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Online PhD Programs In Artificial Intelligence

Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Oluwajuwon Alvina

Artificial intelligence is the latest term in the world of technology. It is a sophisticated version of software application that can be implemented in different forms. There are many online PhD programs in artificial intelligence which are available today.

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Online PhD Programs In Artificial Intelligence Overview

The AI Doctoral Degree is an online Doctorate program available in Artificial Intelligence. The AI PhD programs are offered by some great Universities across the World. Although AI PhD programs are too expensive, they provide greater opportunities for the students who finish these programs.

Offered by both public and private colleges and universities, these online programs provide a way for you to earn a PhD degree remotely, without having to be on a specific school’s campus. While a PhD is the highest level of education that is awarded in most fields, students can also choose to earn a doctoral degree that is specifically geared toward business administration or another non-academic field.

Graduates with a degree in computer science can pursue careers as computer and information research scientists, computer network architects, and computer system analysts. As the demand for new and better technologies increases, the need for highly skilled computer science professionals is also expected to increase.

Doing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence is a good choice considering how much in demand AI skills are nowadays. Pursuing an advanced degree allows you to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. In this article, we present to you universities that offer PhD programs in Artificial Intelligence:

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Best Universities For PhD In Artificial Intelligence

The very best institutions out of more than 400 that offer Doctorate Degrees in Artificial Intelligence (listed below). The top universities for PhD in Artificial Intelligence are based largely on these institutions’ number of graduates who go on to get faculty positions at other institutions and their reputations as AI research institutions. The top institutions, like Stanford and MIT, which dominate top 20 and 30 lists year after year, attract the very best and brightest and provide a pipeline to the best universities in the world for doctoral programs in artificial intelligence.

If you would like to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the post graduate level, there are numerous considerations. You might want to go for a PhD of course. But where is the best place for this? Check out this list of the leading universities of machine learning, artificial intelligence and computational intelligence.

1. University of Bristol

If you want to become a research leader in the field of interactive AI, the University of Bristol has got a program for you. These doctoral studies will enable you to participate in cutting-edge industrial research of knowledge-driven AI. In the first year of this program, you will undertake research units that will expand your knowledge on the subject. Afterwards, you will be able to perform independent research at a high level and contribute to the field itself.

2. Delft University of Technology

TU Delft gathers the world’s best researchers in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Their research is focused on AI and the Web, Human-AI Collaboration, Machine Learning Methods, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and Computer Vision. Throughout the year they have vacancies for PhD candidates and at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science there are always many open positions related to research in Artificial Intelligence.

3. Leiden University

Leiden University is famous for its high-quality research and publications. It consists of many research groups with exciting research projects. Several laboratories are doing research related to AI so there’s plenty of opportunities for prospective PhD candidates to get involved. Text Mining and Retrieval Leiden (TMRL) is one of the research groups at Leiden University. They belong to the Data Science research program and you can see a list of their projects here. They work with textual data related to EU legislative, healthcare, research publications, discussion forums, news posts on social media.

4. Tsinghua University 

Tsinghua University is a well-known University in Beijing and ranked as the top 1 university in China. Only the best Chinese and international students get the opportunity to continue their education there. The research activity of this university is buzzing and if you are interested in getting experience in practical research, this university is an excellent choice. They are leaders in Asia and the rest of the world by the number of publications at research conferences such as The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) and International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). Also, Tsinghua University has recently launched an Institute for Artificial Intelligence. This institute will focus on strengthening collaboration with industry and advancing the Industrial Artificial Intelligence.

5. Trinity College Dublin

School of Computer Science and Statistics at the Trinity College Dublin is an innovative research school. Their research areas include Artificial intelligence, with several specialized research topics, such as Machine Learning, Deep Neural Nets, Deep Learning, Recommender Systems, etc. They have many research centers, such as ADAPT, which aims to be a world-leading center of scientific expertise.

Research-oriented PhD programs teach you how to define research goals, write a proposal that explains how you will conduct your research, and it also teaches you how to present your ideas to not only faculty members but also to broader audiences.

6. Tufts University

Artificial intelligence research at Tufts University is very advanced and they offer several PhD programs related to it. Candidates can choose between pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, or a joint Ph.D. in Cognitive Science or Human-Robot Interaction. They have strong research groups in established and novel research fields. Candidates interested in Machine learning, can check out the PhD Hiring section of their website.

7. Charles University

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University offers a PhD program in Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. This program will prepare you for independent research and development in the areas of AI. Education is implemented by doing independent research under the supervision of professors from this department. This program offers education in the basics of Computer Science, as well as the deep knowledge in the chosen area of specialization. During your studies, you will also gain experience teaching and mentoring students, as well as being a mentor and supervise someone else’s thesis.

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8. University of Waterloo

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Group at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo conducts research in many areas of artificial intelligence. Their research members include models of intelligent interaction, multi-agent systems, natural language understanding, computer vision, machine learning. This program will help you give your contribution to the field of AI and Computer Science itself.

Computer Science

American University of NigeriaEdmonton, Canada

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science program is designed for students who have particular interest in advancing either an academic or industrial career in computer science. 7,714 EUR / year4 yearsPh. D. Full-time Part-time

Media & Communication

Bournemouth UniversityBournemouth, England, United Kingdom

This course allows you to explore a specific research question that interests you and by undertaking this degree within our Faculty of Media & Communication you’ll have access to leading academics and BU’s technical facilties and information resources.16,709 EUR / year1 yearPh. D. Full-time Part-time

Informatics – CISA – Automated Reasoning, Agents, Data Intensive Research, Knowledge Management

The University of EdinburghEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

In the Informatics – CISA – Automated Reasoning, Agents, Data Intensive Research, Knowledge Management offered by The University of Edinburgh  we enable computer systems to reproduce or complement human abilities, work with people, and support collaboration between humans. 26,178 EUR / year3 yearsPh.D. Full-time Part-time

Biomedical Technology

University of MariborMaribor, Slovenia

The goal of the 3rd-cycle (doctoral) study programme in Biomedical Technology is to deepen researching knowledge about new biomaterials, usage of the up-to-date information technologies, electronics, robotics, etc, as well as development of the modern technology accompanying fields. 4,802 EUR / year3 yearsPh.D. Part-time

Advanced-Systems Engineering

Free University of Bozen-BolzanoBolzano – Bozen, Italy

The purpose of this international PhD programme in Advanced-Systems Engineering from Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is to train a new generation of researchers able to carry out independent research in the areas of Advanced-Systems Engineering and give them the opportunity to transfer and exchange knowledge with national and international research centers and industries.163 EUR / year3 yearsPh.D. Full-time

Education in Engineering

University of MariborMaribor, Slovenia

The 3rd-cycle study programme in Education in Engineering leads to “doktorat znanosti” (PhD degree). It is implemented by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. 2,970 EUR / year4 yearsPh.D. Part-time

Applied Physics

University of EssexColchester, England, United Kingdom

Our research activity and supervision for PhD Applied Physics is concentrated in the following principal research areas: optical and semiconductor devices, semiconductors: theory and experiment, photonics, design and construction of ultrafast systems for Terahertz studies and THz spectroscopy of molecules.4 yearsPh.D. Full-time

Information and Communication Technologies

Pompeu Fabra UniversityBarcelona, Spain

The doctoral programme in Information and Communication Technologies covers many of the most important research topics in the information society. This is an innovative programme, unique in Catalonia and Spain in terms of its content, which aims to provide a bridge between various disciplines in this field.401 EUR / module3 yearsPh.D. Full-time

Natural Language Processing

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial IntelligenceAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Natural Language Processing at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence focuses on system development that allows computers to communicate with people using everyday language. 4 yearsPh.D. Full-time


University of MariborMaribor, Slovenia

The 3rd-cycle study programme in Philosophy leads to “doktorat znanosti” (PhD degree). It is implemented by the Faculty of Arts.2,600 EUR / year4 yearsPh.D. Part-time

Information Security logo

Information Security

Instituto Superior TécnicoLisbon, Portugal

The Information Security program from Instituto Superior Técnico aims at training experts capable of carrying out autonomous research activities in the broad area of information security, mastering relevant subjects in Mathematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, including computational complexity, cryptography, systems security and information theory.2,750 EUR / year3 yearsPh.D. Full-timeFeatured

Computer Science logo

Computer Science

Pace UniversityPleasantville, New York, United States

With the PhD in Computer Science program at Pace University, students will be prepared to make original and innovative contributions to a field of study through research efforts.1,058 EUR / credit3 yearsPh.D. Full-timeFeatured

Computer Science and Technology

Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International CollegeZhuhai, China

The courses in the Computer Science and Technology programme at Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College are designed for students who are interested in using computers to obtain, represent, store, process, transport and utilize information.11,356 EUR / yearPh. D. Full-timeFeatured

Computer Science and Engineering logo

Computer Science and Engineering

Hamad Bin Khalifa UniversityAr Rayyan, Qatar

The Computer Science and Engineering programme from Hamad Bin Khalifa University provides students with a solid, fundamental and advanced education, as well as strong research experience and a broad understanding of aspects related to computer science.21,207 EUR / year3 yearsPh.D. Full-timeFeatured

Artificial Intelligence

Polytechnic University of CataloniaBarcelona, Spain

The main goal of the programme is to motivate students to take-up their research in the Cognitive Sciences and/or the Knowledge Engineering related areas. The emphasis in Cognitive Sciences suggests a basic interest in understanding the phenomena associated with Learning mechanisms, Natural Language Understanding, Mind and Intelligence, Perception, etc.694 EUR / year3 yearsPh.D. Full-time

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Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents

Bangor UniversityBangor, Wales, United Kingdom

Research topics include knowledge-based systems, logic, multi-agent systems, distributed systems, machine learning, data mining, computational linguistics, natural language processing, information theory and information retrieval. The Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents programme is offered by the Bangor University.18,380 EUR / year2 yearsPh. D. Full-time

Computer Science

Concordia University MontréalMontréal, Canada

The PhD in Computer Science program leads to the highest degree offered by the Faculty and is designed to provide students an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible expertise in their chosen field through intensive research.325 EUR / credit3 yearsPh.D. Full-time

Data Science

University of Essex, Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Our PhD Data Science is an advanced research degree within our Department of Mathematical Sciences and we have staff members available to act as supervisors across a number of areas within data science. 3 yearsPh.D. Full-time

Computer Science

University of SzegedSzeged, Hungary

The Computer Science program from University of Szeged requires active and productive research work under the supervision of the thesis adviser, the completion of five courses, and active participation in seminars at the Institute of Informatics.10,000 EUR / year4 yearsPh.D. Full-time

Logical Methods in Computer Science

Vienna University of TechnologyVienna, Austria

The Logical Methods in Computer Science – LogiCS doctoral program is a PhD degree program, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and run jointly by the three Austrian universities TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Graz University of Technology and Johannes Kepler University Linz. 3 yearsDoctorate Full-time

PhD Program | ML (Machine Learning) at Georgia Tech

Is PhD In AI Worth It

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Artificial Intelligence

Earn a doctorate degree in Artificial Intelligence, help lead innovation in a growing industry

The PhD in Artificial Intelligence is centered upon how computers operate to match the human decision making process in the brain. Your research will be led by AI experts with both research and industrial expertise. This emerging subject is starting to attract attention on the wider issues as the IOT and other advanced computer systems work in our lives.

This is a research based doctorate PhD degree where you will be assigned an academic supervisor almost immediately to guide you through your program and is based on mostly independent study through the entire program. It typically takes a minimum of two years but typically three years to complete if a student works closely with their assigned academic advisor. Under the guidance of your academic supervisor, you will conduct unique research in your chosen field before submitting a Thesis or being published in three academic journals agreed to by the academic supervisor.  If by publication route it will require original contribution to knowledge or understanding in the field you are investigating.

As your PhD progresses, you move through a series of progression points and review stages by your academic supervisor. This ensures that you are engaged in a process of research that will lead to the production of a high-quality Thesis and/or publications and that you are on track to complete this in the time available. Following submission of your PhD Thesis or accepted three academic journal articles, you have an oral presentation assessed by an external expert in your field.

Degree Details

The PhD program offers 2 degree completion requirement options.

  1. Dissertation Option: the student will produce, present, and defend a doctoral dissertation after receiving the required approvals from the student’s Committee and the PhD Review Boards.
  2. Publication Option: the student will produce, present, and defend doctoral research that is published as articles (3 required) in high-impact journals identified by the university and the student’s Committee. Students must receive the required approvals from the student’s Committee and the PhD Review Board prior to publication.

Prior Achieved Credits May Be Accepted

  • Curriculum
  • Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes
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Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are subject to change.

The following rates are in effect for the 2020-2021 academic year, beginning in Fall 2020 and continuing through Summer 2021:

  • The application fee is $100
  • The per-credit charge for doctorate courses is $933. This is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.
  • Retired military receive a $50 per credit hour tuition discount
  • Effective Fall 2020 active duty military receive a $100 per credit hour tuition discount for doctorate level coursework.
  • Community College faculty and staff receive a 20% discount on tuition for PhD or DSc programs starting by January 2021.

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