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If you’re looking for information about college degrees, you’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to know what to look for when it comes to Princeton graduate school average GPA, Princeton graduate school requirements, Princeton University Graduate programs, Princeton MS CS, and Princeton computer science. But we’ve got you covered!

We know that a GPA of 3.0 – 3.5 is considered good enough at many high schools, colleges, and universities—but what about top academic institutions? If you want to know about Princeton acceptance rate or Princeton computer science acceptance rate, you’ll be relieved to hear that we’ve done the research for you. We’ve even factored in all those other questions like “Princeton CS Masters acceptance rate” and “Princeton MS CS.” Check out our comprehensive guide on all these topics!

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding where to pursue your graduate studies. You need to think about the subject you want to study, whether you want to attend a university or a specialized program, and how much money you can afford to spend on your education. But one of the most important factors is acceptance rate because it tells you how likely it is that you’ll be admitted into a program.

Graduate school acceptance rates, which provide the percentage of applicants who have been admitted to a particular school or program in an academic year, can help you determine how likely you are to be admitted to a given program. However, it’s important to keep in mind that acceptance rates vary by program and change from year to year. So while they’re still useful for getting an idea of what your chances might be, they shouldn’t be used as the only factor in making your decision.

Bachelors Degree in Applied Informatics, major Cybersecurity

Master of Science in Engineering Computer Science

About this course
Duration2 Years
LevelMasters Program

Course Description

  • The MSE program is a two year, full-time program of coursework plus submission of an original thesis
  • Candidates choose a subarea of computer science on which to focus by taking appropriate courses, and writing a thesis under the direction of an advisor
  • Course requirements are fulfilled by taking six courses for a grade, at least three of which must be 500-level courses.

does princeton offer master’s degrees

At Princeton, we know that not all students are alike. We understand different students have varying academic interests and abilities, and come from different backgrounds. We’re driven by our institutional mission “to find students of exceptional character who will make a difference in the world” and believe that for us to succeed at this, we must cultivate an environment that is flexible enough to meet the needs of all types of learners. Therefore, we generally do not advise choosing your major until you arrive on campus.

In the spring of year 1, as part of readmission, all students are given the option to switch to the Master of Engineering (MEng.), non-thesis track. Students opting to remain on the Computer Science MSE track at Princeton University must have a confirmed research adviser and should also have a preliminary thesis proposal. Switching tracks will be permitted through January of year 2.

Princeton’s CS department is currently “medium-sized” (with around 30 tenure-track faculty and 13 teaching faculty). The medium size, coupled with high quality within the department and across campus, makes Princeton CS an especially good place for interdisciplinary research work.

Teaching experience is considered to be a significant part of graduate education.  Funding is normally in the form of teaching assistantships covering the four semesters of the program. Nonnative English speakers must have a TOEFL speak score of 27 or better to be considered for a teaching assistantship. Summer funding for MSE candidates in the form of a research assistantship may be offered at the adviser’s discretion.

Cyber Security Laboratory | Electronics and Computer Science | University  of Southampton

Programme Structure

Courses include:

  • Programming Languages
  • Theoretical Machine Learning
  • Automated Reasoning about Software
  • Advanced Computer Systems

princeton graduate school requirements

Entry requirements for this course
Class 12thNo specific cutoff mentioned
BachelorsNo specific cutoff mentionedApplicants must have a degree in any fieldNormally, applicants have a degree in computer science, engineering, science, or mathematics
ExamsTOEFL : AcceptedApplicants must score a minimum of 28 on the spoken part of the TOEFL in order to be considered for the programApplicants who score less than 27 on the speaking subsection will be required to take an English placement test at PrincetonIELTS : AcceptedApplicants who score less than 8.0 on the speaking subsection will be required to take an English placement test at PrincetonGRE : AcceptedSubject GRE is not required

Normally a student admitted for graduate study is expected to have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, science, or mathematics; a degree in computer science is not required.

Applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident; be currently enrolled full-time as a sophomore or junior in good academic standing at their home institution; and. hold a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or better in their major field or discipline.

When wondering what degree to get for an IT job, you should definitely consider these seven popular computer degrees:

  • Information Technology and Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Information Science
  • Systems & Network Administration
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Cybersecurity

Is Masters in CS worth it

Master’s degree holders earn 28 percent more over their lifetime—showing that earning a graduate degree does, in fact, tend to bring with it an increase in pay. That being said, the increase in pay that comes with a master’s degree in computer science far outpaces the country’s overall average.

Average salary after MS in CS in US

The table below will give you a sense of the average salary in the first job after completing MS in the US for various majors.

MS Major Average Salary for the 1st job after MS
 Business and Management Managers $71,600
 Computer Science Engineer $72,000
 Other Engineer $73,900
 Math & Science Professional $67,900
 Communication and Media Professional $55,700
 Social Sciences Professional $52,300
Is a Master's Degree in Computer Science Worth It? | Noodle

Fields of Study

Departments and Programs

Princeton University has 42 degree-granting departments and programs that admit students. Associated admission and degree requirements for each can be found within the Fields of Study listings.  The University also offers a growing number of interdepartmental programs and offerings that allow students to work across disciplinary boundaries while still continuing to receive advanced training and a degree in the home department.  Recognized interdepartmental programs are also listed in Fields of Study.

Joint Degrees

Princeton’s Graduate School itself authorizes and offers four full joint-degree programs: interdisciplinary humanities, social policy, neuroscience, and materials science.  Established joint degree programs allow participating students to earn a Ph.D. within a recognized discipline, but with a substantial research component of a related discipline.  Students apply to a participating home department, and are usually accepted to a joint degree program after admission and enrollment. Students who successfully pursue a joint degree will receive a Ph.D. from their home department and from the affiliated program.  Joint degree programs have their own listing within Fields of Study.

Princeton also participates in two established joint-degree programs with other institutions.  Information about these can be found in the Fields of Study listings for the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs (for the M.P.A.-J.D. program), and the Department of Molecular Biology (for the M.D-Ph.D. program).  Individual agreements or arrangements outside of these formal programs may also be possible with the support of a student’s department and the Graduate School.

Departments and ProgramsProgram of Study
African American StudiesCertificate
American StudiesInterdepartmental Program
Ancient WorldInterdepartmental Program
Applied and Computational MathPh.D.
ArchitecturePh.D., M.Arch.
Art and ArchaeologyPh.D.
Astrophysical SciencesPh.D.
Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesPh.D.
Chemical and Biological EngineeringPh.D., M.S.E., M.Eng.
ChemistryPh.D., M.S.
Civil and Environmental EngineeringPh.D., M.S.E., M.Eng.
Classical PhilosophyCertificate
Comparative LiteraturePh.D.
Computational Science and EngineeringCertificate
Computer SciencePh.D., M.S.E.
East Asian StudiesPh.D.
Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyPh.D.
Top Universities in the US for Computer Science | Top Universities
Electrical and Computer EngineeringPh.D., M.Eng.
Environmental StudiesCertificate
French and ItalianPh.D.
Gender and Sexuality StudiesCertificate
Health and Health PolicyCertificate
Hellenic StudiesCertificate
History of SciencePh.D., Certificate
Interdisciplinary Humanities (IHUM)Joint Degree
Italian StudiesCertificate
Latin American StudiesCertificate
Materials ScienceJoint Degree
Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringPh.D., M.S.E., M.Eng.
Media and ModernityCertificate
Princeton Acceptance Rate - Cost and Admission Processes
Medieval StudiesInterdepartmental Program
Molecular BiologyPh.D., Joint Degree
Music CompositionPh.D.
Near Eastern StudiesPh.D., M.A.
NeurosciencePh.D., Joint Degree
Operations Research and Financial EngineeringPh.D., M.S.E., M.Eng.
Plasma PhysicsPh.D.
Political EconomyInterdepartmental Program
Political PhilosophyInterdepartmental Program
Population StudiesPh.D., Certificate
Princeton School of Public and International AffairsPh.D., M.P.P., M.P.A., Joint Degree
Quantitative and Computational BiologyPh.D.
Renaissance and Early Modern StudiesInterdepartmental Program
Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP)Certificate
Slavic Languages and LiteraturesPh.D.
Social PolicyJoint Degree
Spanish and PortuguesePh.D.
Statistics and Machine LearningCertificate
Urban Policy
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Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificate programs allow graduate students to develop a secondary area of expertise and require work that is in addition to a student’s normal degree requirements.  Such additional work may include language study and acquisition, course work, participation in special workshops or colloquia, or research activity (for Ph.D. students, this additional research activity often involves significant additional content or methods for the general examination and/or the doctoral dissertation).  Students are not admitted to the University via certificate programs; only graduate students already admitted to degree programs at Princeton may be eligible to pursue certificates.  Certificate programs are listed within Fields of Study, either as their own entry or, in cases where the certificate program is sponsored directly by a degree-granting department, within the sponsoring department’s entry.  Entries for certificate programs that have been approved by the Graduate School and the University to appear on a student’s transcript indicate as much.  Such certificates are recorded on the transcript at the same time the degree is awarded.  Students may pursue and earn one recorded certificate for each graduate degree awarded.  In no case should degree progress be slowed or altered because of work on a certificate.

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