tuskegee university graduate programs

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Tuskegee University Graduate Programs
and Program Directors & Department Heads

ProgramLast Name    First Name    Phone No.     Email
PhD – Integrative BiosciencesAlexanderDr. Deloris334-724-4550[email protected]
PhD – Integrative Public Policy & Development    ZabawaDr. Robert334-727-8114[email protected]
PhD – Interdisciplinary PathobiologyReddyDr. Gopal334-724-4438[email protected]
PhD – Materials Science & EngineeringJeelani Dr. Shaik334-727-8970[email protected]
MS – Agricultural & Resource Economics*ZabawaDr. Robert334-727-8114[email protected]
MS – Animal SciencesOkereDr. Chuck334-727-8904[email protected]
MS – BiologyMartinezDr. Marcia334-727-8064[email protected]
MS – Chemical EngineeringVahdatDr. Nader334-727-8978[email protected]
MS – ChemistryAbdallaDr. Mohammed334-727-8933[email protected]
MS – Electrical EngineeringOniDr. Ben334-727-8990[email protected]
MS – Environmental Science*MortleyDr. Desmond334-727-8404[email protected]
MS – Food & Nutritional ScienceDawkinsDr. Norma334-727-8028[email protected]
MS – General PsychologyCarterDr. Vivian334-727-8737[email protected]
MS – Information Systems & Computer Security*WuDr. Fan334-727-8362[email protected]
MS – Materials Science & EngineeringJeelaniDr. Shaik334-727-8970[email protected]
MS – Mechanical EngineeringRayDr. Pradosh334-727-8920[email protected]
MS – Occupational TherapyLewis-ClarkDr. Jannett334-725-2385[email protected]
MS – Plant & Soil SciencesMortleyDr. Desmond334-727-8404[email protected]
MS – Public HealthJamesDr. Crystal334-727-8966[email protected]
MS – Veterinary Sciences (NOT DVM)ReddyDr. Gopal334-724-4438[email protected]

Online Graduate Programs

ProgramLast Name    First Name    Phone No.    Email
MS – Environmental Management       FallDr. Souleymane334-727-8543[email protected]    
MS – Environmental Science*AnkumahDr. Ramble334-727-8400[email protected]  

* Programs that offer a non-thesis option.


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