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Phd Aarhus School Of Architecture

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A PhD school for Aarhus School of Architecture and Design School Kolding
The PhD School is a joint PhD school for Aarhus School of Architecture and Design School Kolding. The PhD School is run by the Head of the PhD School and a PhD committee with members representing both supervisors and PhD students.PhD students are enrolled at the PhD School which is responsible for the training elements of the PhD programme and provides a working environment for PhD students. The PhD School offers courses and seminars for both PhD students and PhD supervisors and the school organizes open biannual presentation seminars, where the PhD students present their projects and discusses the progression with each other and the school’s PhD supervisors.The PhD ProgrammThe PhD programme is a research education lasting 3 years. You perform an independent PhD project under the guidance of experienced researchers and become part of a group of PhD students who meet regularly and contribute to a lively research environment.The study is largely an individual programme organized jointly by you and your supervisors and described in a PhD plan. The study is progressing primarily as a self-study course supplemented in part by generic doctoral courses, partly by courses on specific topics of particular relevance to individual PhD projects.Career opportunitiesA PhD degree in architecture can be the beginning of a career as a researcher or lecturer at a university or research institution, or it can provide a basis for specialization and professionalization aimed at industry and practitioners of the architectural profession.

Employment as a PhD fellow at Aarhus School of Architecture
A PhD fellowship is an opportunity to obtain funding for the PhD studies through employment. A PhD fellowship covers your salary, the costs of supervision, courses, workspace, equipment, assessment and printing costs of the thesis.To obtain a PhD fellowship at the school you will have to apply for an advertised vacancy. Alle vacancies are advertised under Open positions and in relevent media.All PhD fellowships at the school are related to architecture and design, and each advertisement states the professional requirements and competences that are required. All applications will undergo a professional evaluation by an assessment committee.Self-obtained fellowshipsYou can also apply for a PhD fellowship directly from a private or national research fund and if you obtain a fellowship, you will be employed by and enrolled at the school. To do so you must first enquire if the school will take on the project and if so send an elaborated project description prior to the application.The description will be evaluated by the Head of Research and the Head of the PhD School and if they find your project relevant to the school and of high quality, we can help you formulate the application and to set up a budget. Afterwards you can send your application to the fund.CommitmentsAn ordinary PhD fellowship is equivalent to three years of full-time employment and you are paid according to the state agreement for academics. The employment includes a requirement for teaching or other forms of dissemination equivalent to 840 working hours.

Admission criteria and enrolment.
In order to apply for enrolment, you are required to have graduated from an institute of higher education with a Master’s degree or similar based on five years of study (300 ECTS).Secondly, you have to describe an individual PhD project within the area of the expertise covered by the school’s scientific staff and with enough news value, research potential and relevance to be approved by the school. The description must demonstrate your ability to organise a research project of this kind within the set timeframe. Supervision prior to enrolment is not provided.In the assessment of project proposals, special emphasis will be on the project description but also on student grades and the ability of candidates to write scientifically.How to become a PhD studentIn applying to become a PhD student you have different options:

A PhD scholarship is an opportunity to obtain financial support for your studies through employment. It covers your salary, guidance, teaching, workplace, equipment, assessment and publication of the dissertation.

To obtain a PhD scholarship at Aarhus School of Architecture, you must apply for a vacancy. All positions are advertised under Available positions and in relevant media.

All PhD scholarships at the school are related to the field of architecture and design, and the individual job postings describe the professional requirements and competencies to be met and all candidates are subject to a professional assessment by the assessment committee.

More about becoming a PhD fellow

Phd Architecture Denmark

Who is a Doctorate of Architecture?
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture holds knowledge in architecture, designing, planning and construction of buildings as well as other structures. A PhD in Architecture possesses familiarity with science, art, culture, technology, green construction, and purpose-built environments. The qualification PhD in Architecture is for those who seek a career in research and teaching or professional consultation.

What are the tasks must a Doctorate of Architecture complete?
Postgraduates of architecture tasks include educating teachers; publishing articles; overseeing plans, funding, construction of facilities; advising on planning and design; project managing, supervising and facilitating of development of architectural plans, providing oral and written reports, collaborating with engineers and other experts. Doctorates must hold skills, such as communication and negotiation, creativity, analytical as well as possessing excellent math skills and drawing skills.

Denmark – PhD programs in Architecture statistics provides information about 3 PhD programs in Architecture at 3 universities in Denmark Furthermore, you can choose one of 8 Bachelor programs in Architecture at 8 universities, 5 Master programs in Architecture at 5 universities and

Denmark – Where to study?
The most popular student cities in Denmark

Leaflet | Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors
Reasons to obtain a PhD program in Architecture in Denmark
No 10 in the world education ranking

  1. Australia
  2. United States
  3. Denmark
  4. Estonia
  5. United Kingdom
    No 7 in the world ease of doing business ranking
  6. New Zealand
  7. Canada
  8. Denmark
  9. Singapore
  10. Australia
    No 8 in the world economy ranking
  11. Netherlands
  12. Norway
  13. Denmark
  14. Bahrain
  15. Ireland
    No 9 in the world safety ranking
  16. Netherlands
  17. Austria
  18. Denmark
  19. Iceland
  20. Finland
    The largest cities offering PhD programs in Architecture in Denmark
    Higher education statistics for the largest cities in Denmark

City Universities Average fees Action
Copenhagen 2 ₦5,350,342 Show universities
Aarhus C 1 ₦5,764,813 Show universities

Universities offering the most popular PhD programs in Architecture in Denmark
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Aarhus School of Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture
Admissions open!
Bachelor (1)
Master (4)
PhD (4)
Aarhus C
The Aarhus School of Architecture is an independent institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Our aim is to educate architects who can develop the physical environment of…

International Exchange Programs
Study programs include practical training
Modern equipment in classrooms
₦5,764,813 services are free of charge
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Admissions open!
Bachelor (6)
Master (8)
PhD (6)
KADK unites three fields of knowledge: academic research, artistic research and professional practice as three different ways to discover, invent and create. These three fields are closely interlinke…

Availability of exchange programs
Highly paid professions after graduation
Unique teaching system
₦5,322,218 services are free of charge
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
Admissions open!
Bachelor (5)
Master (9)
PhD (3)
KADK is a higher education institution under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. A Rector, within the framework laid down by the Board, carries out the day-to-day management. KA…

Top of the best universities in the country
Modern equipment in classrooms
Modern Campus


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