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Online Bachelor’s Degree In Business Analytics

Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Oluwajuwon Alvina

Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Business Analytics Degree Programs

METHODOLOGY: Below are 14 of the Best Online Schools that offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Analytics. Located all over the United States, these schools made it to our list of “the best” based on the quality of learning opportunities they offer, ease in earning the degree, and the affordability of the program. Listed in random order, we also considered the following components when choosing our picks for the Best Online Bachelor of Business Analytics degree programs:

  • Flexible and convenient Online format availability,
  • Designed for students interested in business, as well as, the various tools and techniques to improve business applications, problem-solving and production using Business Analytics and Data,
  • Focuses on Business Analytics skills used to encourage effective management,
  • Degree may be awarded as a Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Analytics, Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics, or a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Business Analytics,
  • Teaches the latest in the field of technology typically utilized in the field of Business Analytics,
  • Ease of transfer credits, Affordable Tuition options offering Grants, Scholarships, Work Tuition Assistance Programs, and Military Discounts,
  • Prepares students for an entry-level career as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, among many others, such as advancement positions as a Project Manager or in Quality Assurance Management,
  • Properly Regionally Accredited, providing expert instruction by experienced faculty,
  • Online Student Support Centers, Easy-to-use Learning Management Systems allowing easy collaboration and communication with faculty and fellow students, acceptable student-to-instructor ratio,
  • Also offers foundational instruction in accounting, marketing, finance, international business, human resources, IT, public administration, in addition to, supply chain management, cyber security, and many other business-related topics.

Webster University

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Webster University provides a wide array of world-class online programs that are designed to give distance education students the same experience as on-campus learners. The online BS in Data Analytics is offered through the School of Business and Technology’s Analytics and Business Intelligence Department. This area of the school includes outstanding business resources and fabulous networking connections through degree programs that offer a global perspective. Data Analytics students engage in rigorous coursework that introduces crucial practices and approaches in today’s market. Webster not only has a fantastic undergraduate degree but an undergraduate certificate and a master’s program in data analytics, as well. Students can also take advantage of the SAP University Alliance Program, which gives students real-world, hands-on experience with industry leaders in enterprise resource planning. Webster University is truly a champion in setting its business and data analytics students up for future success. Webster University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Saint Louis University

Computer Information Systems, B.S. with a concentration in Data Analytics

While Saint Louis University’s online program is not focused in business analytics specifically, the Data Analytics concentration of the B.S. in Computer Information Systems, as well as the core coursework itself, supplies excellent topics in business and administration. Throughout the rigorous curriculum, students learn to work with diverse organizations and departments to provide expert skills in data analysis as it applies to multiple industries. Classes are completed throughout eight-week terms, making this an accelerated online bachelor’s degree in data analytics. Some of the careers that graduates from SLU now occupy include those in market research and business intelligence, where they collect, interpret, and analyze pertinent information for their company. Students who take just two extra classes can earn a certificate with an emphasis in cybersecurity or data analytics, which will extend their opportunities even further. Saint Louis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Washington State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Washington State University Online is regularly recognized for its excellence in distance education. Students from across the globe attending this fantastic institution of distance education enter into a highly diverse and supportive virtual learning environment. The Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics is offered through the Voiland College of Engineering and Agriculture. The curriculum provides in-depth instruction into the vast and complex discipline of data analysis as it applies to the revenue and profitability of agencies and entities in business. Students learn to utilize all of the most successful modern strategies and technologies in the profession, and also learn practical communication skills in working with customers, peers, coworkers, subordinates, and superiors. According to the program website, this undergraduate program is one of the only data analytics bachelor’s degrees to highlight leadership as strongly. Some of the most significant areas of focus include e-commerce, finance, and hands-on learning opportunities. WSU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Data Analytics

Liberty University is one of the most outstandingly renowned online schools in the nation. It provides incredibly popular distance education degrees, all of which are founded in the principles of Evangelical Christianity. LU receives unending recognition for its achievements as an online school and has appeared on many lists and rankings of the best programs available. Students pursuing a career in business analytics can major in an online Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Data Analytics. This curriculum provides a strong foundation in leadership and management in business, upon which students gain skills in the analysis and organization of crucial data. It is an accelerated online bachelor’s degree wherein students complete their coursework throughout eight-week terms. Individuals are free to transfer as much as 75% of the undergraduate degree from another accredited institution, which reduces the amount of time spent at LU even further! Liberty University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Accreditation Commission of Business Schools and Programs.

online bachelors in business analytics

Western Governors University

Bachelor of Science in Data Management/Data Analytics

Western Governors University is one of the most popular online schools in America. It is a well-known name in distance education that appears consistently on rankings of the best online programs in the nation. The bachelor’s degree in Data Management/Data Analysis has received recognition from the Software and Information Industry Association in the form of the “coveted CODiE award.” The curriculum gives students an in-depth understanding and immersive educational experience in data management and analytics as it applies to multiple professional areas, especially the business industry. It includes industry-standard certification opportunities such as CompTIA, Oracle, and CIW, at no added cost to the student. It is an accelerated online undergraduate degree in which many students finish the entire program in as few as two years. WGU utilizes a unique tuition structure wherein students can take as many credits as possible throughout a 6-month period, which is billed for $3,225. Those who work full-time or more can theoretically earn their degree for around $125 per credit, which is one of the most competitive prices at any school!

Thomas Edison State University

Bachelor of Science Degree in Data Science and Analytics

thomas edison state university

Thomas Edison State University is another popular online school that receives steady recognition for its achievements as an institution of distance education. The curriculum for the Bachelor’s in Data Science and Analytics is broken down into three distinctive areas of study, which include gen ed requirements, electives, and area of study requirements. The latter provides an excellent avenue through which students can refine their coursework to pursue personal interests in business.  The elective courses also offer opportunities for self-exploration. The program is kept up-to-date constantly to reflect all of the pivotal changes and issues in the technological world. Graduates from TESU have an incredibly firm understanding of data science and analytics, and have the ability to apply statistical data analysis and quantitative modeling techniques to solve critical issues in the modern workplace. Thomas Edison State University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

New England College

Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems

At New England College, students have an incredibly unique avenue into the business analytics profession through the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. In this program, students learn how to use technology and data sciences to address modern business challenges in many different environments. The program includes a strong emphasis on the analysis of information using visual programming languages, as well as identifying technological business solutions concerning the receipt, storage, and organization of data. There are three concentration options available in Introduction to Programming Logic and Design, Object Oriented Programming, or Database Management. The third option conforms perfectly with the professional goals and pursuits of business or data scientists and provides an excellent pathway to earn applicable positions of employment. As a BBA program, students also receive a solid education in business leadership and management, making them a crucial resource in any organization upon exiting the program. New England College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

Business Data Analytics Degree Salary

Data analysts use mathematical and analytical methods to transform data into better data-driven business decisions. As the amount of data available to businesses increases, so too does the demand for skilled data analysts to process and interpret it. Data analysts are typically paid well for their skills.

In this article, you’ll learn how much data analysts earn on average, as well as how various factors, like experience, industry, location, and job title, can impact your data analyst salary. If you’re interested in starting or advancing your career as a data analyst, we’ll also talk about some ways you may be able to boost your earning potential.

What is an average data analyst salary?

The average base pay for a data analyst in the United States in June 2021 is $68,583, according to job listing site Glassdoor [1]. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual salary of $86,200 ], while human resources consulting firm Robert Half lists a midpoint salary for a data analyst at $103,250 [3]. While this range varies, each of these salary figures is significantly higher than the mean annual salary across all occupations in the United States, $56,310 ].

Several factors can influence how much your salary will be as a data analyst. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these considerations.

Data analyst salaries by experience

One of the biggest factors that can influence your salary is your level of experience. In general, the more years you spend working as a data analyst, the more you can expect to earn. According to Glassdoor, four to six years of experience can translate into $2,500 more per year in base salary, while seven to nine years might mean earning $5,800 more each year

Moving into a leadership role can further boost your earning potential. Glassdoor reports that analytics managers earn an average salary of $119,526 in the US, while directors of analytics earn $150,558

Data analyst salaries by industry

Just about every industry can use data analytics to drive better business decisions. But the industry you choose to work in can have an impact on your pay. The industries where demand for data professionals is highest tend to be the same industries that pay the most on average. 

Finance and insuranceprofessional, scientific, and technical servicesinformation technologymanagement, and manufacturing represent more than three quarters of data job openings, according to The Quant Crunch, an IBM report on the demand for data science skills

Data analyst salaries by location

Where you live can also have a big impact on how much you can make as a data analyst. Typically, working in a big city like San FranciscoNew YorkBoston, or Washington, DC correlates to a higher salary (as well as a higher cost of living). As more and more companies employ a geographically dispersed workforce (including remote workers), it’s common for companies to offer location-based salaries—salaries that take into account location rather than merit alone.

Salaries for other data professionals

Getting a job as a data analyst might be the first step in your data career. As you gain experience and new data science skills, you might move into a more advanced or specialized position. Here are a few of them, along with their average US salaries according to Glassdoor. 

  • Business analyst: $75,351
  • Database administrator: $81,438
  • Business intelligence analyst: $83,925
  • Statistician: $86,669
  • Data engineer: $111,298
  • Data architect: $114,984
  • Data scientist: $115,228
  • Analytics manager: $118,587
  • Machine learning engineer: $128,353