sample motivation letter for masters degree in electrical engineering pdf

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As a student of [University Name], I am writing this letter to express my desire for admission in the Master’s program at your university. I am eager to enroll into your esteemed institution as it is one of the best institutions in India.

I have completed my graduation from [University Name] with excellent grades and I am also an alumnus of your institution. My academic credentials are as follows:

I have also been working as a marketing executive ever since my graduation, and I believe that this experience would be helpful in the course of my master’s degree. In addition, I am very passionate about pursuing a career in marketing and would like to gain more knowledge on this field through a master’s degree.

I understand that you will be reviewing many applications for admission into your program, but please do not hesitate to consider mine as well. This is because I believe that my passion for marketing will be an asset for your organization and will help me contribute positively towards its growth.

BEng Electrical & Electronics Engineering - Nile University

sample motivation letter for masters degree in electrical engineering pdf

I am applying for the Masters of Business Administration course at your esteemed institution. I have been working as a Sales Manager at [company name] for the past two years. My experience there has been extremely interesting and has helped me develop my management skills to a great extent. It has also taught me how to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures while achieving common goals together.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from [university name] with a GPA of 3.9 out of 4.0. During my bachelor’s degree course, I was very active on campus and held several positions including: Chairperson of the Student Union, Treasurer of the Student Union, Secretary of the Student Union and President of the Student Union Club. These positions gave me valuable leadership experience which will help me greatly in managing my own company in future or taking up any position under any organization or government body as well.

In addition to these achievements, I have also worked as an intern at [company name], where I gained valuable hands-on experience which would be very useful when it comes to managing employees in future jobs or businesses

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I am very glad to apply for Master’s study in Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT). I am from Ethiopia and I graduated from [university name], one of the top-ranked universities in the country, in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Communication) with a Bachelor of Science degree program. I awarded a distinction honour’s degree with a CGPA of 3.62/4.00 and I am among the top three ranked graduates in this field of study in the year 2013. After my graduation, I have been working as an assistant lecturer for undergraduate electrical and computer engineering students in the same university and department I have been graduated, [university name].

A couple of reasons motivate me to apply for a Master’s degree study in advanced optical technology. Firstly, when I attended my undergraduate study I came across the adventures of scientists, researchers, engineers and technologists to make the data transmission effective and easy by the use of optical technologies. I often spend most of my work time on reading and assimilating different journals, articles, papers and research topics about optics as a whole and specifically on its impact in communication. Considering the current advancements of fiber optics and laser technology application in communication, impresses me a lot and thereby motivates me to pursue my postgraduate study in optical technology and related study area. I demonstrated good understanding and grades in subjects related to optics during my B.Sc. study. Besides, I attend some public lectures and laboratory demonstrations in optics. My secondary tertiary and B.Sc. study are in schools and universities where English is the medium of instruction. Besides, I scored 7 in IELTS academic module which clears my English language proficiency. Therefore, I strongly believe that my educational qualification and motive towards the subject matter makes me a suitable candidate for your program.

It is well-known that Germany is one of the best countries in Europe where there are a number of best universities. My desire to pursue my postgraduate study emanates not only from this but also from the similarities in academic organisation between my country and Germany since most of educational curriculums in my country are created from the experience of German’s. Besides, from my early age, I am highly interested to know the culture and norms of German people.

The concrete reason for my choice to take part specifically in MAOT is the in-depth trainings in the fundamentals of optical technology and the chance to get a highly interdisciplinary program which brings together experts and knowledge from different related fields of Engineering, Physics, Computer Science and Medicine, unlike other universities in optical technologies. The presence of optical communication in further applications of six main topics of optical technology where two will be major makes my choice ideal. But my intention to apply in your program is not only due to the presence of the discipline but also to benefit from the scholarship. Indeed, it is true, there is no other program that meets my need like MAOT, since it provides detailed training in the basics and applications of optical technologies and has six different, currently demanding, specialisation areas which include optical communication.

Generally, I believe that I fulfil all the criteria for your program and I am highly motivated on the field of optical technologies. So, I will be glad to take part in your program and I hope I will join your academy in this session to achieve my educational and future career goals.


Chester Bennett
3476 Aliquet. Ave
Minot AZ 95302
(837) 196-3274


Wallace Ross
313 Pellentesque Ave
Villa Park Hawaii 43526

Subject: (_________________)

Dear Wallace Ross,

I, Seth Robins, have been working as a software developer in Ask IT solutions. I have completed a bachelor degree course in computer science from the Trinidad University of Ohio. Also, I have two years of experience as a software developer and tester.
The subjects in my graduation provided me key insights in software development, testing and website maintenance. Moreover, I have also completed the Sun certifications in Java course shortly after my graduation. All these aspects have provided me with a strong base for studying the master’s course in computer science. Therefore, I am applying for a Masters Degree in Computer Science, which is offered by your reputed college. Your highly educated and experienced staff, exceptional training facilities and fully fledged practical rooms of your colleagues have also influenced my decision to a great extent.
I assure you that I will adhere to all the rules set by your college at all times. Moreover, I am an ardent follower and believer in technology which supplements my learning skills in a significant way. Therefore, I request you to consider my application.

Thank you for going through my application.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Signature)
Chester Bennett

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