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Said Business School Executive Education

Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Oluwajuwon Alvina

Executive Education

We provide leaders and organisations a place to evolve – to step back from the intensity of day-to-day operations and to think about the future.

It is your chance to explore how leaders need to lead differently and how organisations need to act differently in the complex world that we’re living in today.

Our goal is to ensure learning is translated into action and our educational experiences have a significant impact for individuals as well as their organisation. 

Learn more about the benefits of online and on-campus learning.

Find out more about our events, webinars and other interesting content on our Reconnecting and Rebuilding page.

On-campus open programmes

Negotiation classroom

Short programmes designed to help you at critical stages in your career and enable you to move to the next level.

CEOs, senior and high potential executives and entrepreneurs from around the world attend our programmes, providing opportunities to share experiences, learn from each other’s perspectives and open up a global network.

Our programmes focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Impact
  • Strategy

Online programmes

Studying online

Designed for an international audience.

You’ll engage and interact with a global cohort of like-minded professionals and innovators. 

Delivered in partnership with leading online education providers, each programme is an immersive and collaborative experience set over a series of modules. Oxford faculty and industry experts will guide you through discussions, group work and diverse learning activities. 

We have a broad range of programmes for you to explore, to support development goals for you and your organisation. 

Online programmes

Prepare for an ever-changing and uncertain future

It has never been more important to understand and respond to the issues shaping the future. Recognising the increasing complexity of our global landscape and often inevitable choices for sectors which operate within competitive environments, we have developed an online portfolio which addresses the heart of strategic digital, financial and technological transformative innovation.

Our portfolio also focuses on the critical areas of leadership, how entrepreneurial ventures are created and financed, and what organisations are required to think about to strategically align themselves for future competitive advantage. Add to this the fundamental need to both integrate innovation into organisational strategy, and take positive steps to address corporate impact on the environment, our programmes help professionals to tackle world-scale challenges guided by Oxford faculty and their research.

Our online programmes fall into five categories, please read on to explore further. You can also download our brochure – we are currently updating this, as our portfolio continues to grow and new programmes are added. If you would like further information about a specific programme, please view the individual webpage. 

Digital transformation


Designed to help you address contemporary challenges in a constantly evolving environment. 

  • Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme
  • Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme
  • Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme
  • Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme
  • Oxford Platforms and Digital Disruption Programme



Providing you with the essential knowledge and tools to guide your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation Programme
  • Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Finance Programme



Enabling you to explore critical areas of the finance ecosystem, blending research with practical, real-life application.  

  • Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme
  • Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme
  • Oxford Executive Finance Programme
  • Oxford Fintech Programme
  • Oxford Future of Real Estate Programme
  • Oxford Private Markets Investments Programme



Helping you develop your leadership strengths to drive positive change for yourself and your organisation. 

  • Oxford Executive Leadership Programme
  • Oxford Leading Professional Service Firms Programme
  • Oxford Leading Strategic Projects Programme
  • Oxford Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme
  • Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programme

Strategy & innovation


Enabling you to achieve organisational goals and objectives through a strategic approach.

  • Oxford Climate Emergency Programme
  • Oxford Executive Strategy Programme
  • Oxford Organisational Effectiveness Programme
  • Oxford Organisational Resilience Programme
  • Oxford Strategic Innovation Programme

Pathways to success


Get ahead of the fintech revolution with a tailored professional development pathway.

We are pleased to announce the Oxford Digital Finance Executive Series, delivered in partnership with Esme Learning. This gives you the opportunity to create your own development pathway, comprising three compatible programmes, equipping yourself with critical skills to navigate the challenges of the Fintech industry.  Find out more and start planning your journey.  

Our partners

Created and delivered in close partnership with leading online education providers. Each programme is a flexible, immersive and collaborative experience set over a series of modules. Oxford faculty and industry experts will guide you through discussions, group work and diverse learning activities.  

Research and insight

Access high-impact research from across the University of Oxford.

All our programmes are founded on critical thinking from Oxford Saïd and the wider University of Oxford. These include:

  • The Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative 
  • The Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative 
  • World-leading Oxford research in Artificial Intelligence
  • Critical research exploring Professional Service Firms
  • Oxford-MAN Institute of Quantitative Finance
  • Oxford Internet Institute
  • Oxford Saïd’s Entrepreneurship Centre

Find out more about the impact of our programmes in this article from Seedy Keita, whose online learning experiences took him on an unexpected journey. 

Options for organisations

We offer development options to support both individuals and organisations through our online programmes. If you are looking to integrate Oxford online programmes with your organisation’s Learning & Development strategy, we will work with you to offer tailored solutions to deliver an innovative learning experience across teams. 

Custom executive education

Delegates working together at a table outside

We create bespoke learning solutions that deliver lasting value to organisations and their leaders.

Working in close collaboration with our partners, we co-create tailor-made programmes that inspire teams, empower organisations, drive progress in business and society, and collectively tackle today’s greatest challenges. These offerings vary, but might include:

  • A transitional leadership programme that prepares high-potential leaders for new roles and responsibilities
  • A cultural-change programme that drives transformation across the organisation
  • A programme dedicated to strengthening core competencies in a particular area, such as innovation
  • An educational offering that builds better relationships with clients