and is still the most recommended university in USA.

The programs offered by the university also secure a good ranking in terms of academic satisfaction by the students.

Some of it was featured in the Top 50 list of QS world rankings by subject 2020.

Veterinary Science#13
Sports –Related Subjects#17
Communication and Media Studies#29

The university has maintained a steady ranking in the graduate employment ranking at #85 and has been so in that range of position for the consecutive three years.

Looking at the overall parameter of the university, students have really appreciated it in terms of all the academic, research, international faculty and so on.

Ohio State University US News Ranking

Various publications have their own set of indicators and criteria through which they rank the university based on not just the academic but on all round performance.

US News 2021 placed Ohio State University at #45 among the best global universities.

It is positioned at #53 among the national universities.

The ranking criteria for US news which concludes all the areas of university is detailed below.

Ranking CriteriaRelative rank
Global score75.6
Global research reputation#55
Regional research reputation#29
Normalized citation impact#216
Total Citations#32
Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited#33
Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited#167
International collaboration – relative to country#549
International collaboration#917
Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited#34
Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited#229

Among the other, the university is also ranked as #27 for best college for veterans and #27 in best college for undergraduates.

Ohio State University Subject Specific Rankings

Looking at the courses and programs the university offers, approximately 25 programs made the top 100 US News 2021 ranking based on their global reception and research outcome.

Some of the programs who made the top 100 list are below based on their ranking.

Subjects/Field of StudyUS News Subject Ranking 2021
Space Science#8
Arts and Humanities#27
Agricultural Science#40
Social Science and Public Health#48
Microbiology#48 (tie)
Pharmacology and Toxicology#56
Plant and Animal Science#57
Economics and Business#69
Molecular Biology and Genetics#76
Biology and Biochemistry#80
Computer Science#85 (tie)
Cell Biology#87 (tie)

Ohio State University CWUR Rankings

The Centre of World University rankings, a reputed publication that ranks universities on their overall persona has ranked Ohio state university depending on its quality of education, employment rate, extensive research facility and more.

Institute nameRanking
World rank#54
National Rank#36
Quality of Education Rank#113
Alumni Employment Rank#233
Quality of Faculty Rank#113
Research Performance Rank#32
Overall Score84.3

Ohio State University vs Other Universities Comparisons

Given below is the comparison of Ohio state university with other top universities of USA:

University/CollegeOhio State UniversityMichigan State UniversityUniversity of Washington
Rank80 (THE)101(THE)50(THE)
ResearchVery HighVery HighVery High
International Students28% of the total enrolled36% of the total enrolled37% of the total enrolled
Popular ProgramsAccounting, Psychology, Biological Science, Agro science, Business, FinanceArts and Humanities, Social Science, STEM ScienceManagement, Biological Science, Engineering
Employer Reputation Score65.853.351.4
International Students Score37.237.040.5
Academic Reputation Score61.957.586.4

Why Choose Ohio State University?

Some of the key facts and achievement that makes OSU stand out:

  • The University offers various areas of study including School of African Studies, Latin American Studies, Slavic and East European Studies, Asian Studies Centre and Chinese Studies.
  • The university offers global gateways to various countries including Brazil, China, and India with easy enrolment.
  • Ohio State University manages to reach on top in other factors like the NCAA Division and Athletics, where over 100 students (international included) won Olympic medals.
  • Over half of the UG and PG first-year students manage to enrol themselves in scholarships, fellowships and other valuable programs offered. 7 Ohio State researchers were nominated as Fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS) i.e., a high honor for any scientist in the USA. Overall 100 such Ohio State Researchers have been granted the honor.
  • It has one of the biggest centres for Arts which focuses on the growth of art and culture and the University offers various areas of study including School of African Studies, Latin American Studies, Slavic and East European Studies, Asian Studies Centre and Chinese Studies.
  • Ohio University has partnered with various resource committees including UIDP for better research in Medical and Discovery themes making it one of the best research centres for Doctorate and Graduate Researchers.
  • Also, the global ranking of OSU has been rather impressive in overall criteria which makes its reputation stand-out in education around the world.

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