Oklahoma State Vet School Acceptance Rate

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The post also provides guidance on the average oklahoma state vet school admissions test score and the best way to apply. This post contains relevant information about oklahoma state vet school acceptance rate. From the website, people can learn more about Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s policy, application fee, tuition fee, financial aid, scholarships, residency programs and more.

Statistics show that about four out of five applicants are rejected by this university. The university is selective about who they accept, allowing only the best to be accepted. Only a firm interview can ensure an acceptance for this university.

In order to help you understand oklahoma state vet school acceptance rate, the article below sheds more light on it. Read on to get the latest information on oklahoma state vet school requirements, oklahoma state university vet school gpa requirements, oklahoma state early admission vet school and oklahoma state vet school scholarships. You will also find more information on oklahoma state vet school acceptance rate in related articles on collegelearner.

Oklahoma State Vet School Acceptance Rate

The DVM program at Oklahoma College of Veterinary Medicine highlights general practitioners but also prepares for non-clinical careers. The curriculum is systems-based using lecture and group case discussion as well as hands-on animal experiences which begin in the first year. The curriculum does not include tracking but instead emphasizes all animal species. Students can specialize by selecting applicable electives. Oklahoma State University is located between Tulsa and Oklahoma City in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma College of Veterinary Medicine includes the following main buildings:

Acceptance Rate

12.5% (82 accepted out of 655 applicants – 2012).

Out of the typical 82 of the accepted incoming students:

• 56 are for residents of Oklahoma
• 2 are for contracts which include Arkansas and Delaware
• 24 are for non-residents

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oklahoma state vet school requirements

The GRE is required; MCAT is not permissible as a substitute. Scores must be from the past four years prior to application. The test must be taken prior to November 15 and results reported by January 15.

Qualification Details:

  • Applicants must be within two semesters of completing all pre-veterinary course requirements (by June 1 following application) and must have a grade point average in the required courses of at least 2.80. 
  • A grade lower than “C” in a required course is unacceptable and must be repeated. A C- is considered below a C.
  • If the applicant retakes a course, the hours and grade points of the repeated course will be averaged to those of the original course in calculating the required course GPA.
  • All courses taken for the purpose of substitution must be completed by the end the fall term in which application is made.
  • Math and science based courses must have been completed within eight years of the fall semester in which application is made. To remove old coursework from your cumulative GPA, submit in writing a formal request to [email protected]
  • Upper level science courses must be taken at a four-year institution to be valid. This includes Animal Nutrition, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Organic Chemistry.
  • An applicant is required to take the general Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Test results must be received by VMCAS by September 15. Scores are acceptable only if the tests were taken within four academic years prior to application. It takes several weeks for VMCAS to receive score reports, therefore it is recommended to take the test no later than September 1.
  • To register for the GRE online, visit the GRE website. Applicants must use Institution code 6558 for score reports (do not use the code for Oklahoma State University).
  • To register for the CASPer Test, you must visit the CASPer website. If an applicant does not take the test by September 24, their application will not be eligible. We do not require Snapshot.
  • NOTICE TO ALL DVM APPLICANTS: The OSU-CVM will not, under any circumstance, process an application if it has not been verified through VMCAS. We adhere to all VMCAS deadlines.
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oklahoma state vet school tuition

The following budget is an estimate of educational expenses for the academic year beginning August 2021. All cost figures are averages. 

First year annual costIn-stateOut-of-state
Tuition & fees (full-time)$23,980$50,340
Loan fees$840$840
Housing & meals (on or off campus)$11,540$11,540
Books & supplies*$2,020$2,020
Total direct expenses$38,380$64,740
Personal & miscellaneous$8,920$8,920
Total additional personal expenses$10,950$10,950

*The cost of a computer has been included in the Books & Supplies amount. 

Second year annual costIn-stateOut-of-state
Tuition & fees (full-time)$24,240$50,600
Loan fees$840$840
Housing & meals (on or off campus)$11,540$11,540
Books & supplies$760$760
Total direct expenses$37,380$63,740
Personal & miscellaneous$7,760$7,760
Total additional personal expenses$9,790$9,790

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Third year annual cost*In-stateOut-of-state
Tuition & fees (full-time)$27,440$53,810
Loan fees$840$840
Housing & meals (on or off campus)$15,380$15,380
Books & supplies$2,560$2,560
Total direct expenses$46,220$72,590
Personal & miscellaneous$9,580$9,580
Total additional personal expenses$12,860$12,860

*Costs and Financial Aid are divided 40% fall, 40% spring and 20% summer. For financial aid purposes, the summer term is considered third year instead of fourth year. If you plan on accepting summer financial aid, you will need to do that when you accept fall and spring financial aid. 

Fourth year annual costIn-stateOut-of-state
Tuition & fees (full-time)$24,360$50,720
Loan fees$840$840
Housing & meals (on or off campus)$11,540$11,540
Books & supplies$0$0
Total direct expenses$36,740$63,100
Personal & miscellaneous*$7,760$7,760
Total additional personal expenses$10,260$10,260

oklahoma state vet school ranking

Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences placed 26th out of 26 U.S. veterinary schools ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

“Based on analysis of the 2017 Comparative Date Report from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, when research funding is normalized to faculty numbers among U.S. schools of veterinary medicine, the CVHS ranks eighth out of 29.”

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