Ohio State Vet School Admissions Statistics

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Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s (OSU) early admission statistics for the Class of 2020 are available. The acceptance rate for this class was 6.5% meaning only 6.5% of applicants were accepted by Ohio State Vet School. Of the 6,706 applications received, 1,955 applicants were invited for an interview and only 201 matriculated in June 2017.

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Ohio State Vet School Admissions Statistics

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Reviewing the admissions stats at Ohio State can help you determine your likelihood of acceptance. Take a look at the SAT and ACT scores of previous applicants to help you understand your chances of being accepted. If you find your scores are lower than the average freshman, try retaking the exam to better your score or reviewing colleges looking for scores matching your own.

Average selectivity means that you will have a fair chance of getting into this school, assuming your test scores and grades meet the schools standards.

Admission StandardsExceptional
Applicant CompetitionAverage
The Ohio State University Descriptor Page

How hard is it to get into Ohio State and can I get accepted? The school has a 52% acceptance rate ranking it #13 in Ohio for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 24,988 out of 48,077 applicants were admitted making Ohio State a more competitive school to get into with a good chance of acceptance for qualifying applicants.  Academically, it has extremely high requirements for admission test scores, generally admitting students who score in the top 17 percent. Ohio State University typically accepts and attracts “A-” average high school students. Only 32% of those admitted chose to enroll in the school. Most incoming freshmen graduated in the top ten percent of their high school class.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 2022 Student Profile

National Statistics

  • National VMCAS Applicants: 7,507
  • Average number of schools applied to: 4.8
  • Ohio State Applicants
  • VMCAS applications: 1,389
  • Ohio residents: 245 (18%)
  • Non-residents: 1144 (82%)
  • Racial and ethnic diversity: 318 (23%)
  • Females: 1153 (83%)
  • Males: 236 (17%)
  • First generation college students: 369 (27%)
  • Total Applicants Interviewed: 507
  • Ohio applicants: 155
  • Non-resident applicants: 352
  • Racial and ethnic diversity: 143
  • Females: 403
  • Males: 104
  • First generation college students: 151

Incoming Class of 2022

  • Total Class Size: 162
  • Ohio residents: 66 (41%)
  • Non-residents: 96 (59%)
  • Racial and ethnic diversity: 58 (35%)
  • Females: 120 (74%)
  • Males: 42 (26%)
  • First generation college students: 47 (29%)
  • Average Overall GPA: 3.6
  • Average Science GPA: 3.5
  • Average Last 30 Hours: 3.7
  • Average GRE (Verbal/Quant): 65%/56%


  • Associate in Liberal Arts 1
  • Associate of Applied Science 4
  • Associate of Arts 6
  • Associate of Science 12
  • Bachelor of Arts 14
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science 4
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts 1
  • Bachelor of Science 110
  • Other Bachelor Degree 1
  • Master of Public Health 1
  • Master of Science 9
  • Other Master Degree 2

michigan state vet school acceptance rate

The selection criteria for the Program is based on GPA, veterinary-related experience, evaluation forms, and applicant essays.


To be considered for admission, an applicant must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, a minimum math and science GPA of 2.5 (with a minimum of 2.0 in all prerequisite math and science courses), and a minimum GPA of 2.5 for the applicant’s most recent 12 credits.

The average GPA of the admitted class for the last three years has been:

  • Cumulative GPA = 3.26
  • Most Recent 12 credits = 3.52
  • Math/Science GPA = 3.22

A minimum of 80 hours of veterinary-related experience is required. Veterinary related experience is defined as any hours spent volunteering, observing, or working under the supervision of a veterinarian or a credentialed veterinary technician. The total number of hours and the quality of the hours will be considered when reviewing an applicant’s file

Three Evaluation Forms

  • At least one from a veterinarian or credentialed veterinary technician or nurse
  • At least one from an academic reference (advisor, professor, or counselor)
  • An individual of applicant’s choice (non-relative)

Applicant Essays

  • The applicant essays are designed to demonstrate an applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the veterinary health care team and the skills and qualities necessary to be a successful member of that team.
  • The essays will be evaluated based on how effectively the applicant’s thoughts are conveyed.

ohio state vet school tuition

OSU vet school tuition and cost of attendance

Year 3$32,957
Year 4$49,276
Year 1$72,293

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