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Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS for short) is a dynamic knowledge institute for higher professional education.

Generally referred to as Rotterdam UAS, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is a public institution of higher education in the Netherlands. Founded in 1988, the institution came into being as a result of a great merger between 19 higher education schools. The merger led to the academic structure of the institution being categorized into four faculties. At that time, the institution consisted of 12,500 students and about 1,500 employees, which made it the largest higher education school in the country. In the year 2002, the university merged with Hogeschool voor Economische Studies of 1966. Today, it is among the leading universities in the Netherlands. It has collaborations with the Shipping and Transport College Group and the Zadkine en Albeda College.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has campuses across Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Each campus features state-of-the-art buildings, pathways, parking areas, and green spaces. The university extends top-notch academic facilities to the students for effective learning, which includes smart classrooms, high-tech laboratories, lecture halls, and educational resources. The university library possesses a wide collection of rare and unique resources in printed and digital form. These resources can be accessed by both faculty and the students for teaching, learning and research purposes. Apart from this, RUAS provides a range of support and recreational facilities to facilitate fun and comfortable living for the students. The administrative department and supporting staff of the university provide all the help and guidance to get the work done easily.

RUAS has 10 schools, one institute, and one academy offering full-time, part-time and dual-track educational programs in arts, engineering, applied sciences, business, health studies, education, commerce, media, communication, the main port, information technology, finance, management, built environment and social work. The university extends 65 full-time, 33 part-time and 8 dual-track undergraduate programs and 6 full-time, 11 part-time and 2 dual-track postgraduate degree programmes. Apart from this, the institution also allows enrolment for various short courses. All the programs are taught in the English language. At present, over 36,000 students are enrolled in distinct programs at RUAS. The institution has more than 3,500 employees on the roll, which include over 2200 academic affiliates.

RUAS follows a meticulously designed curriculum to enable a better and clear understanding of different professional aspects and skill development. Under its exchange programs, the university provides various opportunities for the students to study abroad and get global exposure. It also organizes regular industrial visits and internships to allow the students to learn under professionals.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences maintains a comprehensive list of its alumni living across the globe. The list includes the names of academics, health professionals, engineers, corporate managers, media persons, and social workers. Many of RUAS alumni are extremely successful and have gained recognition for their contribution in their respective professional fields. The university keeps a record of their accomplishments and takes pride in recognizing them.

Study Areas and Degree Levels





Arts & Humanities 
Business & Social Sciences 
Language & Cultural 
Medicine & Health 
Science & Technology 

Yearly Tuition Range

Not reportedNot reported
Not reportedNot reported

Rotterdam University: Statistics

Rotterdam University logo
#2449 of 14,160In the World
#752 of 2,789In Europe
#20 of 58In the Netherlands
#2 of 4In Rotterdam
#520 of 1,070For Plastic Surgery

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Full time employee2,250
Student:staff ratio12:1

Publications & Citations

Publications 1,186Citations 31,641

Rotterdam University majors

by publication & citation count

Medicine674 / 25,699
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences240 / 3,827
Psychology153 / 3,502
Biology125 / 7,341
Nursing104 / 1,950
Physical Therapy91 / 3,173
Business82 / 522
Computer Science81 / 777
Health Science81 / 3,402
Healthcare Management (MHA)79 / 1,770
Surgery75 / 6,605
Cardiology61 / 2,899
Engineering60 / 625
Demography56 / 2,322
Oncology and Cancer research55 / 4,113
Family medicine55 / 770
Gerontology54 / 2,031
Environmental Science49 / 1,057
Sociology45 / 85
Pathology44 / 1,930
Radiation Therapy44 / 3,762
Radiology and Nuclear medicine35 / 2,750
Occupational Therapy35 / 613
Political Science34 / 100
Clinical Psychology32 / 1,648
Art & Design32 / 273
Communications and Public Relations31 / 681
Mathematics30 / 533
Psychiatry27 / 852
Immunology27 / 1,431
Public Health27 / 624
Theology / Divinity / Religious studies27 / 23
Environmental Management24 / 705
Chemistry23 / 396
Physics23 / 333
Management Information Systems22 / 131
Gastroenterology and Hepatology22 / 2,409
Sports Medicine21 / 1,353
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN)19 / 481
Anesthesiology19 / 1,229


rankingWorld RankUniversityDet.Impact Rank*Openness Rank*Excellence Rank*
rankingWorld RankUniversityDet.Impact Rank*Openness Rank*Excellence Rank*
160Utrecht University / Universiteit Utrecht1038245
265University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam1228042
381University of Groningen / Rijksuniversiteit Groningen15112777
4117VU University of Amsterdam / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam28914072
5122Delft University of Technology TU Delft154161152
6145Wageningen University & Research Centre229100162
7214Erasmus University of Rotterdam / Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam56644785
8236Radboud University / Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen354182247
9242Eindhoven University of Technology / Technische Universiteit Eindhoven220234331
10248University of Twente / Universiteit Twente214223372
11344Maastricht University / Universiteit Maastricht785118338
12674Tilburg University820973729
13900Leiden University / Universiteit Leiden473649288
141124Open University / Open Universiteit Netherlands124711381592
151535IHE Delft Institute for Water Education332217101558
161823Hogeschool van Amsterdam HvA213921652485
172032Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen HAN / HAN University of Applied Sciences210733172550
182212Hogeschool Utrecht (Hogeschool Domstad)263127492958
192236Hanze University Groningen / Hanzehogeschool Groningen208631313089
202932(1) Hogeschool Saxion / Saxion University of Applied Sciences352635103943
213146(1) Windesheim University of Applied Sciences420446493481
223197Zuyd Hogeschool422553423075
233772Breda University of Applied Sciences567055803582
243883Tinbergen Institute585464922467
253964Hogeschool Inholland333858734463
264060Hogeschool Rotterdam / Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences380164923502
274120(1) De Haagse Hogeschool / The Hague University of Applied Sciences457564923331
284247(3) Rotterdam School of Management RSM Erasmus University25249756650
294539NHL Stenden Hogeschool400464924391
304969(1) Fontys University of Applied Sciences252838096650
314988Utrecht School of the Arts / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht268364925322
325086Hogeschool Leiden (Hogeschool Helicon)526864924864
335150Nyenrode Business University350637226650
345171(3) Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation University of Twente315940366650
355588(1) HAS University of Applied Sciences823864924984
365613Hogeschool Zeeland596864925322
375681Academic Centre for Dentistry / Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam881424926650
385711University for Humanistics / Universiteit voor Humanistiek717834396650
395779Maastricht School of Management766764925252
406661Avans University of Professional Education / Avans Hogeschool332963546650
416759CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (CAE Global Academy Amsterdam Flight School)258164926650
427060Amsterdam School of the Arts / Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten AHK306964926650
437204Hotelschool The Hague / Den Haag755364925973
447434ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten / Institute of the Arts363964926650
457581Design Academy Eindhoven385464926650
467761Gerrit Rietveld Academie411864926650
478057Royal Academy of Art The Hague454064926650
488258Wittenborg Business University / Hogeschool Wittenborg482264926650
499035Royal Academy of Music and Dance / Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag585364926650
509215Van Hall Larenstein698064096650
519330Rotterdams Conservatorium / CODARTS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten625664926650
529479TIAS School for Business and Society646064926650
539554NTI Distance Education654164926650
549973Protestant Theological University / Protestantse Theologische Universiteit715864926650
5510288ROC van Twente756364926650
5610288Ede Christian University of Professional Education / Christelijke Hogeschool Ede755364926650
5710477Sandberg Institute782164926650
5810817TIO University of Aplied Sciences Tourism Professional Education828164926650
5910964(1) Aeres Hogeschool / Aeres University of Applied Sciences846164926650
6011020Royal Academy of Visual Arts / Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten853664926650
6111459Business School Netherlands908664926650
6211784ROC Aventus952964926650
6311799Christian Institute for Higher Professional Education de Driestar953764926650
6411897(3) Erasmus University Rotterdam Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies968064926650
6512012Johan Cruyff Institute982164926650
6612261(1) Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein1013264926650
6712547VIAA Zwolle (Gereformeerde Hogeschool Zwolle)1053764926650
6812975University College Roosevelt (Roosevelt Academy Middelburg)1109164926650
6912989Webster University Leiden1110964926650
7013051Iselinge Hogeschool1117964926650
7113434Kampen Theological University / Theologische Universiteit1165364926650
7213484University of Professional Education Schoevers1170464926650
7313721Dirksen University of Professional Education / Dirksen Opleidingen1203664926650
7413919Hotelschool Maastricht1229664926650
7514026THIM hogeschool voor fysiotherapie1241864926650
7614088Marnix Academy / Marnix Academie1248764926650
7714393Notenboom Business School1289064926650
7814422Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn1292164926650
7914448Catholic University of Professional Education Zwolle / Katholieke Pabo Zwolle1295764926650
8014508Pro Education Hogeschool Van Amsterdam1303064926650
8114532IVA Business School1307864926650
8214675Eurocollege Hogeschool / EuroCollege University of Applied Sciences1324264926650
8314973TMO Hogeschool voor Modemanagement1361064926650
8415669Hogeschool de Kempel1445264926650
8516188ITV Hogeschool1508964926650
8616353TSM Business School1529264926650
8716682IPABO Amsterdam1569964926650
8816682NOVI Hogeschool1569964926650
8916744University of Professional Education in Midwifery / Academie Verloskunde Amsterdam Groningen AVAG1578564926650
9016893UP Learning (STOAS Agricultural University of Professional Education)1595064926650
9116957DOC University of Professional Education / DOC Opleiding & Training1604864926650
9217006Universiteit van Amsterdam Department of Media Studies1607464926650
9317588Driestar Hogeschool1675864926650
9417652Network University1683564926650
9518186Tyndale Theological Seminary1743664926650
9618249KLM Flight Academy1751164926650
9718472Aeres Training Centre International1776564926650
9818504European Pilot Selection and Training1780964926650
9918662Vrije Hogeschool Bernard Lievegoed College For Liberal Arts1799164926650
10018698EuroPort Business School1803464926650

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