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Simon Fraser University is the only university in Canada with a program of study for an Honours BA in Economics. It’s also one of very few to offer a minor as part of this program. To get your bachelor’s degree, you have to complete 240 credits in 6 set areas: Math and Symbolic Analysis (15 credits), English (20 credits), Humanities and Social Sciences (60), electives (45) and then choose a major. For example, if you major in Mathematics you need to take another 15 courses focusing on the subject.

There are very few specific requirements for graduate programs. Many differ because they do not share the same accreditation, but the most common requirement is a bachelor’s degree. This will be in any of the degrees listed below.

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Graduate Admissions

simon fraser university graduate programs for international students


How to apply for SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences graduate programs

simon fraser university application deadline for international students

Application deadlines

Master of Public Health (MPH)

  • Applications open: October 1, 2021
  • Applications close: January 25, 2022

Master of Science (MSc) & Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Applications open: October 1, 2021
  • Applications close: January 15, 2022

All programs

Applicants must meet admissions requirements and submit all required documents before the deadline to be considered for admission. Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.    

simon fraser university graduate admission requirements for international students

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

How to apply

Complete the online application and pay the application fee at least three weeks prior to the application deadline to avoid delays and ensure your references have time to submit their reports. You can upload supporting documentation once you have completed the first part of your application. Your referees can also submit their references for you here, too.

1. Start your online application

All SFU programs use the same application page, so consult the FHS procedures and requirements, as well as SFU’s overall requirements.  

2. Pay your non-refundable application fee

We cannot access your online application until you submit your non-refundable application fee. For Canadian transcripts, the fee is $90 CAD. For applications with any international transcripts, the fee is $125 CAN. Payment is accepted by credit card only (MasterCard or Visa).

3. Submit your supporting documents online (see below)

It is your responsibility to submit all supporting documents on the online system, ensuring they are complete and legible. The documents are outlined at the bottom of this page—read instructions carefully.

4. Mail hard copies of your official transcripts (after offer of admission)

If you receive an offer of admission, you need to submit transcripts for any institutions you’ve attended. If you have international credentials from a non-English speaking institution, you must send transcripts in their original language with certified literal English translations AND official degree certificate in the original language with certified literal English translation.

Admission Requirements


Applicants meeting the minimum University requirements for admission are not assured admission into any graduate program. Most graduate programs have admission requirements in addition to the minimum which can be found on their program website. In addition, programs must restrict admission to students whose interests are compatible with available resources and faculty expertise.

This page includes information about the following:

For information regarding academic requirements by country and English language requirements, click to the right/below, or go to our International + English Language Requirements page.

Apply for Admission

Are you ready to apply? Learn how easy it is with our 4-Step Application Process.

simon fraser university IELTS requirement for masters

English Language Requirements

English not your primary language? You may need to complete an English-language test.


Minimum University admission requirements

  • Graduate Certificate or Diploma
  • Master’s Program
  • Doctoral Program

International Admission Requirements

If you attended a post-secondary institution outside of Canada, the majority of programs will not require a credential evaluation service to be used.  A guideline of international credential requirements by country can be found using the drop down list.

Most three-year, Bologna-compliant degrees from research intensive universities are acceptable as a basis of admission to graduate diplomas, certificates and master’s programs at Simon Fraser University.

University Of Simon Fraser Graduate Programs

Minimum Equivalent Qualifications

For admission to a Graduate Certificate or Diploma the requirement is a degree equivalent to a Simon Fraser University 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall grade equivalent to a B-.

Admission to Master’s Program

Minimum Equivalent Qualifications

For admission to a master’s program, the qualifications listed are normally recognized as equivalent to a Simon Fraser University 4-year bachelor’s degree with minimum overall grade requirements.

The Higher National Diploma is NOT suitable as a basis of admission for a Master’s degree.

Required Credential or Degree

Honours Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Overall Academic Standing

4 on a 5-point scale;
Second Class Honours, Upper Division

Admission to Doctoral Program

Required Credential or Degree

Master’s degree

Minimum Overall Academic Standing

4 on a 5-point scale;
Second Class Honours, Upper Division

English Language Proficiency Test

Applicants with a degree from this country are exempt from submitting proof of English Language competency if the degree was completed at an institution where the language of instruction and examination was in English.

Education System

Language(s) of Instruction

Nigerian, English

Grading System

Grading System

Grading System

5-Point Scale

570.00 – 100.00First Class Honours 
460.00 – 69.99Second Class HonoursUpper Division
350.00 – 59.99Second Class HonoursLower Division
245.00 – 49.99Third Class 
140.00 – 44.99Pass 
F0.00 – 39.99  

How to Apply

Learn how to apply to the School of Communication PhD program.

Step 1: Admission Requirements

SFU requirements:

School of Communication requirements:

  • Master’s Degree or an exceptional record of undergraduate and/or graduate work in a relevant area of study.
  • acceptance to the program is based on the School’s Graduate Program Committee ability to find a suitable thesis supervisor.
  • students with previous degrees in disciplines other than communication may be required to take up to two additional courses to complete their PhD.
  • For applicants whose primary language is not English, a satisfactory score on a standardized English test acceptable to the University. See here for SFU’s English language requirements for graduate programs.

Fall 2022 applications open October 2021. Deadline to apply: January 5, 2022.

Step 2: Apply Online

Submit Online Application

Complete the online application form and upload the following documents to the online application portal:

1. A statement of interest (up to 1000 words) summarizing the applicant’s academic and personal background as it pertains to their proposed research interests and the School’s PhD program.

2. A research proposal and bibliography (up to 2000 words) including research objectives, research questions, potential research methods, scholarly and/or practical significance, and bibliographic references.

3. A concise abstract (up to 250 words) describing your research area, including 5 key words.

Note: the abstract should be entered in the space provided under the “research” tab of the online application form.

4. Two samples of scholarly writing, research reports, or other material.

5. Academic CV.

6. References from three persons (at least two of whom should be familiar with the applicant’s academic work).

*For applicants whose primary language is not English, a satisfactory score on a standardized English test acceptable to the University (SFU’s Graduate English language requirements).

Submit official transcripts

Hard copies of original official transcripts for all post-secondary degrees should be mailed to:

  • Graduate Coordinator
  • Simon Fraser University
  • School of Communication
  • 8888 University Drive
  • Burnaby BC V5A 1S6

If your institution provides official transcripts electronically, please have them emailed directly to [email protected].

Step 3: Pay the Application Fee

CDN $90 for students with Canadian transcripts

CDN $125 for students with international transcripts

The full application fee is due in 7 days after your application is submitted and your application will not be considered until the full payment has been received.


Step 4: Submit Your Application and Monitor Results

After you submit your application, you will receive an application number which you can use to log on and review your application status.

Students will normally be expected to enter the program in the fall semester of the year they apply.

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