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A doctorate usually means that an individual is qualified to teach at a college level or to work in a specific field of work. There are two major types of doctoral degrees; a research-oriented degree, and a professional doctoral degree. Doctoral degrees are sometimes referred to as terminal degrees, which means that a final degree is available in a graduate school for students who wish it.

Study PhD in Sweden 

Sweden is famous for its cultural diversity, educational institutions, friendly faculty, possesses abundant career opportunities. It houses some of the most respected schools and Universities in the world such as Lund University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, Chalmers University of Technology, etc. Every year several international students visit Sweden for quality education in a field of their choice. Hence Sweden is considered to be one of the most international student-friendly destinations for foreign education.

A Ph.D. is a postgraduate doctoral degree, awarded to a student who completes his/her original thesis and contributes to the knowledge pre-existing in their respective subject. Ph.Ds. are available in all subjects and are one of if not the highest level of academic degree a person can achieve. This degree is a very popular choice for further studies among postgraduates in Sweden, numerous students opt to study for a Ph.D. after their post-graduation in a field of their choice. Many international students also visit Sweden to study for a Ph.D. as the educational process is very rewarding and enriches the students with its lifestyle and quality of people which creates an atmosphere difficult to match anywhere else in the world.

Sweden takes a systematic approach to their education delivering a standard of the teaching and professional development that provides much more than a basic understanding for the concepts taught. The comprehensive curriculum is often proved to produce better results in terms of understanding in students.

To be awarded a Ph.D. one has to have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. The good news is that a student is not compelled to take the GRE and TOEFL to study for a Ph.D. in Sweden. Furthermore, the cost of living in Sweden is not quite as expensive as in other countries, but a student is advised to plan everything in advance. One can also apply for a scholarship if one cannot afford the entire cost of doing their Ph.D. Acquiring a Ph.D. in Sweden takes at least 4 years if one is not working and up to 6 years if one is working a part-time job. One is encouraged to look at it as more time to earn and excel in the various other aspects of their lives rather than focussing just on their degrees. The average student takes up to 8 years depending on the breaks taken by the student to obtain a Physical Doctorate assuming that you begin your Bachelor’s Degree and stay a student all the way till the completion of your Ph.D. Mostly, students return to their respective Universities at a later time again in the future as it can become quite hectic for a student to directly begin their studies for a Ph.D. and often prefer to have a break in between and relax a little. Students also take breaks between courses if they require more time to complete their dissertations. As it takes a long time to acquire a degree of this stature, one should carefully assess their resolve to pursue this degree as it facilitates a huge learning curve.

During this, you will also be preparing for your ultimate accomplishment as a doctoral student, your dissertation. A doctoral dissertation is a written document focused on the subject you chose and spent your time updating your knowledge through academic research in the first half of your Ph.D. In the final few years of doctoral study, you will be focused on the preparation of your dissertation or thesis. Depending on your degree of choice you may focus your dissertation on a new theory that you came up with, a developed theory or practical application of the research you conducted. The assessment of a Swedish Ph.D. is based on the quality of the doctoral thesis you submit at the end of your research. This needs to demonstrate that your work has been original, that it has made a significant contribution to your subject and that you have personally been responsible for designing and carrying out the research involved.

You must also be well versed in your dissertation/thesis and have proof of its plausibility. You should also be confident in your own theory so as to defend it if anyone opposes it. Once you’ve successfully defended your dissertation on a semi-public forum, you will be awarded your doctoral degree and you can proudly add the term “Dr.” to your current title. Contact Grad-Dreams experts for the best study abroad plans.

Ghent University in Sweden is offering PhD scholarships to candidates from  developing countries - Nairametrics

phD in sweden for international students

Become a PhD student and contribute with new knowledge

Doctoral studies deepen your knowledge within your field and give you training in scholarly thinking. After completing your doctoral studies you are an independent and critically thinking researcher and have contributed with new knowledge.

Doctoral studies comprise of a number of courses and a doctoral thesis. The doctoral studies are an essential part of the University’s mission and responsibility, and as a PhD student you make significant contributions to the research conducted at the University of Gothenburg. In parallel to your doctoral studies, it is common that you also teach undergraduate students at the degree programmes and courses.

Doctoral studies comprise of 240 credits (equivalent to four years of full-time studies) and end with a Doctoral Degree. It is also possible to finish the education with a Licentiate Degree (120 credits).

How to apply for a PhD position? You’ll apply directly to the university.

Just so you know, there’s no centralised application process. And things like requirements and application dates? This kind of stuff is decided by each department.

But we do know that you’ll need to have a master’s degree – in the same field of study – and a great level of English to apply for a PhD here. You might even need to be fluent in Swedish. But that’ll depend on the subject.\

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