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Outside Scholarship Opportunities – 2021 Deadlines

November 2021

DeadlineScholarship and DescriptionScholarship Amount
11/01/2021John Spach Scholarship
John Spach has been a successful and seasoned professional in the field of commercial cleaning and safety expertise as the CEO of a reputed organization. His company has achieved incredible success over the years and Spach has been a true philanthropist.Learn more
11/01/2021Arash Hadipour Niktarash Scholarship
Arash Hadipour Niktarash is only skilled in general neurology but also epilepsy and neurophysiology. All his peers and other doctors in the discipline respect and admire Arash for dedication to the medical profession as well as philanthropic activities.Learn more
11/01/2021The Pond Guy Entrepreneurship and Biology Scholarship
The Pond Guy is proud to help support the next wave of entrepreneurs and biologists through this scholarship. Offered bi-annually, a $1,500 grant will be awarded to qualified students in accredited entrepreneurship or biology programs.Learn more
11/05/2021Future Attorneys of America Scholarship
A scholarship dedicated to helping an aspiring or current law school student on their path to become an attorney.Learn more
11/10/2021MK Fotowoltaika Solar Energy Scholarship Program
Students are required to submit a 750-1000 word essay titled “Solar Energy as a Way to Save the Environment” Our requirements for applicants are: • Minimum GPA: 2.5 • Open to undergraduate, graduate, and incoming students • Open to legal residents of the United States and CanadaLearn more
11/12/2021Innovative Writing Scholarship Competition
The scholarship is not of a hundred or two hundred bucks, but this time we’ve decided to provide a whopping 2000 dollars to the winner of this competition.Learn more
11/15/2021Breathing For Tomorrow Lung Cancer Scholarship
Our law firm will award a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 to the applicant who best expresses how lung cancer affected their lives, as well as how that experience inspires them to contribute to the understanding and education of lung cancer risks.Learn more

Pepperdine University/Private Financial Assistance

Pepperdine University requires that students understand and agree to the terms and conditions regarding all financial assistance policies. These policies are located on our website.

Special Achievement Scholarships

Special Achievement Scholarships

Many of the departments at Pepperdine offer scholarships to students who demonstrate strong talent in the areas of athletics, music, art, theatre, debate, science, etc. For many divisional scholarships, the student must complete a certain number of units in their major and maintain a specific GPA in order to be eligible. If you are interested in applying for special achievement scholarship pertaining to your major, please contact the appropriate academic division regarding application requirements and deadlines.

Athletics Department310.506.4150
Business Department (Click here to email.)310.506.4237
Communication/Journalism Department (Click here to email.)310.506.4211
Fine Arts Department:
Art: Professor Ty Pownall
Instrumental: Dr. Pierre Long-TaoTang 
Vocal Music: Dr. Melanie Emelio
Theatre: Professor Cathy Thomas-Grant
Humanities and Teacher Education Department310.506.4225
International Studies and Languages Department310.506.7446
Natural Science Department310-506-4321
Religion and Philosophy Department310.506.4352
Social Science Department310.506.4372
Pepperdine University General Number310.506.4000

Academic/Merit Scholarships
Pepperdine Grant
Church of Christ Scholarships
Brenden Mann Foundation Scholarships
Outside/Private Scholarships
Pepperdine University Restricted Scholarships
Frank James “Buddy” Vinci and George B. Ellsworthe Scholarship
Foster Youth Horizon Scholars Program

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