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Sound Engineering Course Toronto: Are you looking to advance your career in the music industry? If so, then our sound engineering course is for you. This program will allow you to learn from the best and make connections that can help you further your career. You’ll be able to work with different types of equipment and software, including Pro Tools, which is one of the most popular digital audio workstations used in today’s music industry. You will also learn about basic acoustics and how to create an ideal environment for recording and mixing. Check out the best live sound engineering courses in canada and best audio engineering schools in canada.

Our sound engineering course is taught by professional engineers who have worked on albums for artists such as Beyoncé, Drake and Jay-Z. They will teach you everything they know about this field so that when it comes time for your internship at a recording studio or live venue; you’ll be ready!

Sound Engineering Course Toronto – The Perfect Combination of Music & Technology!

live sound engineering courses in canada

Sound Engineering Course Toronto

Music – Production

What to expect from a career Producing Music

The music industry is full of talented people, but a career in producing music is about more than just talent and dedication – you need strong business and technical skills, as well as a thorough understanding of all aspects of the music business. Music production programs at Ontario colleges help students gain these valuable skills, preparing them for a career in this exciting industry.

Whether you’re a musician or you simply have a passion for music and want to learn how to produce, here’s what you need to know.

Music Production Courses

Music production programs provide students with in-depth knowledge of music engineering, mixing and production techniques. To help prepare for the technical, hands-on studio components of the programs, some courses will focus on ear training and music theory.

Other subjects may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Industry trends and culture
  • Production theory
  • Analog and digital recording
  • Copyright laws and legal contracts
  • Studio setup

Programs also emphasize marketing and promotions and small business and entrepreneurship to prepare students for the business side of the music industry.

Musicians who want a career in both producing and performing music may want to take a program that focuses on writing and composing, as well as performing.

Music Production Program Requirements

Ontario college music production programs typically require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, including a grade 12 English credit. Some programs also require applicants to submit a music recording of something they’ve created or produced, as well as an account of their music background and experience.

Music Production Jobs and Salaries

Graduates of music production programs will find a variety of opportunities in the music industry, including creating music, performing, teaching, composing and more. Jobs are available with record labels, marketing companies, independent production houses and other industry-related organizations. Roles and job responsibilities may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Producing and recording
  • Engineering
  • Merchandising
  • Publishing
  • Promoting

The average starting salary for graduates of music production programs is around $25,000 per year. It can take a while to make a higher salary in this industry because you need to build a client base and a strong reputation; however, once you establish yourself, earnings will likely be much higher.

Ontario Colleges Offering Music Production Programs

Use the left-column navigation to refine your search by College, Program Availability, Program Start Date and more, or see the table below for a complete list of music production programs at Ontario colleges

Algonquin | Campus: Ottawa | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Waitlisted | Website Music, Media and Film Foundations (1432X01F)

Algonquin | Campus: Ottawa | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Music, Media and Film Foundations (1432X01F)

Algonquin | Campus: Ottawa | Full Time | Jan 2022 | Open | Website Recording Engineering-Music Production (010127)

Canadore | Campus: College Drive | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Music Industry Arts and Performance (6450)

Centennial | Campus: Story Arts Centre | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Music Industry Arts and Performance (6450)

Centennial | Campus: Story Arts Centre | Full Time | Jan 2022 | Open | Website Audio Post-Production (APR1)

Fanshawe | Campus: London | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Music Industry Arts (MIA2)

Fanshawe | Campus: London | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Waitlisted | Website Music Industry Arts (Collaborative – Apply Through Ouac Prog Code Em) (MIA3)

Fanshawe | Campus: London | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor of Music – Bass (2206S)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – Cello (2206C)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor of Music – Drums/Percussion (22065)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – French Horn (22062)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor of Music – Guitar (22063)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – Keyboard (22064)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor of Music – Saxophone/Woodwind (22060)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – Trombone (22066)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – Trumpet (22067)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – Tuba (22068)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website Bachelor Of Music – Violin (2206V)

Humber | Campus: Lakeshore | Full Time | Sep 2021 | Open | Website 

OIART has the highest graduation rate, employment rate, and graduate satisfaction in Ontario, Canada! 

Graduation rate is the percentage of students who start the program that actually finish the program. Graduation rates are an indication of program quality. Low graduation rates are a result of students not enjoying the program and leaving before completing the program.

Employment Rate in field of study is the percentage of graduates who are actually employed in the field of study (Audio and Music) six months after graduation. Not to be confused with “Employment rate”, which is the percentage of grads who are employed in ANY job six months after graduation.

Graduate Satisfaction rate is the the percentage of graduates who were satisfied with their education and program experience six months after graduation.

#1 Audio School in Ontario, Canada (3 Year Average)

  • Harris Institute
  • Metalworks Institute
  • RAC
  • Trebas
  • Fanshawe



Since opening, OIART has had over 1,500 students pass through the doors. Of that number, almost 90% graduate and more than 70% have jobs within 6 months.


Only 68 candidates are accepted each year. We offer only one program with one start date per year making us the only program in North America with true small class sizes. Students enjoy unprecedented access to faculty and studios with over 1,300 hours in 8 state-of-the-art facilities including over 650 hours of hands-on studio time and unrivalled personalized career counselling and support to help land that first job.


Unlike other audio schools, OIART offers a focused, comprehensive and relevant audio engineering curriculum delivered over an intense 11-month period. It never remains static and evolves to reflect new technologies and changing software. We do not teach old outdated models of the music industry. Our history and close relationships with numerous major employers in Canada and the US allows our curriculum to reflect the needs of the employers and what they are looking for in our graduates. OIART graduates walk out of the program with skills that are in-demand today, not 10-20 years ago.


We’ve been teaching audio engineering since OIART opened in 1983. We’ve only offer one program which has allowed us to quickly adopt any technological advancements in recording, producing, and mixing music & audio. While other schools offer multiple programs and are slow to adapt, OIART is constantly adjusting our curriculum to be current which provides our graduates with real world skills that are in demand TODAY.



To ensure each student gets all the attention they need, we limit our enrolment to only 68 students per year, and we only have 1 start date.

Students enjoy unprecedented access to faculty and studios with over 1,300 hours in 8 state-of-the-art facilities.

Each of our classrooms combine a working studio environment with comfortable theatre-style seating. Classroom tools resemble the ones used throughout OIART facilities, so that you learn on what you use.

You start using our student-dedicated studios in the 1st week of the program and after 11 months and over 650 hands-on hours in these creative spaces, you will know them like the back of your hand.

Hands-on practical studio experience is crucial to the OIART experience and you spend every second of it – in small groups of no more than 4 students at a time — in our extensive on-site facilities.Small Class Sizes - Audio Engineering Program

best audio engineering schools in canada

Ontario Audio Engineering and Recording Programs

Career Colleges and Trades in Canada

Audio Engineering and Recording diplomas, programs, courses offered in Ontario, Canada.

Career ProgramsAudio Engineering and RecordingComputer and Technology
Audio Engineering and RecordingDetailed description and/or location of Audio Engineering and Recording Programs.
Career Colleges with Audio Engineering and Recording Programs, Courses and Degrees in OntarioABMT College of Canada, Brampton
The ABMT College of Canada is located in the province of Ontario and offers advanced diplomas in Medical Science and Technology, Business and Dental Hygiene. The college also caters to the needs of international students and financial assistance is available for students in the form of loans and third party funding agencies.
(Profile) – (

Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, London
OIART provides highly personalized technical and creative education in audio recording and production to an international student body.
(Profile) – (

Canadian Institute of Telecommunications, Mississauga
The Canadian Institute of Telecommunications or CIT is in tune with today’s technology – namely, Telecommunications and offers its students a flexible set of programs to help them make a career in this fast growing field. Course content is constantly updated to keep students abreast of advancements in this sophisticated area.
(Profile) – (

MetalWorks Institute of Sound and Music Production, Mississauga
MetalWorks Institute of Sound & Music Production is registered with and approved by the Ministry of Education as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act. It is a part of the Metalworks Studios founded by Gil Moore. Their experience working with industry experts and top artists in the music world has helped the institution develop an exclusive program.
(Profile) – (

Canadian National Institute of Health, Ottawa
Canadian National Institute of Health Inc. offers programs that have been approved by the College of Dental Hygienist of Ontario and the Canadian Dental Association as well as by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities. The students are trained using the latest equipments and are taught by highly trained individuals who have many years of experience in the field.
(Profile) – (

Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries, Toronto
Toronto College of Dental Hygiene & Auxiliaries firmly believes that Dental Hygiene is a dynamic and stimulating healthcare vocation that allows a varied range of practice environments starting from simple general dental practice to a more specialized one. The college considers its students to be its strong assets and thus strives for the success of its students.
(Profile) – (

Regency Dental Hygiene Academy, Toronto
The aim of Regency Dental Hygiene Academy is to ensure that students comply with the Standards of Practice as given by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. They should be able to perform all dental hygiene procedures in a sound manner and should achieve a clinical learning skill. The Regency has been accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario has granted the Regency a Certificate of Registration as a Private Career College.
(Profile) – (

Granton Institute of Technology, Toronto
Granton Institute of Technology Limited was founded in the year 1934. It offers an amazing array of programs in diverse fields through distance mode of education. The students can set their own pace and complete a program of their choice from the comfort of their homes. Students may work as well as study at the same time, helping them fund their education. Flexible fee payment schedules are available at the institute making it easier for the students to fulfill their goals and aspirations.
(Profile) – (

Kennedy College, Toronto
The Kennedy College ensures that students get trained in the latest techniques because the curriculum is constantly reviewed and updated. The students are provided counseling services and assistance with financial aid. Because they are well trained at the Kennedy College, they have a wide variety of jobs to choose from after graduation.
(Profile) – (

Harris Institute, Toronto
Harris Institute For The Arts is registered as a private career college under the Private Career College Act. The institution was founded in 1989 and is approved and certified by Human Resources Development, Canada. It offers various programs in media arts and music enabling students to have successful careers in the industry. The programs are usually offered in March, July and November.
(Profile) – (

A sound engineering course in Toronto can help you develop the skills you need to work in the music industry. Whether you want to be an audio engineer, producer or artist, this program offers a range of options that can help you reach your career goals.

The course is delivered by professionals who have years of experience working in the music industry. You will learn how to mix and master tracks, record them and produce them so they sound their best.

Sound engineering courses are offered at various levels depending on your experience and interests. For example, if your goal is to be an audio engineer then a certificate program might be right for you; however if you want to work as an artist then a diploma might be better suited for your needs. In addition, there are also post-graduate programs available that allow students to continue studying while they develop their skills by working on real world projects with professional artists from around Toronto and beyond!

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