Travel writing and photography courses

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Workshops are a great way to network and hone your travel writing skills. The best part is rubbing elbows with some of the industries best writers, editors, and publishers. Grab your notepad, laptop, pen, and schedule a workshop today!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our website. We offer two travel writing and photography courses, both of which are designed to help you get paid to travel the world.

The first course is our [course name]. This course will help you develop your skills in travel writing, including how to find stories that resonate with readers and how to write them in a way that’s engaging and compelling. You’ll learn about the tools of the trade—from cameras and editing software to Google Maps—and how to use them effectively in your writing. You’ll also get tips on how to pitch stories and build a portfolio that will prove your worth as a writer. Then you’ll have the opportunity to put it all into practice with a hands-on assignment: an original piece of writing about an experience from your travels.

The second course is our [course name]. This course focuses on photography techniques that will help you create photos that stand out from the crowd and get published in magazines, newspapers, websites, or wherever else they’re needed. You’ll learn how to shoot photos with different kinds of cameras so that no matter what kind of camera you have access to while traveling, your photos will shine through as high-quality images.

travel writing and photography meaning

Travel writing and photography courses

Top 10 Travel Writing Workshops:

  1. Editor’s Choice: The Complete Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class
    What: A comprehensive marketing & sales workshop for travel writers of all levels.
    When & Where: New Orleans, LA – June 08-10, 2021
    Website: CLASS: New Orleans – June 08-10, 2021
    The Complete Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class: New Orleans – June, 2021
    This in-person workshop is specifically designed to show you how to sell your travel stories…..Most travel writers and bloggers struggle with querying and pitching their travel stories. And they have very little idea where to sell their articles. The Complete Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class will radically improve your sales and marketing learning curve, and you’ll sell more travel articles. NOTE: There is a Travel Writing & Photography Retreat immediately BEFORE the class, June 03-06, 2021. More info here: VERSION:
    The Complete ONLINE Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class
    An online version of the same exclusive three day intensive Travel Writing Workshop by acclaimed writer and author Roy Stevenson that will help you with the most important aspect of a writing career – which is getting paid!
  2. The Writers Workshop. Workshops are either online, in Seattle, and classes around the world, with the next upcoming Travel Writing Class in Rioja, Spain May 17-23, 2020. This one-week intensive class will introduce you to essential techniques of travel, food and wine writing and give you expert, insider advice about how to submit and publish finished travel stories. Be sure to check the website for current information and registration instructions.
  3. Travel Writing On Location offers travel writing workshops and tours in top destinations around the globe. Each travel writing workshop is designed to provide two things — the skills you need as a travel writer and an extraordinary travel experience to write about. Travel Writing On Location provides not only classroom learning, but on-the-job experience. With our professional guides, you’ll tour the destination— visiting local attractions, interviewing experts, and experiencing the culture— while learning the travel writing skills you need. Taught by seasoned travel journalists, Travel Writing On Location workshops provide instruction on writing technique, online publishing, photography, social media and the travel writing business.
  1. Try Travel Writing. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about travel writing during our workshops held across America – and the globe. Taught by professional full-time travel writers and former university professors, these three-day workshops will help you access travel writing as a creative hobby or potential profession. Our experienced and successful writing and photography instructors will teach you to identify good story angles, conduct interviews, try out various story forms, find your writing voice and take photographs that will help you tell your story. Seminars also will include tips on selling or self-publishing your work, and the best work from among the participants will get published on our blog and in other potential outlets.
  2. Gotham Writers’ Workshop. One-day workshops are fun, fast-paced immersions in all types of writing. A great mixture of brief lectures that hit the high-points and writing exercises that let you immediately try your hand at what you’ve just learned. Come in on the weekend with a notepad, pen, and desire to learn. By Monday, you’ll be a more knowledgeable and skilled writer.
  3. Secrets of Paris Workshops. After a bit of a hiatus, the Secrets of Paris Travel Writing Workshop is finally back this year! 2019 dates are October 21-25th. Spend five unforgettable days in the ‘City of Light’ learning the craft of travel writing through daily lessons and hands-on experiences in the field with professional travel journalists. You’ll come away with priceless insider knowledge you can use whether you’re looking to pursue a career in travel writing, earn extra cash with your personal travel blog, or simply plan your next vacation with the discerning eye of a travel pro. AND, Paris!!
  4. Book Passage. The Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference is held annually in Corte Madera, California, and offers a number of great workshops in various disciplines. The conference has an extraordinary reputation among publishers, editors, and writers, and draws its faculty from among the best in each discipline. Workshops, panels, and evening activities are available.
  5. The Travel Writers Life. With ongoing workshops held in various locations, you can learn how to enhance your travel writing and sell photos. They also offer a FREE e-letter. Sign up for it now!
  6. Media Bistro. Offers a number of online travel writing classes and workshops. Check their website for dates and locations.
  7. Longtime instructor Amanda Castleman teaches her classic “Travel Writing: From Press Trips to Punctured Tires” roughly four times each year. Students may then progress to Advanced Travel Writing with Edward Readicker-Henderson or Amanda’s Ongoing Travel Writing Workshop (with occasional assistance from Edward when she’s on the road). Amanda has been honored by the Society of American Travel Writers.

travel writing and photography syllabus

Do you love traveling and writing?

We’re thrilled to offer a new course that combines both passions. Whether you’re writing about your travels as a hobby or hoping to make a career of it, the course will give you the skills and confidence to write about what you’ve seen and felt in a way that is compelling and interesting—even if you’ve never written more than a grocery list before.

The course is designed for people who want to learn how to write their own travel blogs or articles, but it can also help those who want to teach others how to write about their own experiences as travelers. You’ll learn how to develop ideas for your writing, research topics, and find interesting angles on old experiences. We’ll also discuss some of the pitfalls associated with blogging or writing about travel, so you can avoid them in your work.

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