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One of several highly ranked public universities in the Golden State, the University of California, Davis has made a name for itself as an affordable school that produces results. Though 32% of the student body is considered low-income, the university still has a six-year graduation rate of about 87%, well above the average for schools with a comparable population of students. (On top of that, grads report early-career salaries of $57,100, according to PayScale.) Students can earn undergraduate degrees in about 100 majors, but UC Davis is best known for its specialties in agriculture and animal sciences. The university is home to a dairy center, meat-processing lab, and 100-acre arboretum; its department of enology and viticulture offers a major, as well as an online winemaking certificate program. Perhaps unsurprisingly, UC Davis was practicing sustainable techniques — such as using local produce, promoting biking, and creating energy-efficient buildings — long before such efforts became common on college campuses. When they’re not hard at work, many students are cheering along with the Aggie Pack, the biggest student-run college spirit group in the country (perks include free T-shirts, sunglasses, and In-N-Out meals). Students can also hang out at the recently renovated aquatic center, complete with a sand volleyball court and two pools.

University of California Davis is located on the largest campus of the UC schools with 5,300 acres. UC Davis has the third largest enrollment in the system with over 30,000 undergraduate and 7,000 graduate students. The undergraduate program is divided into four colleges: College of Agricultural and Environmental Studies, the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Letters and Sciences. There are seven graduate schools (the most in the UC system), including the Graduate School of Management, the School of Education, School of Medicine, and the School of Law. UC Davis is also home to an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) with more than 120 cadets every year.

For undergraduates, the student to faculty ratio is about 20 to 1. About 36% of classes have less than 20 students in them. There are more than 100 undergraduate majors to choose from. Some of the most popular majors are social sciences; biological/life sciences; engineering; agriculture; and visual and performing arts. Outside of the classroom, UC Davis students can participate in more than 500 organizations and clubs on campus. More than 75% of students are involved in at least one student-run group.

UC Davis’s acceptance rate for 2021 is not available for now as the school has not concluded her 2021 admission process. Notwithstanding, we can assume the UCD acceptance rate if we gather the Acceptance rate statistics for the past five years and compare them. So let’s do that now. This acceptance rate is for UCD Freshman and Transfer, In-state, out-of-state, and international undergraduate admission rate by major. The acceptance rate for the UCD medical school, vet school, law school, school of medicine, etc. will be updated later.

  • 2015 Acceptance Rate: 45 %
  • 2016 Acceptance rate: 46.6 %
  • 2017 Acceptance rate: 41.2%
  • 2018 Acceptance rate: 41%
  • 2019 Acceptance Rate: 40%
  • 2020 Acceptance Rate: 43%
  • 2021 Acceptance Rate: 40% (Assumption)

Top Best Majors at UCD By Percentage

  • Psychology Major— 8%
  • Managerial economics major— 7%
  • Economics Major— 7 percent
  • Neurobiology, physiology, and behavior Majors — 5%
  • Biological sciences Majors— 4%
  • Human development Major — 4%
  • Communication Major— 4%
  • Computer science Major— 4%
  • Animal ScienceMajor — 3%
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology Majors — 3%
  • Government/political science majors
  • Business majors
  • English majors ((language and literature)
  • Nursing major
  • Chemical engineering major
  • Biology major
  • Engineering Majors

That was the UC Davis Acceptance Rate 2021 for the class of 2025 and Admission Statistics by major. This admission rate for UC Davis university (UCD) Freshman, Transfer, In-state, out-of-state, and international undergraduate admission is subject to review. Please kindly know that some of the data on this page are rough estimates.

There are 100+ undergraduate majors and 100+ graduate programs. The graduate schools include medicine and the UC Davis Medical Center; The UC Davis Veterinary School, the largest in the nation and ranked number one in the world; law school, nursing, business management, and education.

Undergraduate majors are divided into four colleges at UC Davis. These are:

  • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • College of Biological Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Letters and Science

UC Davis is not in the city of Davis per se, but adjacent to it. The main campus is located in the Sacramento Valley, 15 miles from the state capital.

There is an active Greek life with about 72 fraternity and sorority chapters. (Around 8% of students are affiliated with a Greek chapter.) The student government is run through the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD); with a budget of more than $11 million, making it the largest funded student government in the country. There are three branches of the group, including an executive, legislative, and judicial. Students can also become involved with the weekly newspaper, “The California Aggie” or the radio station, KDVS.

One of the most popular UC Davis traditions is Picnic Day, which is the largest student-run event in the country. Thousands of attendees come every year to view the parade, magic show, Doxie Derby (dachshund races), film screenings, and a Battle of the Bands competition. Year-round, there is an active athletic scene on campus.

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