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Minimum Requirements:

Students may request change of major to Mays Business School by meeting the following requirements:

  • admitted to Texas A&M through the Freshman admission process, and
  • cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater in a minimum of 30 graded hours at Texas A&M, and
  • total college credit hours do not exceed 60 (including transfer credit), and
  • completion of qualifying course requirements with a GPA of 3.5 or greater (shown below).

Transfer applicants who accepted admission to a non-business major at Texas A&M will be considered for on-campus change-of-major to Mays by waiver only. (Note that prospective transfer applicants were instructed not to accept admission to a non-business major with the expectation of later requesting change of major to Mays.)

Qualifying course requirements:

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A minimum of four of the following courses completed with a GPA of 3.5 or greater, and two of the four courses must be MATH 140 and MATH 142, or their equivalents.

If more than the four courses minimum are complete, grades in all courses complete will be included in the GPA calculation. If a course has been attempted more than once, the higher grade will be used in this calculation.

MATH 140*Business Mathematics I (or MATH 148#, 152* #, 168 or 172#)
MATH 142*Business Mathematics II – Calculus (or MATH 147#, 151* # or 171#)
ENGL 104*Composition and Rhetoric (or ENGL 210)
COMM 203Public Speaking (or COMM 205 or 243)
ACCT 229Introductory Accounting – Financial
ACCT 230Introductory Accounting – Managerial
BUSN 203Statistical Methods for Business
ECON 202*Principles of Economics – Microeconomics
ECON 203*Principles of Economics – Macroeconomics
ISTM 210Fundamentals of Information Systems

* Credit by exam accepted but no grade is awarded.
# Calculate specific course GPA using only 3 hours of any graded 4-hour course.

When to Apply:

Mays Business School Statistics | Mays Business School

A student planning for change of major to business must submit their request online via the Change of Major Requests channel on My Record tab (Howdy portal) by the 20th class day of the SEMESTER BEFORE their desired change of major term. Students who change major into business enter as lower-level Business (BUAD) majors. For all Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) majors, select lower level business which appears on the Change of Major Website as “Business Administration (BAC).”

At the time of request a student must either meet all minimum requirements for business change of major or their official Texas A&M academic record must show that they are enrolled in coursework for the current semester (i.e. in-progress) to meet the remaining minimum requirements. For students in the latter category, a decision on their change of major request will be deferred until after final grades have been reported for the in-progress coursework.

A student requesting change of major to business (BUAD) may receive a follow-up email from an academic advisor asking for more information. It is important for the student to closely monitor their TAMU email account, and when replying to correspondence always include their UIN.


  • Spring 2022                                          August 30 – September 24, 2021
  • Summer 2022                                       January 11 – February 14, 2022
  • Fall 2022                                               May 31 – June 27, 2022

Decision Notification:

Undergraduate Application Process | Mays Business School

Requests for change of major to business will be reviewed following the close of each request period. Applicants will receive a decision about their request via TAMU email. If accepted, the email will include orientation material, instructions on how to meet with an advisor to complete the change of major process and, if needed, how to adjust their registration for the effective change of major term.

When an applicant is enrolled in coursework to meet minimum requirements (i.e. in-progress) a decision on the request will be deferred until after the reporting of final grades for the in-progress coursework. Students will be notified of their request status within 5 business days after the reporting of final grades.

When minimum requirements for change of major are not met, the request will be reviewed according to the “Waiver for Exception to Minimum Requirements” process, outlined below.

Waiver for Exception to the Minimum Requirements:

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Formerly known as “Appeal for Exception to the Minimum Requirements,” a student who does NOT meet the minimum change of major requirements (outlined above) may submit a request for waiver exception to change major. In the request, under the change of major requirements section, is a box for the student to write an essay stating reasons for wanting to change major.

Next, the student must check the “I don’t meet requirements” box, and then complete an explanation of why they are requesting the waiver. Included should be the reason(s) they believe Mays should grant a waiver, including past accomplishments, how the desired major would help with post-graduation goals, explanation of any extenuating circumstance believed to warrant consideration, and any other relevant information.

Applicants may receive a follow-up email from an academic advisor asking for more information. It is important that students monitor their TAMU email account closely, and when replying to a request for more information to always include their UIN.


  • Spring 2022                                          August 30 – September 24, 2021
  • Summer 2022                                      January 11 – February 14, 2022
  • Fall 2022                                               May 31 – June 27, 2022

*must select “I don’t meet the requirements” box on the request

All waiver requests will be reviewed following the posting of final grades for the in-progress coursework at the time of request. Students will be notified of the waiver request decision before the first class day of the following semester.

Given the oversubscribed status of Mays Business School’s undergraduate program, approved requests for change of major are generally limited to students who meet all minimum requirements. Students should work with Transition Academic Programs well in advance of a waiver decision to form appropriate back-up plans to act on should their request for waiver be denied.



Strict policies govern readmission of former Texas A&M students to this degree program.

  • A former Texas A&M University undergraduate who is no longer enrolled at Texas A&M University and whose last major at Texas A&M was not business will qualify for readmission only by meeting the minimum requirements for on-campus change-of-major (see above).
  • A former Texas A&M University undergraduate who left Texas A&M University in good standing for one or more long semester and whose last major at Texas A&M was business may apply for readmission to that same business major. The student must meet all Office of Admissions readmission requirements, including application deadlines and fee payment. If the applicant attempted any college-level coursework while away from Texas A&M University, transfer transcripts must be posted to the readmission applicant’s official Texas A&M University transcript and must reflect a minimum transfer GPA of 2.00.



Our target class will represent a range of undergraduate majors, educational backgrounds, and perspectives to ensure a high-quality classroom experience. We expect the incoming students to be representative of the full-time, degree-seeking, non-business undergraduate student demographics at Texas A&M University.


Candidates must have a non-business bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a strong academic performance in the last 60 hours. Candidates must complete their undergraduate degree on or before May 31 of the year they desire admission into the MS Business program.

The program is designed for candidates with a single, undergraduate degree and little (or no) professional work experience. Interested applicants with up to 12 months of full-time work experience may consider the degree. Interested applicants with more than 12 months of full-time work experience, more than one undergraduate degree, and/or a master’s degree should consider either the Mays Full-Time MBA or the Mays Professional MBA.

We encourage students from Texas A&M University who earned the Business Minor to consider the program. In addition, engineering students from Texas A&M who participate in the Zachry Leadership Program are encouraged to apply.


Candidates must receive an”A” or “B” in the following prerequisite courses (or an acceptable equivalent) by the time they enter the program. Contact the MS Business program office ([email protected]) to determine if a course you have taken or intend to take is an acceptable equivalent (include a copy of the course syllabus if possible).

  • Math through Calculus (e.g., MATH 141,142, 151, 152)
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (e.g., ECON 202 & 203)
  • Statistics including regression analysis (e.g., STAT 201 , 211, 301, 302)

Mays Business School Application Process


Mays Business School invites applications from students all around the world. International students are required to fulfill additional requirements for admission such as English language requirements, applying for a visa, financial documents, etc.

How to Apply?

Students seeking admission to the Mays Business School must take note of the following details of the process:

Application Portal: Applicants must fill the online application through the university’s website.

Application Fee: 50 USD

Application Deadline: Fall – March 1; Spring – October 1

Admission Requirements: All international candidates must satisfy the below-mentioned requirements for admission:

  • Filled online application form and application fee
  • Official transcripts from previously attended institutions
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Recently updated professional resume
  • GMAT or GRE scores
  • Essays
  • Professional references (No recommendation letters)

English Proficiency Requirements

  • English proficiency scores of TOEFL and IELTS is an additional requirement for international student admission. Mentioned below is the English proficiency scores accepted by the institute:
TOEFL (iBT)100

Some programs may have different proficiency requirements.

Mays Business School Cost of Attendance

The cost of studying in the U.S. comprises tuition fee, living expenses, book and supplies, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. The cost of attendance for Mays Business School is given in the table below:

ExpenseAmount (in USD)
MS in Business51,500
MS in Management Information Systems49,552
Full-time MBA24,517
Professional MBA99,500
Living ExpensesUG: 12,287 PG: 13,565
Book and Supplies2,522
Personal Expenses4,856

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