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PhD Without GRE

GRE scores are sometimes one of the requirements for applying to graduate school. What are they? Why do you need them to get into graduate programs? Getting into grad school may be difficult for some students. The GRE may seem to make it even more challenging.

What is the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a type of standardized test. It often helps to evaluate the student’s analytical and reasoning skills in key areas. This could include math, writing, and reading. The GRE is not for a specific subject or study plan. Students do not need to have college level education in any specific course. Rather, it typically focuses on an overall look at the student’s qualifications and skillsets.

Earning a doctoral degree often requires a lot of hard work. The GRE seems to be a test that gauges whether someone may be able to do that work. Yet, it may be possible to get a PhD without a GRE.

Test maker ETS develops and administers the GRE test. This is often done for graduate and business schools. This allows for the creation of a standard model to weigh the students’ qualifications for academic work at the graduate level.

Specifically, the GRE is a multiple-choice test. It is typically completed on a computer. The exam’s results are often necessary for admittance into a grad school program.

Why Do Schools Sometimes Require a GRE Score for Admission?

Many admissions requirements for graduate school exist. That may include having a master’s degree, meeting GPA requirements, and completing a GRE requirement. From the school’s perspective, testing a student’s knowledge after a master’s education may make sense. It typically focuses on problem solving skills. It may also include critical thinking skills. These are often important skills necessary in a PhD degree program. The test may also consider quantitative reasoning, writing skills, and verbal reasoning.

Most often, colleges and universities look at the GRE requirements as one component of admission consideration. They may also look at your academic record, GPA, supporting materials, and analytical writing, more to make the decision about admitting you.

Is It Possible for GRE Exams to Be Waived?

The GRE is often a common part of the admissions process. However, there may be opportunities to waive the need for these test scores. It is usually up to the school itself to determine if a GRE is necessary. There are some schools that do not require a GRE test. These graduate programs that do not require a GRE score are often no different in quality or content than those that do. The school simply decides to waive this admissions requirement.

There may be other ways to waive the GRE as well. This may include:

  • GPA cutoff. Schools may look at your GPA from your master’s programs or bachelor’s degree. If it meets their standards, this may waive the GRE.
  • Experience. Some applying for a doctoral degree program have working experience. Did you work for 5 years in the field? Some schools set a number of years requirement. If you meet it, no GRE test is necessary.
  • Previous graduate degree. Some programs waive the GRE if a student has a completed graduate degree.

These differ from one school to the next. GRE waiver rules are set by the school. It’s often possible to find PhD programs without GRE test rules.

Is It Possible to Get a PhD Without a GRE?

Yes. Some graduate programs do not require a GRE. That means they use other info about you to make the admitting decision. Here are 17 PhD programs that do not require a GRE. This is not a full list. Many others may exist.

17 Schools with PHD No GRE Programs

  1. Walden University
  2. A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
  3. Purdue University Global
  4. Sacred Heart University
  5. St. John’s University
  6. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TSCPP)
  7. Duquesne University
  8. California Southern University (CalSouthern)
  9. Lynn University
  10. Northcentral University (NCU)
  11. Uniformed Services University
  12. Colorado Technical University (CTU)
  13. South University
  14. Saint Leo University
  15. Nova Southeastern University (NSU)
  16. Westcliff University
  17. Liberty University

PhD Programs That Don’t Require GRE

Here is a list of some additional schools and programs that do not require a GRE. These may help you to get an idea of what to expect. Remember, this is not a full list. Other schools and program options may exist. Be sure to check with the school you are considering. Find out if they offer no GRE programs for the area of interest you have.

#1: The Walden University Self-Designed Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) 

People working in business administration may benefit here. It allows students to explore modern applied managerial theories. It may involve research. Students may choose from several concentrations. That includes International Business and Global Supply Chain Management.

#2: Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This is an online PhD in Organizational Leadership with no GRE. Students may hope to complete a PsyD. Students analyze and assess problems in organizations. Also, students may study and develop creative solutions to those problems. The goal is to create positive change.

#3: Colorado Technical University Doctor of Management in Project Management

It also offers a DM in Higher Education Teaching and Learning.  This is an online program. Coursework focuses on decision skills. Students may earn an EDD in this program. Some students may wish to pursue a special education focus. That is an option here.

#4: California Southern University Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

This program focuses on business knowledge development. It also includes practical skill development. The aim is to prepare senior leadership skills. It takes into account a complex global economy. Students tackle problems and develop solutions in this area.

#5: Smith College’s PhD in Social Work 

The social sciences are another area of study to consider. These d. programs require students to have some post-master’s degree professional experience. This may include licensing or certification. Students focus their time on improving leadership skills in social work. They may be working towards management roles in this area. Students also work to develop new skills for clinical social work practice.

#6: Cal Southern University’s School of Behavioral Sciences PsyD Program

A PysD degree with no GRE requirements is an option here. Students take numerous courses here. This includes those in personality theory and psych pharmacology. Then, students work on a doctoral project. This may be something the prospective student is interested in. It may be to research solutions to a problem impacting their experience. Students completing the program may meet the State of California’s requirements for licensure. This may allow for licensing as a clinical psychologist. An exam and other requirements may apply.

#7: Argosy University PsyD in Clinical Psychology

This university also offers a PsyD program. It may enable students to focus Los Angeles area needs. Students engage in out-of-class contact with a clinical population in the city. The program offers several concentrations. This includes Child and Adolescent Psychology. Another path option includes Forensic Psychology. Students may engage in ample research for this program. It may include spending time working hand-in-hand with instructors and other students.

#8: Walden University, PhD in Clinical Psychology

The PhD in Clinical Psychology here is fully online. It focuses on testing from a range of hypotheses. Students may also choose from a range of other concentrations. There is ample flexibility in this program. Students may be able to choose classes that fit with their specific interest or career goals. Their PhD in Health Psychology combines courses in research methods with topics like bio-psychology and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).

#9: Nova Southeastern University’s PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy 

This is an accredited program by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). It covers courses in lifespan, family systems theories, and counseling techniques for groups and individuals. There is also a teaching practicum and clinical practice. Students engage in a wide range of research programs. This program enables students to work towards their specific career goals as well.

#10: Saint Leo University Doctor of Criminal Justice in Homeland Security

Those studying criminal justice may wish to look into this no GRE graduate program. It is available fully online. That may allow the student to continue to work in the field as they study. The program may also provide a wide range of skill improvement and opportunities for developing leadership skills. In this program, students analyze various techniques. The goal is to refine and improve their ability to think and lead in a strategic manner. Another option is to take the educational track for teacher-leaders. This may be optimal for students who wish to teach others criminal justice skills. The key here is the focus is on homeland security. Other paths may be available as well.

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