Queensland University of Technology tuition fees

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Queensland University of Technology tuition fees

Annual tuition fees for international undergraduate students vary according to course. Indicative fees for a BA in 2013 were £7,665 (AU$11,900).
The student services fee may be as much as or more than £175.
Students must also be covered by health insurance.
Bursaries and Scholarships
There are ten scholarships specifically available to international undergraduates, rewarding merit in various disciplines.
Loans may be available. QUT can help you apply for these.

university of queensland tuition fees for international students110/mo – $1.14 – 0.13

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qut fees 20180/mo – $0.00 – 0

university fees australia domestic students320/mo – $8.06 – 0.17

queensland university of technology courses320/mo – $1.71 – 0.34

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griffith university fees260/mo – $1.96 – 0.15

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